reason why he spoke like this, was also to knock this subordinate whom he had never met before down a peg.

But, he did not expect that this youth was actually not willing to lower his head at all.

Before coming, he had once specially gone to retrieve Chen Chao ’s files to read.
But there were only sporadic bits of records on it.
Generally, there was only one situation, and that was that this warden official’s position was bought by the family behind this youngster and he directly took office.
Normally, this kind of existence definitely would not accomplish anything while in office.

Previously, when Tianqing County had always been having peaceful days, over at Commandery Qingshan, they merely treated it as they concealed the matter of demons hurting people and did not report it.

But not long ago, they received news from reliable sources that this was all true.

Now that he took a look at this youth, Warden Li somewhat believed it.

The youth opposite had an exuberant blood vitality.
The qi vitality flowed in his body without any signs of stagnation.
Furthermore, his breathing was methodical.
He had probably already touched the threshold of Spirit Platform Realm.
At this age, it was already hard to come across.

If he could step into Spirit Platform and become a Spirit Platform martial artist, then he could even assume the position of Commandery Qingshan ’s warden.

However, he was still too young.

In official circles, this kind of bad temper would encounter obstacles everywhere.

However, he could not quite figure out which family was behind this youth.

How many of the Great Liang Dynasty ’s major families were surnamed Chen?

”Before coming, this warden has already read through your files, you deserve praise for your excellent performance.
It ’s rare for a county town to be peaceful.
Just based on this, you ’re better than the others under this warden ’s command. ” When he mentioned this, Warden Li had a grim expression.
Just this year alone, there were two wardens under him who died in office.

These two people normally did nothing.
They had always been timid and overcautious; just two slackers.
In the end, they still ended up dead.

Chen Chao was silent.

He was thinking about the reason why this warden came here.
A warden that was in charge of a commandery was not very impressive.
In fact, if Chen Chao wanted to at this moment, he could completely kill this martial artist who had merely stepped into Spirit Platform Realm within a short time.
But for such a long time, he had never seen this Warden Li before, why did he come today?

Could it be just for the sake of knocking him down a peg?

Chen Chao did not think that this was a good thing.

At least, it would not be so simple.

So ever since he came in, he never left a good impression on this warden.
As the saying went — honest and kind people were easy to bully.
Those who were not would become honest and kind…
after a beating.

”Since Tianqing County is so stable and you ’re also so capable, this warden has the intention to reassign you elsewhere. ”

As Commandery Qingshan ’s warden, although he did not have the power to assign these wardens under him a role, he still had the power to transfer the wardens under him to other county towns.
This was a lateral transfer, he did not even need to ask anyone, he just needed to report it.

Chen Chao furrowed his brows.
If it were normally, facing such a thing, he would naturally gladly give his consent.
Tianqing County no longer had many demons.
If he wanted skygold currency, he would have to think of a way.
And other places still had demons, it was precisely a way to earn money.
However, in the present situation, Chen Chao did not want to leave just like this.

Firstly, it was because Xie Nandu was still around.
He had an agreement with her previously.
This was very important.

The second was simpler.
The situation elsewhere had always been the same.
It was not in recent years.
Why did he not have this idea before, but came to find him now?

The water here was very deep and the information that he got was little.
It was the easiest to become the sacrifice of those big shots.[TL note: deep waters is a euphemism for a troublesome situation.
Can be too many unknowns, too many big shots, too many schemes, etc]

”This lowly official has been here for a long time.
I ’ve already developed feelings for this place.
Plus, Tianqing County isn ’t too peaceful nowadays as well, there are demons hurting people from time to time.
Under the present circumstances, this lowly official really can ’t bear to leave.
Abandoning the civilians in this county fills my heart with anxiety… ”

Chen Chao had a sincere look; sincere emotions on his face.
No matter who saw it would praise him to be a good official.

Warden Li sneered coldly in his heart.
Having traversed the official circle for so many years, how could he not know what this young man in front of him was thinking?

Chen Chao had been paying attention to Warden Li ’s reaction the entire time.
Seeing him like this, Chen Chao knew in his heart that today ’s matter most likely could not be resolved without spending some money.

Just as he was about to open his mouth again, Warden Li already slowly opened his mouth, ”Since you have such love for the common people, don ’t you know that the common people of the Great Liang Dynasty should all be protected by us? ” ”But, this warden takes into account that you find it difficult to leave this place, so I won ’t force you to do something that you ’re not willing to do either.
But since you have feelings for this place, there just so happens to be something that concerns the safety of the local people that should be handed over to you. ”

Warden Li had a look of composure, a slight smile on his face.

Sly old fox!

Chen Chao secretly cursed.
He also knew that no matter what he did, he could not change anything.
After all, he was holding the post of warden.
No matter what, he would be kept in check by this old punk.

Warden Li had a solemn look as he said calmly, ”These few days, that quarry that mined Xuanming Stone for the imperial court has already collapsed several times.
This isn ’t something normal.
This warden has already received some news… ”

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