Magic Valley

Aksa, Dhaksa, Madah

”Do you still think that you are in a dream?? ” Bonum asked without looking at the stubborn young man.

Fargo bowed his head, a pang of pain spread through every inch of his skin that was covered with cuts. while Ren and Edgar just stared in dismay, they couldn help but believe that Mirabilis was real.

lea approached Fargo, swept her right wing over the injured part of Fargos body, instantly the wounds disappeared, just like she did the first time after her awakening.

”Fargo what are you-? ” Ren hesitated to ask.

”I…I mean…we can deny it, this terrible place is real, ” he said softly, the three of them seemed to have lost hope, all the oddities that were seen by their eyes were not dreams or hallucinations.

”How do we get out of hereRen asked Lea and Bonum, the two Harpies looked at each other, Lea nodded slowly as if gesturing for Bonum to do something.

”There is a portal that can bring you back, but that portal has been guarded by torture spirits named Thormen since hundreds of years ago, it has happened since I as a forest guard was cursed by Motus into a poisonous root that you freed with your blood, ”

”Motus?? , who is he ” asked Edgar

”He is the leader of the thormen who came from the gray valley they came to plunder Mirabilis to steal the magic stone Pulchara ” he explained.

The youths began to be curious about some of the things Lea said.

”Then what does that have to do with us? ” Edgar and Ren asked at the same time. ”Ill explain to you ” Bonum said while gesturing for Lea to spread her wings in front of Ren and the others, without hesitation the beautiful harpy spread its wings wide, Bonum immediately threw several round objects such as pearls of white sparkling that suddenly changedbecame ink stuck to Leas wings, the ink formed many writings with unusual alphabets, just like what Ren saw in the cavities in the giant trunk, Ren, Fargo and Edgar were increasingly clueless.

”Ill explain it to you guys ” Bonum said as he approached Leas outstretched wings.

The three young men prepared to listen seriously.

”800 years ago Mirabilis was a peaceful land, we mythological creatures blend in harmoniously here, Mirabilis has a female leader named Bana she is a Harpy type, just like me, more precisely Bana is my sister, every inch of Mirabilis land has its own magicvary.












the fairy village or Nymphodora has land that can grow a mel tree with fruits that ripen in just one day, not only that mel fruit is a type of medicinal plant that only grows in Mirabilis, ”

The bonum sentence stopped for a moment, the three young men eagerly awaited the next sentence. ”Then in the settlement of the Centaurs named Vallos land, a tree with Vanilla leaves that can be consumed and gives you a feeling of fullness for days, even if you only eat one sheet, the tree has a fruit called Vitrus, the same as the name of the tree, Vitrus isan important ingredient for making magic potions besides that Vitrus fruit can only be picked by centaurs but they can consume it because the fruit is intoxicating for the centaurs, the next one is Lavanda field when you come here you must pass the Lavender gardenGiant isn it?that place is also inhabited by the fairies with the best magic power in Mirabilis, they hide their houses in every giant Lavender stalk, and there is the main gate to the Harpy settlement, namely Viesteria, the place where you are currently, here is the magic center of Mirabilis formerly placed, including a great magic stone with great and unlimited magic power is very tightly guarded, not far from here there is a fairly large misty forest, the forest is the boundary between Mirabilis and the Gray valley, there the forest is the portalconnected to the world above that is the world you humans are in.hundreds of years ago we and the human race had a good relationship even though they often went in and out of the portal just to exchange some of their belongings for a Mirabilis magic spell or just to exchange our magical land products such as Mel fruit or Vanilla leaves, as well as Vitrus fruits, not a few of them really learn magic in Mirabilis.

Once upon a time there was a young man from your nation who studied magic in Viesteria, he became a knight who mastered the 3 strongest types of magic, magic that could be used in the human world as well as in Mirabilis.

at that time Bana made a strict prohibition on crossing the foggy forest because behind the forest was a gray valley which was Motus territory and inhabited by Thormen, we never bothered each other because the inhabitants of the gray valley weregreedy terrible creatures, disturbing them is tantamount to inviting danger to the inhabitants of Mirabilis, but because of the stubborn nature of the human race, he violates Banas prohibition, they cross the border and come to the gray valley, the young man accidentally destroys a statue that isis the most valuable object belonging to the gray valley that is placed at their entrance,the statue has the power to create a magic illusion that is quite strong there, the real gray valley cannot grow any plants, the soil is very dry and black, the air there smells bad and is very thick, but thanks to the power of the statue the valley is gray changedbecome a place that is no less beautiful than Mirabilis, thats why Mirabilis and the gray valley have always coexisted peacefully even though the beauty there is only an illusion.

But the peace soon disappeared because of the carelessness of a young man from the human race, the magic power that was in the statue disappeared causing the gray valley to return to its true state, ” Bonum explained at length.

”Then what happened to that young man?? ”

Ren asked curiously.

”He was captured by the Thormen and brought to Viesteria to meet Bana their leader Motus blamed my brother for the incident, they accused Bana of having ordered a human to destroy the gray valleybana tried to discuss with Motus to help the inhabitants of the gray valley find the same statue in the foggy forest, but they did not agree, they instead took the pulchara stone which has magic power much stronger than their previous statue, because of themcontinue to force hard finally we decided to fight with the inhabitants of the gray valley, in order to reclaim the stone pulchara, at that time many of us were seriously injured and Lea who was our strongest forest guard was paralyzed by Motus with a curse that turned him intpoisonous matter how strong our magic in Mirabilis if pulchara is no longer here then our strength will be limited, the situation gets worse when Bana is too sympathetic to that human, so we only managed to push back the thormen to the border but we had to losehis pulse, the young man was finally thrown back into the portal with the magic power that had been melted and since then the portal was tightly guarded by the Thormen, but it seems the young mans magic power was carried to the world above and spread to various places. I think the magic power of the three of you can also be obtained from the fragments of the magic that we used to melt from the young man ” explained Bonum at length.

Ren, Fargo and Edgar looked at each other.

”You said pulchara has the same magic power as the gray valley statue stone, rightbut why when pulchara was stolen the land of Mirabilis remained stable? ” asked Fargo. ”Mirabilis is different from the gray valley, our land is already magical and fertile, pulchara only helps to increase its magic and magic power, after pulchara is no longer in Mirabilis, it was my brother who sacrificed his own strength so that magic in Mirabilis does not decline,right now Bana is in the form of an ordinary bird without any magic power, ” said Bonum with a gloomy face.

Ren, Fargo and Edgard were shocked to learn about Banas current condition.

”Where is Bana now?? ” Ren asked with a serious face.

”I locked him up somewhere in Viestria to prevent the Thormens from hurting him.

long before you came when Bana sacrificed her strength she said some things she saw from the future of Mirabilis ” said Bonum making the curiosity of Ren and his friends even stronger.

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