Walking down the stairs, Adam idly wondered what kind of job he would receive this time around. All he knew was that the job seemed to be related to something that needed to be conducted with an important client of hers and her new bar. It was a new business she had recently started dabbling in, and she wanted him in.

Honestly, he didn really care about the nature of the job. As long as it wasn something completely illegal, he was fine with doing almost anything.

After all, if there was one good thing about this country was that there was a very broad spectrum between the realms of ”illegal ” and illegal in the complete sense.

It didn take him long to reach a closed red door with the word <> written on it in black engravings on a silver plate. It was a very fancy name plate that was fixed on the door with four bolts. His eyes would always be drawn to it whenever he comes.

Knocking on the door, he waited for a few seconds before finally opening it. It was already unlocked, most definitely intended for him to enter. Surely Mammoth must have already notified her of his arrival.

”Good afternoon, boss. ”

The room was rather simple. It was a basic office room in every way possible aside from the fact that the room was devoid of any and all windows.

The sole noteworthy decoration in the entire room was the large rectangular aquarium filled with water but oddly no fish. The room was the very personification of dissonance.

”Oh? ”

Raising her head full of soft black hair from the numerous documents that piled up everywhere in her desk, the woman who was wearing a pair of gold-tinged reading glasses and an erotic variant of the traditional black and gold themed chinese dress, cheongsam in some cases, that made her seem like an Empress smiled at Adam.

Making a sign to inform him to remain as quiet as possible while indicating that he could take place, she went on to converse with the person on the phone.

”So, as I was saying… I don care whatever your boss wants, Boris. I know what I want and what I want is for you to stop selling those **ing drugs in my territory. Is it hard for you to understand? ”

Adam could hear the voice of a man rising several octaves on the other side of the call. But she stayed completely unperturbed.

”I know. Yeah, I know how much revenue it brings. Don care though. Never did, never will, so stop. If you want to continue, go see my brother. I am sure that idiot would be happy to do business with you. ”

The voice immediately seemed to soften at the threat,

”See? It wasn so hard, was it? You just had to listen to my one simple request. ”

She chuckled coldly,

”My pleasure Boris. Do Svidaniya. ”

Once the call ended, she closed her eyes tightly, in order to regulate her emotions.

Once her emotions were somewhat in control, she opened her beautiful eyes, almost immediately smiling as she saw him sit in front of her. Her eyes formed two crescents, showcasing her happiness at his presence.

”I thought I told you to come at around seven? But… ”

Looking at the clock on the wall showing that it was just 6:40 pm, she continued her speech, ”…You are pretty early. ”

The cold boss of the <> bar was no more present.

The previous coldness felt like a distant illusion as what now sat in front of him was the visage of a smiling and cheerful young woman who only seemed to be a few years older than him at most.

Feng Huan Yui.

A mixed blood half Chinese–half Japanese. She was someone Adam feared from the bottom of his heart.

Becoming a boss in the underworld was an incredibly tough matter.

Becoming a boss as a woman was nigh-impossible.

Even though she had support from her grandfather, the patriarch of the Feng family, no one could imagine how difficult her journey must have been to reach this place of power and influence.

Much more so because she was a woman, and an incredibly beautiful one to boot too.

There was one rule that most people understood in the underworld. A male boss could be dangerous. This was something that could be decided after further observation of their characteristics.

But there was no kind female bosses in the underworld. This was without exception and they also happened to be some of the most ruthless bunch of people to ever exist.

Since they were women, they were of course generally underestimated, and because of this, they had to be ten times more vicious than the average criminal in order to be respected.

No matter what her pedigree was, there was no way her hand was not covered in blood. Even if she never once wielded the blade herself she shouldve been the cause of numerous deaths.

This was the kind of woman Adam wanted to make a deal with.

Because he knew that… Even if Yui was an incredibly vicious and dangerous woman, she was also someone who kept her word, giving it great value and importance.

”I know you like being punctual and thus I decided to come early just in case. ”

Adam did not ask what the phone call was about. This wasn his problem and he certainly didn want to deal with the Russian Mafia when all he needed was a job that would allow him to quickly bring in cash.

”Oh my, I see that you did not forget about my habits. Still, let me guess why you suddenly came back to me. Something bad happened to that dangerous mother of yours, right? ”

Adams lips could only form a bitter and slightly melancholic, even sad, smile at her words that were absolutely on mark. ”Don try this kind of tactic with me, please. I know you must have investigated the reason for my call as soon as you hung up and yeah, she is sick. Might need a heart transplant. ”

”Adam, Adam, Adam. I see despite having left us for so long you didn become completely soft. I guess I worried for nothing. ”

Yui did not deny having investigated him. In the past, Adam briefly became part of her gang. It was during the moment where she was the most vulnerable and as such the two of them had a special relationship.

Though he left later, on amicable terms of course, and she solicited his help a few days ago, Adam knew that…like Mammoth there was no way she wouldn be suspicious of him.

”Look, Boss. You know me. All I want is money. I just want to help her. So, what exactly do I do? ”

Yui mused as her fingers tapped her armrest.

”Alright. In the first place, I am the one who called you first. So I can only hope that you do not sell me out. ”

Adam knew that he had to hit the iron while it was hot.

Shrugging, he walked through the room and stood behind her as he put his hands on her shoulders and began to slightly rub them.

”You work too much, Yui. You need to relax a little you know? ”

Letting out a sigh at his touch, Yui could feel some of the tension leaving her stiff shoulder.

She knew that Adam was simply trying to pacify her. But she didn mind being pampered.

”Mhm! You are still really good at massages. It would be so good if you simply became my secretary. ”

She closed her eyes and her modest chest heaved up and down. Anyone who knew her would be appealed at this sight.

After all, in the current situation, if Adam wanted to harm her then she would be totally helpless.

Still, for the two of them, this was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, this was a way for Adam to revive their old comradery.

Her leaving her back to him was a sign of trust and like all those years ago, he would not betray it.

After all, he really needed her help. In the past, Yui had really treated him like a younger brother as she introduced him to her business and had him work for her.

He knew that he had let her down in a way and she should have felt betrayed when he left her. Even then, she had never tried to retaliate in order to protect her honor or send a message to the others.

The massage continued in a relatively calm atmosphere, causing Yui to smile fondly in reminiscence.

”How long has it been now? ”

”About five years that we know each other. ”

”Indeed, time flies so fast. The little daring teenager became a charming young man. I still remember the bold boy who told me he would boost my earnings by a factor of ten if I allowed him to work for me. ”

Adam chuckled. He had indeed been pretty daring back then. That and he wanted to show off.

”And I delivered, didn I? Won all my fights. ”

”Indeed. You did. ”

Back then, Yui was still a young woman barely into adulthood trying to show results on her own without using the influence of her parents.

The only truly loyal man she had under her order was Mammoth and since he had already garnered quite a bit of reputation, people didn dare to approach him.

It was then that she met Adam. A young delinquent in search of money. She had been impressed by his drive and will, as well as his desperation.

Recognizing a small part of herself in him.

As such, even though he was only old enough to be a high schooler, she had given him a chance and he did not disappoint her.

Thanks to him, she had been able to gather the initial capital necessary to develop her business far more easily than she could have ever hoped.

She owed him so much and as such, when he decided to quit, she did not form a grudge and in fact decided to stay in contact.

There was also the fact that his mother was **ing scary.

Thinking of that unpleasant woman, Yuis mood soured a little. She decided that she had enjoyed enough of the soothing massage.

”Well, I believe that is enough. Thank you, Adam *Sigh* I will forgive you for now. ”

She nodded to herself before standing up, rotating her shoulder a little bit before walking toward the shelves.

Looking at her like that, Adam couldn help but admire her form. Be it her hips or her breasts, they were rather small.

But, this affected her beauty in no way. In fact, her current body responded more to the Asian view of how a woman should look.

Yui was a slender woman. A tall frame of about 170 cm, slender hips, slender chest, long black hair, and deep red eyes. She perfectly fitted the cheongsam she was wearing.

The impression she gave was that of a mature woman who had seen much of the world, but in reality, she was just a young 28-year-old woman. Only seven years older than him, but they couldn be more different.

”Where did I put it? Oh! Here. ”

Finally finding what she was searching for, Yui walked toward one of the couches and took place while pointing the place next to her to Adam.

Putting the folder on the table she smiled at Adam mischievously,

”Tell me. Do you wish to become a Gigolo? ”

Adam pinched his eyebrows. This promised to really be a pain in the ass.

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