Lost in A Beast World

Greetings I Am A Female

As I stare upward into my saviors eyes I get a cold chill run down the back of my neck. There eyes where cold and grey, like the sky right before dawn. They had a pale white skin color as their hair was a bleached blond. But nothing was a scarier feature than the large scar that crossed from his lower left jaw all the way across the bridge of his nose, which closely ends near his right eye. ”Are you hurt anywhere? ” The strange scary man asks as they continued to hold me in their arms.

I say nothing as the shock still fills my body as the glare from the eyes fill me with anxiety and fear. As I tried to avoid his gaze I saw something that concerned me most, the life like wolf ears on top of his head.

What is this? Is it some type of cosplay? I scream in my head as we start to move to a near by tree.

He places me down gently as he continues to stare into my eyes. ”My brothers aren to far away, well wait here before we do anything else. ” The man uttered before turning around to walk away. As he does I realise that he was only wearing a animal skin that wrapped around his waist that nearly covered his thigh. With this and the angle Im now sitting at, Ive gotten a clear picture of everything.

W-wha? Thats what they look like? I internally question as I quickly stand up. My face begins to flush red before fear replaces embarrassment. ”Wait what about- ” I was cut short of a sentence when he turned around again and gave me an answer.

”I killed it. ” he said as he looked. me in the eyes. ”Y-you killed it? ” I stuttered as I begin to think how he could kill that giant wolf. I mean he looks like a big guy and fit but I don think he could just kill it. Wait is he wearing the ears like some type of trophy? That is just sick.

”But then where are you going? ” I ask in a frightened tone. ”I can just leave the game where it is, the animals would try to claim it. ” He states in an indifferent tone. ”We where out here to hunt too, so I see no point in wasting good meat. ” He continues to say in an indifferent tone as he walks away. Wait is he saying he is going to eat the wolf? I don mean to judge but that is something I haven even considered before.

”O-ok I guess you should go get it then, l mean you really can waste food. ” I say as I sit back down and try to act calm. ”Ill just wait here then. ” I squeaked out as he continued to walk away.

I need to get away from this guy, I don care if he is the only person for miles, he just isn human. As I watch him walk past the many trees, I started to run as I see him fade away.

Alright just keep running hopefully this crazy person doesn figure out I ran before Im far enough away.

Running is the only motion I have in my mind right now. I collect scratches on my arms and legs but I don care, my only focus is on escaping. I continue to run in fear as I hear something behind me.

Before I could turn around and see what was behind me, I trip and begin to roll. I only stop once I land back first into a tree. I look up to see giant grey wolf starring directly at me. I close my eyes In fear for what it might do.

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