At the same time that Guo Xi and Mi Ke went to Peach Blossom Alley, Chi Ganquan and Yan Ruoshui three people also slowly headed over to the county government office.

Chi Ganquan and Yan Ruoshui walked side by side, while the remaining woman walked behind the two.

Walking along the long street, Chi Ganquan suddenly took the initiative to ask, ”Fairy Yan, since that Guo Xi is from a sect like the Three Streams Manor and is also undertaking such a heavy responsibility, he shouldn ’t be so flippant.
But, why on earth is he like this? ”

Chi Ganquan had been holding this question in since the day at the mountain god temple.
Now, he finally could not hold it in anymore.

Yan Ruoshui also felt relieved to see that Guo Xi was not around.
Hearing Chi Ganquan asking at this time, she said straightforwardly, ”Something that even you can tell, doesn ’t he know it himself? ”

Chi Ganquan was originally just a little puzzled.
After hearing what Yan Ruoshui said, he seemed even more confused.
Since the other party deliberately pretended to be like this and could not dupe any one of them, why did he still do it?

What was the point?

Yan Ruoshui had the name of Fairy Yan among the southern qi refiner lineage, not only because of her good looks but because she had always been level-headed and quiet as water; like a fairy.
Otherwise, the South Heaven Sect behind her would not have let her undertake such a heavy responsibility this time.

Glancing at Chi Ganquan, Yan Ruoshui who felt that she should still give him a hint said softly, ”When we came out, the three sects naturally made an agreement.
But will anyone abide by those agreements after arriving here? That ’s hard to say.
Guo Xi this person is extremely cunning.
Every time he does something, he naturally has his own ideas.
I can ’t see through him. ”

Chi Ganquan furrowed his brows and asked rather doubtfully, ”Could it be that what Three Streams Manor is thinking, isn ’t just an investigation? ”

”It ’s unclear.
As an existence that ’s the acknowledged leader among the southern qi refiner lineages, I don ’t believe that Three Streams Manor didn ’t instruct Guo Xi beyond the agreements.
But, if say that they have more ideas, I don ’t feel that it ’s realistic either.
All in all, Guo Xi this person should be strictly guarded against. ”

Yan Ruoshui suddenly stopped on the side of the street.
Looking at Chi Ganquan, she said calmly, ”Fellow Daoist Chi, if Guo Xi takes any unusual action afterward, we can join forces. ”

Chi Ganquan was taken aback and immediately smiled bitterly, ”Fairy Yan, that Guo Xi is a Three Streams Manor ’s cultivator. ”

The implication was very clear: dealing with Guo Xi was easy.
But, how would they deal with the Three Streams Manor backing him?

One had to know, regardless of whether was it his sect or the sect behind Yan Ruoshui, there was nothing that they could do when facing the Three Streams Manor, this behemoth.

Yan Ruoshui looked at Chi Ganquan, her expression calm.
Even at this point when Guo Xi was not around, she likewise could not say some things flat out.
But, not saying it clearly did not mean that Chi Ganquan could not think about it.

Chi Ganquan smiled bitterly.

Although he did indeed fancy Yan Ruoshui just as Guo Xi said, these things had huge implications.
He could not make promises because of what he thought.
So, he could only keep his mouth shut and not say a word.

Yan Ruoshui did not get any answer from Chi Ganquan, but she still opened her mouth to warn, ”Fellow Daoist Chi, if it really comes to that, do you think that it will be something that only concerns the South Heaven Sect alone? ”

Chi Ganquan could only pluck up his courage to ask, ”Fairy Yan, if it really comes down to that, how does Fairy plan to clean up the mess? ”

A hint of dejection flashed across Yan Ruoshui ’s eyes.
She shook her head and did not speak.

The county government office already lied ahead.

Just when Yan Ruoshui wanted to enter, she saw that a youth in black with a short blade hanging from his waist walked out of the county government office.

When Yan Ruoshui looked at the youth in black, the youth also glanced at her.
The two people exchanged glances before shifting their line of sight away again.

Then, that youth in black did not stop and passed her by.



Not only did Guo Xi not get angry about being cursed short-lived by that man, he asked about Chen Chao ’s affairs rather leisurely and did not have the intention to avoid that man at all.
After all, in his eyes, the man was currently already a bona fide dead man.

Mi Ke did not dare to slight him and talked about Chen Chao ’s history.
But, this Lord Magistrate still chose to hide some things for Chen Chao and did not go into full detail.

After all, he was someone who had jostled in the officialdom for many years.
He was still considered adept at talking about these things.

The man raised his eyebrows.

After Mi Ke finished talking, Guo Xi just glanced at the house opposite and no longer thought about going in.

He turned around to leave this Peach Blossom Alley.

But the man called out and stopped Mi Ke.

Guo Xi did not turn back and walked straight out of the alley.

Mi Ke wanted to rush out, but his sleeve was grabbed by the man who forcibly dragged him to sit down on the doorstep.

Mi Ke was an ordinary scholar in the first place, he was physically weak and naturally could not break free.
After sitting down, his heart burned with anxiety and he wanted to get up several times but was pressed down by the man.
He said angrily, ”What the hell do you want?! ”

Not that he was not willing to stay here a moment longer, it was really because the identity of that capricious young man was too mysterious.
If anything went wrong, it was likely that whether was it he or the man in front of him, they would both face a great calamity.

But the man was indifferent.
He just pulled Mi Ke and sat on the doorstep, saying in all seriousness, ”Lord Mi, eat whatever that you should eat. ”

Mi Ke looked at this man in confusion.

The man sighed and said, ”Lord Mi, I wish that you live to a hundred years old. ”

The man who finished saying these two sentences stopped pulling Mi Ke too, allowing this Lord Magistrate to stand up freely.
But, when Mi Ke got up, he reached out and touched Mi Ke ’s hem, then he swiped his hand.

After that, the man also stood up and patted his own shoulder, as if there was some dust that was easily wiped away by him at this moment.

Looking at Mi Ke ’s back view, this man muttered, ”Really deserve to die. ”



When Mi Ke walked out of Peach Blossom Alley, Guo Xi was waiting for him at the end of the alley.
After he saw Mi Ke walk out, this young qi refiner just smiled and did not do anything else.
He showed no intention of blaming Mi Ke.

Mi Ke was just thinking of saying something when he just so happened to see that youth in black arrive at the alley ’s entrance.

”W-Warden Chen! ”

Mi Ke opened his mouth and stopped Chen Chao who was returning home.

Chen Chao stopped where he was and glanced over here.
Immediately, he saw the young qi refiner who ventured in and out of the mountain god temple several times.
But, he just treated it as if he had not seen him.
Smiling as he looked at Mi Ke, he asked, ”Lord Mi isn ’t in the county government office today.
How come you have the time to come here? Are you inviting me for supper? It ’s just that it ’s still early.
Oh, right, why does this sir look a little unfamiliar… ”

Without waiting for Chen Chao to speak, Mi Ke interrupted, ”This sir came to look for you.
It ’s not just him alone, there ’s a total of four people.
The other three should be over at the county government office now.
They said that as long as you see him, you ’ll know the reason. ”

Chen Chao feigned ignorance and said, ”What reason? ”

Guo Xi who did not speak the entire time had been sizing up this young warden all along.
Only at this point, did he speak straightforwardly without any beating around the bus, ”The few of us want to visit the mine and take a look.
I presume that your superior has already given you a heads-up. ”

Only after hearing this, did Chen Chao come to a sudden realization and said with a nod, ”So that ’s how it is. ”

After saying this, Chen Chao took another few steps forward and arrived next to Guo Xi.
He asked in a low voice, ”Sir, what are we going to the mine for? ”

Guo Xi smiled and said, ”Didn ’t your superior tell you? ”

Chen Chao shook his head honestly.
At that time, that Warden Li just told him to go and investigate.
Furthermore, there was no hurry and there would be a few people who would be going with him.
Other than that, there was nothing else.

Guo Xi said straightforwardly, ”Going to choose two unusual stones.
This has been agreed upon beforehand. ”

Chen Chao gave an ’oh ’ and nodded his head as if thinking of something.
While at it, he unwittingly took a look at Guo Xi.

This guy was not like how he behaved in the mountain god temple.

Very soon, Chen Chao asked, ”When are we leaving? ”

Guo Xi said, ”Setting off at once. ”

Chen Chao furrowed his brows.
Then, he lowered his voice and asked somewhat hesitantly, ”Is Sir from a foreign cultivation sect? ”

Guo Xi raised his brows and did not refute it either.

Chen Chao was immediately enlightened and said, ”I was wondering why sir has a demeanor that ordinary people can ’t compare to.
It turns out that you ’re a foreign land immortal master! ”

Guo Xi patted Chen Chao ’s shoulder with a smile, ”Pretty good eyes.
I also feel like we ’re hitting it off well right from the beginning.
I keep feeling like I ’ve seen you somewhere before. ”

Chen Chao ’s heart sank and he immediately thought of what happened in the mountain god temple.
However, his expression still remained unchanged as he said with a chuckle, ”Immortal Master probably remembered wrongly.
But, if I ’ve ever met Immortal Master before, that would be a great blessing. ”

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