Lost in A Beast World

Cave Stay and Clean Break

Milori mumble as I feel something soft rub my back. ”Well you
e not the only one. When I first found her she was scared just looking at my cursed eyes like the rest in my village. ” Corwin says in a somber tone in a corner somewhere nearby. ”So we both think Ethan has the best chance? Well we should tell him he needs to try to at least convince her to stay with us. ” Milori uttered as the soft thing continued to rub against my back.

”How long do you think she was alone for? I mean it is pretty far from any type of territory that is known around the Fern Forest. ” Corwin asks as I feel the soft thing slightly begin to graze a sensitive area on my lower back and I startenly start to lift myself to see what is happening. I look behind me to see my bra was removed and an animal skin tag was held in Miloris hand.

I squeeze my chest and use my legs to cover my body as I push myself into the nearest wall. ”Ah, what is going on!? I didn mean to faint. Please don look at me. ” I scream as I begin to shake as the violation runs through my body. I looked on the ground to see my bra sitting next to Milori that seemed to be startled by my sudden movement.

”Female, no need to be afraid, I was just taking care of your wound. ” Milori says as worry fills his face. ”I-I oh. I.. ” I try to speak but Im too shaken to say anything. I start to calm down as Milori throws an animal skin my way. ”Im sorry, please forgive me. ” Milori says as I pause to stare at him for a moment.

He genuinely didn mean anything, he only wants to help. I think to myself as I see the sadness in his warm eyes. ”No, I just don like it when someone touches me. Please don look at me either, I don like it when people stare. ” I say as I look down to the floor in a sad tone and welcome the animal skin in my embrace.

I guess I need to talk to them now because it seems they have no intention to let me go so easily. I smell the air to find the smell of smoke and burning flesh fill the air. I let out l low rumble as my mouth begins to water. I hear a laugh come from Corwin as he walks over to me and stops two feet infront of me. ”I guess you are hungry now, well lets hope you eat enough because Ethan is doing the cooking. ” Corwin chuckles as Milori slides my bra over to me.

”Corwin lets give her some space and we can bring her the food when its ready. ” Milori whispers to Corwin as they both leave for the mouth of the cave. I put on my bra and find my shirt to wear before heading into the brightly lit outside world of the cave.

This won be as bad as staying alone in the woods anymore. I have three beastmen to keep me company and I get the feeling at least one means no harm. I just have to hope that the other two are the same way.

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