Love And Vile

Chapter #3 : Welcome To The Hell

When he holded her neck tightly, he choked on it and didn stop and started to choke on her as hard as he could, she seemed to be so desolated. When she was almost out of breath still he didn let go of her. The girl didn realize when her nose started to bleed, and whole veins of her face became visible due to lack of oxygen and the pressure on her neck which made her beg to stop him but he didn . The blooded man stared at her blooded runny nose, he touched it and:

Aw….my baby look at this our bloods colour look similar, right {made pout}

Then his mood changed again in to a devilish mood, he was so angry and was vexing that he couldn help himself, his blood was boiling which made his eyes turn red, even his sweat was dropping of his head, he looked like a total wild hungry beast who got his prey and was ready to ate. Her trembled condition made him felt content and delighted. He always wanted to look superior among others, but the next thing he said to her made her nod immediately.

Firstly he removed the locks of her hair which were dangling in front of her face, therefore he put it behind her ear as to get a clear vision of her face, then came closer to her ear and said in deep stern voice :

I went easy on you so better watch out when you speak bitch !!! {with gritted teeth}

After he finished his words he let go of her neck by throwing her on the ground, and on the other hand she started to cough like crazy with no deadline as if she got to inhale air for the first time but she passed out soon. When the blooded man saw her condition, something came to his mind and started to search for it. Forsooth he took advantage of the girls condition and searched for her mobile phone. It was really time taking for him to search, nevertheless he got what he wanted and found it. At a gallop he got in touch with one of his friends named Peter and told him the whole background of the story he was stuck in:

{ On Call }

After the blooded man told the whole background, then :

Peter: At least let me know the location.

Blooded Man: Can you just track the location of this mobile phone.

Peter: Okay !! You stay there, I would approach you without delay

Blooded Man: Be quick …

{ Call Dismissed }

After the call ended he threw the phone away and saw a mirror and again started to admire the beautiful scenery through the casement, almost half an hour passed in the wake of the call he made to his friend. At that time he saw a mirror and went near it that was when he saw his horrible condition and put off his black hoodie and started at his scars which were bleeding with no ending point, he was so tired and exhausted that he finally got to sat on the ground beside the girls body and was glaring at the her condition while making an expression less face as if he never regretted chocking an innocent and unimpeachable girl. He again started to felt dizzy and later on he collapsed, that was when the door opened instantaneously and saw a man in black bodyguard uniform, he got confused due to his blurry vision and thought:

Who these guards were??

He was very confused and was ready to fought until he saw a familiar yet unfamiliar face in spite of that to his solace he was his friend, Peter whom he called ahead of time, and passed out. All the guards and his friend tried to wake him up but he didn due to uncontrollable blood loss. They all became too worried by thinking what if they lost him so they directly took him to the hospital without any second thought.

{ At the Hospital }

When he woke up he found himself to some unfamiliar face but due to the interior hr recognized it as the hospital and he was right, as soon as the Doctor entered in his room just to found him with same facial expressions; cold. The doctor came more closer and started to look at his reports, and then he looked at the blooded man who was already staring at the doctor with cold face:

Doctor: Ricardo, listen you should more concentrate on your health.

Ricardo: Huff….stop with those advices {rolled his eyes}

Doctor: You already lost a lot of blood.

Ricardo: So what ?? {blank face}

Doctor: Nothing, just said !!

Ricardo: When would I got discharged ??

Doctor: Maybe Soon…!!! {left the room}

Ricardo: Damn, this freaking place sucks….

Out of sudden a flashback came to his mind about the pendent girl which made him smirk. Then his friends came laughing, when he glared them with anger, everyone went silent:

Ricardo: What was the status of business ??

Friend 1 [Charles]: Well um…, yesterday five workers left due to your anger

Ricardo: Kill them !!!

Friend 2 [Alex] & Friend 3 [Scot]: But….

Ricardo: Just do it !! {raised his brow}

Friend 4 [Peter]: Okay, as you said.

Ricardo: Ask the doctors to discharge me, I had a lot of leftover work to do.

All Friends: Okay !!

After about an hour Ricardo was discharged and went home in a lamborghini. When he reached to his mansion, he came out of his car, stood outside the gate for a second and made his way inside the mansion when he was embraced by his servants, watchmen, cooks, gardners and personal assistant [Claira], the servants were holding rose petals, whereas cooks made his favourite food, and his personal assistant with a garland was waiting for him to reach the entrance. As soon as he made his way towards the entrance he was showered with rose petals and finally reached the entrance when his personal assistant handed him the garland:

Claira: Welcome Back…. MAFIA KING

Ricardo: {looked at the garland with cold face} Thanks !!

Claira: Your welcome….babe {timorous smile}

Ricardo: Hmmm…. {with a fake smile}

So…..uptil know Claira was his temporary girl whom he was dating from past two weeks as told before he used girls just like his toy so he was getting bored of Claira, he was in need of a new touch that was why he got little distant from her, leaving a girl and then got someone else in a short period of time was just a game for him, due to his personality none of a girl could deny him and he took advantage of that, as soon as he left a girl he at full tilt got a new girl as if the girls were waiting for him to leave the previous one.

He was craving for a new touch so much that he was getting frustrated. He can choose any girl that he wants even if the girl would be innocent he would inject her with drugs or something which can make any girl crazy for him and would probably end up in bed. The worst part for girls would be to watch his well, as that would force a girl to have him. He has been such a playboy since he was twenty.

He never believed in love so he never loved any girl, cause somehow when he was a high school student many of his friends were in a relationship but he didn care about them only cared for his best friend whom he knew from his childhood- Peter. He was in a relationship, it was his second anniversary with his girlfriend but she broke up the same day and said that she got someone better than him, after Peter got broke up he was so depressed that he went in coma and had very few chances left to survive, he was so scared from that time that he promised himself that he would never ever love any girl in her life, but just to use them and threw them aside.

After a quick flashback Ricardo made his way inside the mansion and others followed him as well, except the gardeners and the watchmen. After he entered his mansion he was so fascinated with the black interior all around the mansion, and finally he exhaled a peaceful breath, and asked everyone to left him alone, everyone did left bar his assistant, he raised his eyebrow at him, when Claira started to came near him and suddenly grabbed his collar but he was fast enough to remove her hand, she was hissing in pain as he had grabbed her hand with a lot of capability and potential. It didn took time for her to understand what he wanted, so as he left her hand she went out of that place leaving him alone.

He then went straight to his room where he lied on the master sized bed owned by him, later he freshened up and heard someones noise and it was becoming louder until the door opened revealing his :

Ricardo: Mooooooommmmmm….. {shocked}

Mom: Huw….look at yourself you poor kid {holded his ear}

Ricardo: Ah….Mom what were you doing here ?? {tried to escape}

Mom: What do you mean ?? Can I came and make a visit to my son… huh ???

Ricardo: No, I mean… {cut off by the maid}

Maid: Ahm….

Ricardo: What ?

Maid: Sir the dinner is ready,

Ricardo: Okay, go

Mom: Look at yourself, bad kid you were so cold to talk to her.

Ricardo: Mom at least let go of my ear now am hungry.

Mom: Okay, I had something to discuss remind me at the dining table.

Ricardo: Okay Mom !!

They both went down stairs to eat food. They finished their food when his mother asked him when he was going to get married as he was a married age. His mother has to ask him every time they meet cause he ever got serious with marriage things he always took this as fun and in the past he never had been in any serious relationships, he was a badass from the beginning. He later went to his room to rest and his mother left with anger, tired of listening to ”NO ” everytime.

Thereafter, he left to visit his office due to the curiosity of the current status of his business. As he went there he was welcomed by his employees. He just took a glance at them and walked to his office room. There he saw Claira sat on his office table with a revealed dress, he walked passed her and gazed outside the huge window, later he felt someones hands on his waist, he never flinched cause he knew whose hands were they, but to her surprise he put her hands off of him and walked towards his table and sat on his chair, took out his smartphone form the pocket and started to play with it, followed by Claira who had constantly been his tale for the time.

She never gave up and again followed him to the table and showed his cleavage by dangling her cloth, but it didn worked out, she was so annoyed that she sat on his lap and caressed his face but when she failed again she came near to his face and was about to kiss when one of his friends Charles came without alerting them, he was shocked with the view, but on the other had Ricardo didn moved and asked why he came so he told him that some people came for getting elected for the job so he had to took there interview, Ricardo didn delayed and asked Charles to let them come in.

Two hours passed till all the people were done with the interview, he was sick of waiting for a person who didn arrive. He was tired of waiting so he turned around his chair and took a nap. While he was in his devil land. To his diturace someone opened the door which revealed the person who was late to give the interview, that was when Ricardo woke up but didn move. The girl said Sorry Sir, extremely sorry, I was late for the interview, I was so sorry Sir…. at first Ricrado was about to scream and yell at her but it didn take time for him to recognize whose voice was that.

Ricardo smirked because he knew who it was and on the other hand, the poor girl didn know who that damn cold CEO was, by the way the incharge already told her that her interview would be taken by the CEO of the company. Soon she heard a manly voice from the back of the chair and said ”Well well nice to hear your voice again baby girl,…..would you like to have a seat ?? ”

The pendent girl first sat then focused on his words which made her shocked that how any of a CEO of such a big company could know her, so she asked him S-sorry S-sir d-d-do I knew you already ??, when she tried to memorize that whose voice was that, so she was kinda nervous cause it was similar to the person whom she met night before yesterday, she don wanted to recall all that so she shook her head to forget about her past.

She kept her bio file on his desk and sooner but later turned around his chair and revealed his handsome face. When the girl saw hic face, she was so surprised that she stood up from her chair and her bag fell on the companys floor, as she never thought to meet her past again, like she never wanted to meet that blooded man again, cause her memory with him was the worst. She was staring at him as he was looking the most handsome man to in her eyes also the most dangerous one. His dressing, his looks, his eyes, his hair, his peachy lips were all attracting her as well as she was scared of the same happening.

Nevertheless, Ricardo lied back on the chair folded his arms and went through her dressing, and looked at her from top to bottom, she was wearing a white shirt with black skirt, black heels, a muffler, hair tied into a bun, eye-sight spectacles and just a tint for the make-up to colour her lips. He was good at judging a person as he was the business man and also the Mafia King. He furrowed his eyebrows which signalled himself that she wasn his type, whereas on the other hand the pendent girl was amazed to see such a young CEO to run this big ass company.

It was quite something new for her that a young man ran a company without any guidance. She was in her thoughts when he said:

I knew that wouldn had been the end… girl…..{smirk}

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