Guo Xi was too busy to care about other things at this time.

Although his cultivation realm was not low, having to face Chi Ganquan and Yan Ruoshui ’s teaming up, even if it was him, he would not be having an easy time too.

Controlling the compass to continuously block that armored immortal ’s attacks over and over again, Guo Xi poked his head out to look at Chi Ganquan and said in a cold voice, ”Chi Ganquan, do you really think that you can hide the matter of killing me? Let me tell you, if I were to really die here, that sect behind you will definitely pay the price! ”

His voice was very cold.
After Chi Ganquan who was holding that bronze mirror heard that, he nearly lost his wits.

What he was worried about in the beginning was this.
Killing Guo Xi might be easy, but how to conceal things after killing him was a big problem.
After all, as an important disciple of Three Streams Manor, Guo Xi must have some unknown magic weapon on him.
At that time, he might be able to transmit today ’s matters to Three Streams Manor in its entirety.
At that time, even if they killed Guo Xi, it would be hard to escape Three Streams Manor ’s blame too.

Just as Chi Ganquan was feeling a little uneasy, Yan Ruoshui laughed coldly, ”I ’ve already set up the Sky Mesh Trap here.
No news can be transmitted out! ”

Hearing the three words Sky Mesh Trap, Chi Ganquan instantly felt relieved.
That was the South Heaven Sect ’s secret treasure.
Once there was this item here, it would be impossible for any news to transmit out within the range of this item.

Many people knew about this secret treasure among the southern qi refiner lineage.

For Yan Ruoshui to be able to bring it out at this moment, it was sufficient to prove that when she came out, the South Heaven Sect already foresaw that such a thing might happen today.

Guo Xi glanced over at the other side.
Chen Chao was currently fighting with that woman.
The situation looked incomparably perilous, but Guo Xi was very clear that the young warden was clearly hiding his strength and did not go all out.

As for why, it was an easy answer.

Guo Xi shook his head and pushed the compass forward.
Then, he followed the momentum forward.
When that armored immortal smashed a punch at the compass, Guo Xi tapped his feet and leaped forward by borrowing that armored immortal ’s body, passing the immortal and confronting Yan Ruoshui.

Yan Ruoshui lifted her head.
Looking towards Guo Xi who came floating like an immortal, there was no panic in her eyes.
A multi-colored ribbon instantly shot out of her sleeves, instantly tangling towards Guo Xi like a spirit snake dancing.

Guo Xi frowned slightly and flicked his finger.
A stream of white light shot out and instantly pierced through this ribbon.
But it failed to stop the momentum of the ribbon for even a second, it still headed toward him.
Guo Xi suddenly went upwards and stepped on the ribbon with a foot.
It was just that he did not leave, but had his foot caught by that ribbon instead.
Guo Xi lowered his head and frowned slightly.
The entire ribbon instantly became taut.

The armored immortal behind him already turned his head.
His mind was long already connected to Yan Ruoshui.
So after turning his head, he already threw a punch that struck Guo Xi ’s back.

Chi Ganquan also turned the bronze mirror at this moment, enveloping Guo Xi ’s body.

His bronze mirror looked ordinary, but in reality, it was very extraordinary too.
However, due to his meager cultivation realm, he could not unleash too much of this bronze mirror ’s power.
Shining it on Guo Xi ’s body at this moment, he only wanted to trap Guo Xi for a moment.

Sure enough, when the dazzling white light landed on Guo Xi ’s body, this Three Streams Manor qi refiner ’s body suddenly came to a standstill.

Right at this second, the armored immortal ’s punch already smashed through Guo Xi ’s body.

But after Yan Ruoshui saw this scene, her expression suddenly became ugly.

Guo Xi ’s body indeed turned into a burst of green smoke in an instant.
Then, a green talisman slowly drifted down.

”Puppet Talisman?! ”

Yan Ruoshui willed with her mind and made that armored immortal arrive in front of her to protect her.
It was just that when the armored immortal appeared in front of her again, Yan Ruoshui suddenly looked over to Chi Ganquan.
Her lips moved and she was about to tell him to be careful.

But sadly, she was still late by a fraction.

Guo Xi appeared behind Chi Ganquan.
This Three Streams Manor ’s young disciple showed no hesitation.
After appearing, a palm landed on Chi Ganquan ’s back.

”Senior Apprentice Brother?! ”

The woman who was fighting with Chen Chao instantly became distracted and exclaimed in stupefaction.

The boundless qi activity poured out in its entirety like floodwaters at this moment.

Guo Xi was powerful to begin with.
Otherwise, Yan Ruoshui also would not have chosen to team up with Chi Ganquan to fight him.
At this moment, all of Chi Ganquan ’s attention was on that Puppet Talisman before, how could he have imagined that Guo Xi would appear behind him at this moment?

While he was inattentive, he already suffered a heavy blow.

The bodies of qi refiners were not considered tough in the first place.
At this moment, Chi Ganquan ’s body naturally could not withstand the blow that Guo Xi schemed for a long time.
The qi activity within his body was instantly cut off and his flow was blocked.
That bronze mirror ’s dazzling white light was instantly extinguished.
If not for the fact that Chi Ganquan was still holding onto the bronze mirror tightly, the bronze mirror would likely fall.

Having succeeded with his strike, Guo Xi ’s figure suddenly dissipated.
At the same time that he left, that armored immortal ’s punch already struck where he appeared before.

When this punch landed, the earth quaked and mountains moved.

Even Chi Ganquan was affected too.

Guo Xi clicked his tongue and said, ”You ’re indeed ruthless, you b!tch.
You don ’t even care about your own ally anymore at this moment? ”

Yan Ruoshui was silent.

Guo Xi turned to look at Chen Chao and said with a slight smile, ”Warden Chen, if you still don ’t make your move now, I won ’t be so amicable in a while. ”

Chen Chao furrowed his brows.
At this moment, that woman was concerned about her senior apprentice brother, her mind was no longer on Chen Chao long ago.
Hearing Guo Xi speak at this moment, she just subconsciously turned her head, wanting to see how this uncouth martial artist in front of her would react.
In the end, she had just turned her head when that black shirt arrived in front of her in an instant.
Then, he sunk his shoulder and threw a punch out!

With a loud bang, the woman ’s body was struck flying and slammed onto the stone wall by the side.

The woman collided with the stone wall with great force.
That face that was still considered pretty was full of disbelief.

How could the young man who had been continuously suppressed by her seriously injure her with one punch?

martial artist… ”

The woman ’s eyes were full of resentment.
The contempt in her eyes still did not change at this point.

It was just that there was an additional hint of fright in the depths of it.

Without waiting for the woman to stand up, Chen Chao already arrived in front of her again and still threw a punch out.
Who knew what kind of powerful strength that seemingly frail body contained?

After that, that punch struck the girl ’s chest.

In just an instant, the girl ’s chest instantly caved in.
Her eyes instantly became completely bloodshot!

After two punches, the girl ’s lease of life had already been severed!

Chi Ganquan looked at this scene and opened his eyes wide in disbelief as he muttered, ”Junior Apprentice Sister… ”

He had no power to fight anymore at this moment.

While Guo Xi laughed wildly, ”Good! Well killed! Indeed not the typical fool! That ’s how it should be, as it should be! ”

Chen Chao ignored Guo Xi, but turned his head to look at Chi Ganquan.
Then, he slowly gripped his saber hilt.



Without Chi Ganquan by the side, even if Guo Xi subsequently faced off against that armored immortal, there would not be any pressure anymore.

In reality, even if the two joined forces, it was also merely a matter of time for Guo Xi to clinch victory.

It was just more troublesome.

On the other side, Chen Chao already arrived before Chi Ganquan.

At present, this young qi refiner was already seriously wounded.
It was very difficult to even protect himself, let alone face this young warden with an ominous cultivation realm.

Seeing Chen Chao coming towards him at this moment, his expression was a little ugly.
There were many more things in that pair of eyes.

It was no longer the indifference from before.

Chen Chao glanced at him.
There were more complicated emotions in his eyes.

In the next moment, Chen Chao pulled out the broken saber at his waist.

Chi Ganquan struggled to muster up the remnant bit of qi left in his body.

But a moment later, he froze.

The youth in black did not stop for even a moment in front of him.
Instead, he took a step out straight away and shot toward Guo Xi who was above the abyss!

The black broken saber shot out a steak of black saber light in midair.

The youth in black followed closely behind and crashed into that young qi refiner who was akin to an immortal.

Yan Ruoshui was shocked at first, but she returned to her senses very quickly and directed that armored immortal to attack Guo Xi.
At the same time, she even sent out that ribbon to stop Guo Xi ’s route of retreat.

Currently, Chen Chao ’s saber already arrived in front of Guo Xi.

Guo Xi furrowed his brows.
He did not expect that things would actually turn out like this.
He originally thought that Chen Chao would wait for victory to be decided between him and Yan Ruoshui before making his move.

But, he did not expect that he was so impatient.
He actually made his move fiercely without waiting for victory to be decided between him and Yan Ruoshui.

Looking at it now, he still overestimated him!

Guo Xi gave a cold laugh.
A hand blocked in front of him in a sleeve-flicking form and the other hand made a water-drawing stance, wanting to cast a daoist magic here and kill the youth in front of him in one fell swoop.

It was just that when he was drawing water, he suddenly felt his qi activity stagnate.
Turns out that it was precisely when his old qi was already depleted and new qi had yet to be born.

Frowning slightly, he felt a little doubtful.
Had the youth in front of him been waiting for this chance all along? Or was it dumb luck?

Very soon, he stopped thinking about these things.
The flow of qi activity within his body accelerated and his other hand was placed in front of his chest too.
He only needed to tide over this slash from the youth in black, then the situation would instantly fall back under his control.

would things really work out the way he imagined?

It was coming!

Chen Chao arrived in front of him with a fierce and decisive bearing in an extremely short time.

He was akin to a comet; falling rapidly.

Guo Xi ’s expression was grave.

But when the two collided, Guo Xi still found out that he thought wrongly.

There was another saber in front of that youth in black.

A broken saber.

The extremely sharp blade was the first to arrive.


Guo Xi ’s sleeve was sliced.

The flesh and blood of the two hands that he blocked in front of him were sliced apart by the blade and fresh blood flowed out.

The bodies of qi refiners were naturally not as tough as martial artists.
But, it was impossible to be easily sliced apart too.
That seemingly ordinary saber was likely not ordinary.

Guo Xi did not have time to think about these at the moment.

He was a little scared.

Because he discovered that the cultivation realm of the youth in front of him was too high and not the second-realm.

Such a young Divine Trove martial artist?!

Guo Xi ’s expression changed slightly.
Even if Chen Chao was not a martial artist but an immortal cultivator, being Divine Trove Realm at this age, it also meant that this young man in front of him was an absolute genius.

At this time, Guo Xi thought of a lot.
But those ridiculous ideas did not stay in his mind for too long.
He came back to his senses very quickly.
The youth in front of him already sent out a second slash.

His hand that was gripping the saber was very steady and his expression was very serious.

Guo Xi saw many strange emotions in his eyes.

He looked like a butcher.

As if he was not a person in his eyes, but a…
pray awaiting slaughter.

What he did not know was that this youth in front of him had always hunted demons for a living.

But what he knew was that after he landed in this youth ’s hands, it seemed like it really became impossible for him to survive.

Just as Chen Chao ’s second slash had yet to land, Guo Xi felt the new qi in his body had already begun to flow.
He had tided over the most difficult moment and obtained a glimpse of hope to live!

It was just that when he wanted to revolve the qi activity within his body, that broken sabar was already nailed into his chest.


That was the sound of a sharp weapon piercing flesh and blood.

The intense pain interrupted Guo Xi ’s thoughts and also blocked his qi flow.

Guo Xi gritted his teeth.
A palm landed on Chen Chao ’s chest.

There was not much power.

Guo Xi fell into the abyss.

Chen Chao borrowed the force and landed on the cliff.

He did not stand firm yet.

He borrowed the saber momentum and slashed at Chi Ganquan!

A bloody human head fell into the abyss.

A headless corpse collapsed.

”Are you mad?! ”

After Yan Ruoshui realized it, she cried out somewhat involuntarily, ”Do you know who we are? You little bastard! ”

Born in the South Heaven Sect, she had been lauded by countless people since young like a bright pearl held in the palm.
How could Yan Ruoshui have imagined that people like them would one day be killed by a martial artist that they despised the most!

Standing by the cliff, Chen Chao looked at this woman, the broken saber in his hand was still dripping blood.

He was not prepared to talk, but ready to continue killing people.

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