Love And Vile

Chapter #5: The Stalker

When suddenly Luna flinched at the sudden voice, and at that moment the lights turned on and it was none other then her parents, ” Where were you the whole day? Do you even care about the time? ”, questioned Mrs. Anthony. Luna couldn say anything further cause her parents were right so there was nothing to object at. ”How many times do i had to repeat the same thing that not to stay out the whole day ? ”, said Mr. Anthony, Luna was quite but then she spoke ”I am sorry Mr. and Mrs. Anthony I won repeat the same thing again ”, her parents nodded and said something which made her look at the ground ”It would be better not to cause you were very well known about the consequences ”, Mrs. Anthony warned,then both her parents left.

Luna took out the money from her pocket and kept that in a locker which was full of jewels and money. She touched all the money and went to her room, there she sat on the floor threw her bag, took off the muffler and lied on the floor {as she had no bed in her room} and her eyes landed on a diagram placed on a side table and recalled her past:

”10 Years Ago ”

”Mom I love you and Dad soo much thats why I made this as our family photo. Do you like it ?? ”, Mom said ”Yes honey I loved it ” then the little girl started to giggle as she got her moms appreciation ” Thank You Mommy ” and kissed her mothers cheek and went to play with her toys. Her mother looked at her little girl while playing when tears started to form in her eyes, because the thing she was thinking was really heart aching, and shameful for herself.

The next day the little girls mother asked to go with her to a park. They both went there all nicely dressed up, out of blue the little girls mother wanted to play hide and seek with her. The little girl started to count while put her small hands on her eyes ”7, 8, 9, and 10 ” , the little girl ended her counting and looked here and there to search for her mother, ”Mommy please come out you won, I couldn find you ” and sat on the green wet grass ”Mommy please come out I would be a good girl, I would never ask for chocolates again but, at least I could have one chocolate….please mommy…. ” the little girl started to cry cause her mother couldn be found, she suddenly saw a woman similar to her mother, ”Mom wait….wait for me please ”.

MOMMMM….and Luna woke up from her dream where he saw her mother left her alone which made her sobbed, she would never ever forget about how her mother left her in a park and some strangers adopted her known as Mr. and Mrs Anthony with whom she was still living not as a happy family but just for money. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony always thought that to become rich they would sell Luna to a rich guy who could gave them money on daily basis, to their unfortunate Luna was just a High School Teenage girl who was just eighteen years old so it was so fast to get a girl married.

Moreover, Luna just got to enjoy her life when she was born till eight years old. Her father was a well known and famous business man whom everyone knew, but one day when Luna was just five years old her father passed away in an airplane crash. Lunas mother was so depressed after her fathers dead that she took a decision to left Luna somewhere because she knew that she cannot alone took care of her daughter very well so she accept there faith and left her daughter alone in a strange park with strange people, thus her mother herself loved Luna a lot but she cannot decide their future so she kept a good hope for both of them and left to her destiny, though everyone knows how difficult it is to grow up a kid, there needs, there wishes, a good and luxurious life which couldn be fulfilled without a mans support.

Luna accepted everything which was happening around her saying that it was her fate so she would accept it and won complain to her God. Luna then stood up from the floor and went to freshen herself with a tired and tender body. After she was done with bath she bought some fried chicken when she was on her way back to her home, she got the taste of fried chicken second time uptil know, if she had to eat any junk food so she had to hid it from Mr. and Mrs. Anthony as they never let her have what she wanted.

When her age was to study Mr. and Mrs. Anthony didn study and asked her to work the whole day and night, and now when she was capable of applying for the job, they took all her salary, so for herself she started to do a part time job as Ricardos secretary.

Also she was a girl and there would obviously be many things a girl wanted though she cannot have everything as well as to pay for her schools fees, in a way that at a very young age she became independent woman besides this she was also afraid with every new person around her as she was never a socialized person but due to her jobs she had to become socialized so she could easily interact with different people.

After she was done with her meal, she drifted herself to her wonderland where she was spending a happy life with her mother. It was very important for a helpless person to stay with their hopes, this was the only way for every helpless person to go on with their lives otherwise nothing could be useful for them.

On the other hand a man with all perfections arrived at his mansion, got directly to his king sized room and got freshen up, after he came out with a warm bath , he wore a night robe and went downstairs to have his dinner which includes all his favourite food from six star hotel, each and every dish was there for just a person, as well as few of his maids were standing beside the dining to fulfill his orders and to dish out or whatever he wanted them to do.

After Ricardo ended up with his meal, he went to his veranda with a cup of Americano, lied on one of the chaise launch and scrolled down to his smartphone. He was a person a whole luxurious life, which was due to his father as his father was the most popular Mafia King who ruled over all the Mafias but due to his enemies trap, he died and at that time Ricardo was just fourteen years old, so from that day only Ricardo was getting ready to take his fathers death revenge, besides this was too young to take over the rule of The Mafia World which was just filled with darkness, and danger.

Ricardo was a stubborn kid from the start so even if his mother used to ask him to not to get involved with guns and bombs, still he used them without her permission and secretly went to get trained about every weapon. His mother already did lost his husband so she did not wanted to lose her one and only family {Ricardo}. When Ricardo was twenty five years old, he was given the control to rule The Mafia World like his father did, there was no rejection to not make him as the Mafia King because he had all the abilities in his blood, inherited from his father.

At that time Ricardo was honored by the King Crown, which was of his father and that made him felt more proud to wore it. Ricardo was a heartthrob but he never loved any girl besides his mother and late grandmother as it was already told that he used to thought that girls came to fulfill their needs and then when the girls were tired of one boy so they left the boy by cheating on him with another guy, so thats was why he hated girls and became a playboy who just wanted a slut or any type of girl to pleasure him and to whom he could abuse. Everynight he changed his girl and paid them with a high price, it was very rare that there might be a girl who were good at ”it ” so she stayed with him for more than a day out he got bored of girls so quick that even after a second of doing ”it ” he just asked that girl to leave with her money and never to return again.

Ricardo could even respect women but just who were forty plus for him and as he was business man so he could identify that what type of a person was, likewise he had one of a maid who was with him since his fathers death. He respected that old lady much more because she was there to look after him at the time his father died till now. He even asked that old lady if he could help that old woman to do another job, but that woman denied that chosen to stay by his side.

Ricardo had everything in his life but still he felt empty deep inside, which was the same with Luna. She was alone and empty though she had nothing but a light of hope which remained in her, and told her continuously not to gave up. They both wanted to achieve their destiny, for Ricardo, he had to took revenge of his fathers death, and for Luna, she wanted to make her future life as a better life, set free from Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and to get to her mother again.

After Ricardo was done with his coffee he switched off his smartphone and directly drifted to sleep in the same position. Little did he knew that someones eyes were on him, due to tenderness he did not give it much importance and went back to his evil land.

On the contrary, Luna was completing her homework as she was in high school. After completion of her work, she went on and pressed her school uniform and also the outfit for her job as secretary. It was really hectic for her but just to fulfill her needs without anyones support and to become independent she had to work hard and achieve. When she was done with all the work she went to sleep in her beautiful hope land.

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