Love And Vile

Chapter #4: More About Him

The Pendent girl was astounded and stupefied that her legs were trembling with fear, as if she saw a ghost and the next moment would not be able to even stand and the interior of the room was more horrific, totally black with his devilish photo frames, if something was coloured then it was just those pinkish red flowers placed on the center table. She was so afraid that the flashback of night before yesterday came across her mind which told her that she was in a very big trouble where no one would help her, no one would care for her and wouldve left her to death she remembered that she was a crying who mess begged him to stop but he never listened her once, she didn know that she was little by little moving in the of the room corner.

Ricardo: ”You alive senorita ?? ” {touched her shoulder}

She flinched as soon as Ricardo touched her shoulder to got her out of her day dream, she was taken back as his touch made her uncomfortable but she nodded at his question. {Knock}{Knock} The door knocked and Ricardo asked the person to come in. It was Claira and she kinda felt jealous cause the two of them were standing at a corner and not too far from each other:

Ricardo: ”What ?? ”

Claira: ”Sir your online meeting would start with in five minutes. ” {online meeting= America}

Ricardo: ”Hmm….I would be back in half an hour, you better prepare yourself for the interview. ”

She nodded again, and he left that was when she sat on a sette and was going through all of her details but she felt someone presence behind here, at first she totally ignored it but later she could felt that presence much closer to her. She turned around just to met the eyes of the same female who seemed to be the personal assistant of Ricardo, and she was absolutely right. Claira started to stare her from top to bottom just to laugh at her appearance and then she also left. The pendent girl was naive so she did not understood that why did she laughed at her.

The Pendent Girl thought what if he beat her again, she was in her deep thoughts, but later came up with a plan to escape from the office. {Cheen} Surprisingly the door of the room wide opened and it was Ricardo, he gestured to her to take a seat. On his way to his office chair he got hit by something hard and glassy, he took few steps back and saw his quarry who hit him, nobody else but that Pendent Girl. Ricardo touched his backside of the head which was all bloody and hurting.

The voice of glass broken diverted the attention of the staff from there works to inside of the office, everyone gathered just to examined CEOs head bloody and a teenage as a vitcim as she girl was the one holding a broken flower vase which made everyone surprised just to saw a young girl fought against a Mafia King. It was such a serious and shocking moment for everyone present there as well as were scared for the reaction of their CEO. It was also so ignominious for him as he got hit by an ordinary girl who came to seek a job and instead of that she made him done and annihilate or demolished his crown jewel.

Again the girl was in big trouble as she already did saw her death from this close at that night. She was intimidated to met the same person anon omitting not as a serial killer but this time as her own offices CEO, well she was not yet the employee but still she had five percent hopes left to get employed. He asked his employees to leave and as soon as they left she was dumbfounded to saw everyone leave and turned to meet the same wild beast with black orbs which she saw past one night and head blooded this time, thus it was her mistake, she made a call to her death by herself. She took the chance to escape but to her bad luck he was quick enough to fattch onto her hair, he was so deadly on her hair that she hissed in pain ”Ah…. ”!!!

”You crazy bitch, how dare you did that to me? Do you even know how precious those flowers were to me ”, he said in a stern voice, who was fuming in anger and threw her on the shiny office floor which made the girl fell and her forehead started to bleed, she went dizzy and collapsed. After a while she woke up and found herself on the same point as it she was after collapsed, she gathered her guts and tried to sat, was only to saw no one in that room around her, but to her confound a harsh voice came from the turned office chair and asked her ”Would you like to stand ?? ”, and the chair turned revealing the same relentless person soon to be hers CEO, with no blood on his head.

When she stood up with the support of the office chair, she saw Ricardo smiling like an idiot. Well well good to saw you again, he said with a smirk on his face. Seeing her with this condition made him felt pleasured. ”Have a seat my screatery ”, he said again with a cherished voice, he stood up from his chair, took out the chair for her and asked her to sat, she sat down on the chair with her bleeding head and didn recognized her blood feeling when Ricardo sat on the office table beside her, tilted his head and ”Welcome to this office, honey ”.

She was nonplus that how he could make her as his secretary cause she hit him and still he appointed her, not even as a normal employee but his secretary ”Did you forgave me Sir ?? ”, she asked with a trembling voice. He replied ”Hmm..You knew, those flowers were given to me by someone, who was very close to me, {chuckle} but you broke it {bent to her level and played with her hair}, but I forgave you ”. She was so sorry for what she was doing and for blaming herself for thinking so bad for him ”I am sorry Sir, I shouldn have done that to you ” she said while lowering her head, felt liable towards him. ”You can join from tomorrow, better leave, for other details we would talk later ”, he said and stood up, kept his hands in his pockets, walked towards the window and started to admire the view..

She stood up and took up her file in which she bought her details, ”By the way, your good name ? ”, he asked while looking through his great city. ”Its Luna , she replied with a sweet voice. He hummed and bowed in respect to him and left, when she went outside, to all the employees surprise she was back alive, she felt awkward due to others stares so she quickly went out of the great building. He saw her on her way going somewhere, and said ”I forgave you because from tomorrow onwards your life would be miserable, dear ”. He backed off from the window and next he took those flowers up from the offices desk and kissed them while watched the lovingly, and put it in a new flower vase, {he asked his attendant to bought a new flower vase while Luna was unconscious} and went out of his office just to saw all the employees working, but as he walked past them, everyone bowed to him and he without even giving them a glimpse left his offices building.

On his way back to his mansion, he remembered the incident which took place back then in the office. He drove his car not to his mansion but to somewhere else, he was kinda emotional to go to that place. When he reached that place he saw many people in similar coloured dress, some were crying and some had their heads lowered. He got out of the car as well as took off his shades and went straight towards someone and sat beside her, and said Sorry grandma, today a girl broke that vase which you gave me, I-I never let anyone touched it up till now but that girl broke it, I am so sorry grandma ” he felt so ashamed of himself as he couldn protect her given definitive sign.

However, he came to her grandmas graveyard as he missed her, but when he recalled the flower vase incident he missed her grandma much more, so before his way to the mansion he came to have a visit to his grandmas graveyard. He was there talking to her about the past when the priest came and patted his shoulder because he knew that he was a regular person to visit his grandma. Ricardo stood up and smiled at the priest, paid his respects off and left.

He was sad to remember his past with his grandma, to him only he had two precious women, one his grandma and the other his mother, he never liked any women or girl besides his mother and grandma. When his grandma died, from that day he promised himself that he wouldn stay silent and would take revenge for his grandmas death. He was driving to his mansion when craved coffee, and started to search for a good and unique coffee shop as he had already tried other shops.

He drove further and saw a new coffee shop, first he thought not to go there in there but why not to gave a try. He parked his car, got off, wore his bucket hat, and went inside the coffee shop. while he was walking to the coffee shop, people were so into his look that they were staring and pointing out at him, though he was a Mafia so it didn mattered people pointing or staring at him, he shrugged off and went inside the coffee shop and the doorbell rang signalling and grabbing everyones attention, when he noticed that it was a girls coffee shop, and everyone looked at his personality which was very eye catching, he was in a white t-shirt with full sleeves, black pant, a bucket cap, and a black mask, which totally suited his personality, and looks.

He entered and started to search for an empty table for himself, soon he searched for a table and sat when he felt some stares still at him, so he followed the direction and to saw the workers {girls} gazed at him, he saw them and cambered his head and then roamed around his eyes to search for a waitress, while his eyes were roaming he found a similar girl as he was far so it was little difficult to saw the clear vision of that girl. As the girl turned she went to the girls and placed the order, and was standing there when one of the workers told the girl to go and took the order of that man, gestured at him.

The other waitresses were gossiping and admiring all his features from afar, she furrowed her eyebrows and went to take the order ”Sir what would you like to have ?? ” , the girl said with a smile on her face, the handsome face of the man looked up at her and his light-brown eyes were staring straight into her eyes, little bit she was able to recognize the eyes of the man, ”I would like to have you, Luna, said the mask man. Luna was shocked to met a person who knew her name so she said ”Excuse me ” the masked man chuckled and said ”One Americano, babygirl. ” That word was catchy and then she came to know that it was her CEO.

”Welcome Sir ” she said immediately, he nodded his head. She walked back to the workers and placed his order. The girls gathered around her and asked, ”What happened, why were you so nervous ?? ”. Luna let go off the questions and went to the washroom and splashed water on her face, and came out of the washroom. Luna said ”H-he was my CEO ”, to her surprise all the girls were so excited and teased her, on the other hand, Luna felt disgusted of her friends cheap talks.

When his order was ready, Luna was about to go but Kristen, one of the workers, snatched it and went to him. Kristen holded his coffee and threw it on his white t-shirt, she did that on purpose. Ricardo saw her with anger, took off his hat and tried to clean his shirt with his hands but Kristen started to remove the coffee cause she got a good chance to touch his beautifully shaped abs. He looked towards Luna and asked her to come and clean it, she rushed to him and cleaned it with a wet towel. Kristen was so jealous cause he called Luna instead of letting her clean it.

”I am so sorry Sir, I would bring another coffee for you. ” She cleaned all the mess which fell on the ground as well, and she hurriedly went into the kitchen and made coffee for him by herself. He waited for her just for ten minutes and was about to leave when Luna came running and offered him the coffee, he saw it and went back to the place where he sat before.

Luna stayed beside him incase, he took off his mask and drank the coffee, he found the coffee so delicious that he asked Luna ”Who made this ?? ”, she was worried what if his CEO didn liked the coffee still she told him ”I-I made it Sir, i-is everything okay ?? ” he replied ”No, I actually liked the coffee and wanted to offer a high price for this, here ” he offered his hand full of money, at first Luna wanted the money so bad but she said ”No Sir, I would not like to take extra amount ”, he replied ”This extra price was for your quite nice service ”. She took the money and asked him to gave his feedback to their coffee shop, he was impressed by the location, survice, and interior, it means that his first experience was kinda good and would come here often.

Then he left, Luna was taking interest in him and thought that he was a very nice and kind person as he forgave her for hitting him with vase. made her as his secretary, gave her extra money for good service and also forgave Kristen for throwing coffee, so as he left that place she looked down on the floor and had red burning cheeks cause she was blushing. After she was done with her work she went home.

She had spare keys so she entered her home quietly and it was blacked out in there ”Where were you…?? ”

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