Hearing that young girl solemnly say this and repeating it once more, Lin Yuan ’s expression did not look too good.
Then, he looked somewhat disappointed.
Why did you reclaim the dilemma that was originally already resolved by that youth in black with a slash of his saber?

Being so incapable of retaining your composure, how could you become the Xie Clan ’s family head?

Or was it that in your mind, you never had the idea of becoming the Xie Clan ’s family head?

For some time, Lin Yuan ’s mind was full of doubts.
Just what ideas did this teenage girl who was highly regarded by both White Deer ’s Xie Clan and the Divine Capital ’s Xie Clan have in mind? Or did countless people from both White Deer ’s Xie Clan and the Divine Capital ’s Xie Clan misjudge her?

But even if he had many doubts, Lin Yuan did not overly express them.
He just said softly, ”Since Miss has spoken, then I believe you can bear the consequences. ”

He was pointing out that what happened today would definitely transmit back to the Divine Capital.

At that time, it could not be blamed on me, Lin Yuan.

Xie Nandu nodded her head slightly without a care.
Since she dared to say this, then she naturally would not be worried about the so-called consequences.

Lin Yuan straightened up and asked, ”Miss, it has been delayed for a long time now.
Will you be leaving this place with us right away and heading to the Divine Capital? ”

Xie Nandu frowned and did not speak immediately, Instead, she looked toward Chen Chao.

Chen Chao was already sitting in front of the stove at this time.
He could not say that he liked these two uninvited guests, but he naturally did not detest them either.
He was not stupid, he was very clear that this one elderly and one youngster in front of him were not from the same camp as that Xie Boan whom he killed.

Xie Nandu asked, ”After I leave, will the Divine Capital stop in time and not take action against him? ”

Although these few tests were directed at her, the one who resolved them was all Chen Chao.
Xie Nandu was also worried that after she left, there would still be people from the Divine Capital who would take cheap shots.
Facing a behemoth like the Divine Capital ’s Xie Clan, no matter how talented Chen Chao was, he would ultimately be at a disadvantage.

”Please rest assured, Miss.
Since Miss has already passed the tests, then the tricks from the Divine Capital will no longer continue too.
This young man naturally won ’t be implicated anymore… ”

Lin Yuan thought about it, but he still did not finish the remaining half of the sentence.
Firstly, he felt that it was meaningless.
Secondly, he also felt that based on someone as clever as Xie Nandu, she would definitely understand the latter half of the sentence whether he said it or not.

Xie Nandu nodded her head and then said, ”You guys go outside and wait for me. ”

Lin Yuan nodded his head and did not say anything either.
Turning around, he brought that young man who did not talk the entire time out.
The two arrived at the doorway and jus

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