”Noe ”

”Well, Noe I am Lester ”

”Nice to meet you Lester ” I said as we shake hands. We stay holding hands for a while and making eye contact.

”Who are you here with? ”

”Mr. Manroe ”

”Ah the famous assh*le. What are you, his PA? I suggest you for a job elsewhere because you won even last a month with him ” he said laughing and I feel myself getting protective over Mr. Manroe.

”Hes not that bad. ”

”Really now so hes been an angel to you I see ”

Just as I was about to answer I get a call from Mr. Manroe

”Where the hell are you, it has been over ten minutes ”

”I am sorry I lost track of time ”

”Save your excuses for someone who cares and come here or I will send my bodyguards to come drag you to me ”

I was having such a good night but now that is all ruined, I can believe I forgot

”By the look on your face I can tell he has not been an angel ” Lester teases

I quickly find Mr. Manroe.

”Miss Snow I want to introduce you to someone; this is Mr. Ricardo my longtime business associate ”

”Hi, nice to meet you I am Noelle ”

He seems like a nice old man he takes my hand and kisses it.

”The pleasure is mine youll excuse me I have to find my wife ”

I smiled at him and just as I was distracted, I feel myself being pulled away.

”If you ever do that again youll never work a day in your life again you hear me ”

”Yes sir, it will never happen again. ”

What I really wanted to say was is f*ck you! You assh*le and ** whoever had a hand in making you because they obviously did not know how to raise you, but I didn because I knew I did not mean it, surprisingly, I don know why I haven quit yet and it is not because I am afraid or because I don have the money I have lived in a homeless shelter before because of my constant changing jobs, towns and basically everything every few months because of him.

By the time I come back to reality Mr. Manroe was gone replaced by Lester.

”Are you okay Noe you have been standing here for so long. What did he say to you? ”

”It was my fault; he gave me rules and I did not follow them. ”

”Do you hear yourself Noe, nothing gives him the right to abuse you. ”

”Abuse is a bit drastic he just… he is just like that ”

”Look, I know a friend who might have a job for you give me permission to ask for you please Noe ”

”No, Im fine really and nobody could pay me as well as him for the work that I do ”

”Fair enough let me get you a drink ”

We walk to the bar and Lester orders me a bloody marry and two shots.

As I was taking those shots down, I was rethinking my life choices. How did I get here? Where will I go next? Should I have accepted Lesters job offer? Its not like this job is doing me any favors like yeah it pays well but thats not why I am staying I wish it was the reason I was staying.

”You know he once said to me that I was worth nothing and thats why nobody would kidnap me ”

Lester shook his head and rubbed my back.

”Like I just don …don … don understand why he treats me like absolute…absolute sh*t and I don understand why… me… I am letting it happen. I would have usually quit already or been fired because I gave my job an earful but this time it is different you know, and I just don understand why. Tell me why Lester I Just don …don ” I say slurring and stumbling over my words.

”Come Noe lets go to my house you
e way too drunk to be here ”

”Yeah…yeah sure ”

As we are about to go out, we are interrupted…

”Noe!! How dare you!? With him? How stupid are you to go to a mans house while drunk huh!? ”

I am too drunk to reply I am so drunk I am being held up by Lester.

Just as Lester was about to reply, Mr. Manroe forcefully grabs me and then punches Lester and that snaps me back to sobriety.

”What are you doing? ” I shout and I am grabbed by Mr. Manroe as I was about to go to Lester.

He throws me into the car and grabs me by my shoulders.

”How stupid are you huh? Is there something missing here ” he says while tapping my head.

He finally lets go of me when he realizes I am not going to reply and he sits in his seat with his arms folded, grinding his teeth.

We get outside my house, and I try to get out of the car, but he holds my arm.

”I am not letting you outside this car until you explain yourself. Why the heck were you talking to him? Did I not tell you to not talk to anyone I didn talk to? ”

”You know what? I am sick and tired of you and your stupid attitude I don need this job like you think so fire me if you want but right now, I just want you to let me go so I can go sleep ”

”Oh, you think that you do not need this job with an apartment like this, trust me if this is where you are living you do need this job ”

”Not everyone is going to bend down to your will because of your money I don need it so let me go and piss off ”

”Piss off? How dare you first talk to my rival and almost go home with him drunk I might add then you tell me to piss off that is not how this works you are supposed to be apologizing. ”

”Me apologize? You
e most likely to see a snakes bum than see that ”

e drunk miss Snow so there is no point in arguing with you. And if you even think of not showing up tomorrow remember I have a herd of lawyers waiting to send to you ”

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