Chapter 2


The forest elves and high elves reside in were called the Great Pruha Forest Sea.

To be exact, they live deep into the forest.


High elves live in the center, while the normal elves live on the outskirts.

An surrounding the forest was a barrier powered with the help of the spirits, which deter beasts and humans back.

In other words, once you step out of the boundary, you are stepping foot into the outside world.


That was why —


“I didn't expect to be attacked by monsters as soon as I got outside…
The world outside is really exciting.”


Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that I would be surrounded by a pack of forest wolves, which was a large wolf monster.

I wonder if this was a danger zone of the Great Pruha Forest Sea, is was it just bad luck.


Nevertheless, even if wasn't deep in the forest, this place is still surrounded by living trees.

When I turned my gaze to them for help, they moved their roots to keep the wolves away and sheltered me.


…Now that I'm safe for the time being, I was thinking what to do about the forest wolves snarling under the tree.

Specifically, I was talking about whether to kill them or not.

To be honest, hunting forest wolves was not that difficult.

Simply shooting arrows from atop would be an easy way to hunt them.


The arrows were all sharpened though, and may not be able to pierce through the monster's fur, so there was a need to shoot it at its eyes.

However, there was a very difficult target practice game in the high elven community.
After more than a hundred years of playing, it wasn't difficult to hit a target, no matter the size or if it's moving.


So my concern was not how to hunt them, but whether it's okay to kill them in the first place.

Well, they were the one who attacked first so I guess I don't need to hesitate, but I don't want to eat a wolf after killing it, and it would be a hassle to pelt it in a place like this.

Of course, carrying a heavy wolf corpse was out of the question.

I may be able to carry their fangs and claws, but there were too much since they were a pack.

One or two bodies should do, the rest I'll just simply kill them.


“Hmm…well, that should be okay.”


Let's hunt one or two for now.

If others escape, I could take the fangs and claws from the dead ones then bury the bodies.
If they don't, I'll decide what to do at that time.


I nocked an arrow on my bow, drew it, and fired two shots in quick succession.

The target was a particularly large one in the pack.

If that was the leader of the pack, I figured that there's a good chance the others might run away if I take it out.


The first arrow hit its right eye, and the second arrow pierced its mouth.
The monster let out a pained yelp in surprise as it fell.




I felt a small sense of satisfaction as I was able to hit what I was aiming for.

In the end, it's better to have something to specialize in, whatever it may be.

Because it leads to confidence, and it might save you in some cases, like now.


The forest wolves, flustered by the loss of their leader, turned on their heels and fled through the trees as I readied my bow again.



Apparently, monsters are more intelligent that I thought.

I'm glad I didn't waste any more time killing them, there might be more encounters in the future, so I shouldn't let my guard down.


“Alright, thanks.”


I pat the trunk of the tree that helped me, and leapt off the branch.

I took the stone knife from my pack and quickly tore the claws and fangs of the forest wolf, which was on its dying breaths.

A stone knife wasn't very effective against a forest wolf, but if you use it right, you could at least tear off the claws, rip the gums, and pull out the fangs.


I put the claws and fangs on my ivy-woven bag.


“Spirits of the wind.”


Muttering, I called out to the wind spirits in the area.

It was a spirit art, used to call them and borrow their power.


The wind spirits, having understood my intentions, produced two whirlwinds, shredding the remains of the wolf: skin, bones, and all.

Although it was a gruesome sight indeed, if we disintegrate it like this, the body could quickly return to the earth and nourish the trees that stood here.

In other words, this was thanks for the trees that just helped me earlier.

However, it wasn't me who was doing the work but the wind spirits, and although there was no way to gift a spirit who doesn't have a body nor physical needs, I spared no effort in expressing my gratitude to them.


“Now, then.”


After cleaning up the mess, I should get back on track.

I wonder how many time I would encounter similar incidents until I reached a human settlement in this great forest.

After all, I had only taken a few steps so far out of the boundary.

The road ahead was far from over.




“It was just as exciting as I thought.”


A smile crept naturally on my face.

Even an incident like this was fresh for me who was tired of living a leisurely life.


Just thinking about what I could do with these claws and fangs was thrilling me.

Larger fangs could be sharpened to make a dagger or the blade of a knife, and the smaller ones could be strung together to create an artifact.

I feel sorry for the wolf I just killed if I just fail and waste these materials, so I maybe I should learn knife-making and crafting from someone else first.

In any case, I should be heading towards a village.


I wasn't an idiot to skip around in the woods, but it's difficult for me to control my legs in anticipation.

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