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Gwen crossed his legs over each other, his cup of coffee still in his right hand. He tried harder to think of a way out for Sage but Sages opinions were still the best way to know about Auroras wish. ”It wouldn be easy when you need your scent back. ” He conveyed and sip from his cup while Sage watched him. ”What you want to do is between life and death, ” Gwen warned like how Beta Craig and Alpha Cowell did.

”Ill give it a try. ” He conceded, making himself comfortable on the sofa.

”Its not about giving it a try, its about the consequences. ”

”Do you advise me to give up on her? ”

”Im not. I only need to remind you that the last person who has hidden her scent from her mate didn make it when she needed it. ”

Sage groaned. Although it has been years yet, the event played in his mind like it was seconds ago when Gwen mentioned it. As a pup, the teen had hidden her scent from her mate who was once her enemy. She ended up falling in love with him and needed her scent back to feel and react to her mate but she lost her life during the rehabilitation leaving her mate in depression.

”Luna won be happy to see you want to do what has cost her life. ” Gwen confided as his thoughts conceded with Sages thoughts.

”I won regret it, ” Sage murmured and his wolf growled at him. He was starting to say nonsense. His wolf didn agree with his decision. ”I just wanted to know what shes up to. ” He replied with a groan back at his wolf.

”You can find someone else to mate with, Sage. There are many female mates in the pack if she doesn acknowledge you. ”

”I don understand why she won . Shes my mate for Christs sake! ”

”Then youll die because she didn accept you? ”

Closing his eyes, he whispered, ”Please Gwen help me. ” He begged.

e too stubborn. Have you informed the king? ”

”He wished me good luck, ” Sage said.

Gwen raised his head to sniffle the air around. ”You just lied, the king isn happy with it. He can accept losing another precious soul to him. He wouldn agree with you. ”

”The king feels Im fitted and strong enough. ”

Gwen scoffed, ”You think so? ”

Sage nodded, ”I know so. ”

Gwen stood up from the sofa and placed the cup of the remaining coffee on the table. He muttered, ”Your wish is my command dear friend. ”

”Its not a wish! ” Sage yelled after Gwen who went into his room. He was angry to the core. He didn want to hear any more statements of wish. He had hated the word and he was ready to face the wrath to stop Aurora from making such a wish again.

He just couldn let her go and why would he? She was his mate after all and mates are met to be with each other not with a stranger.

A while later, Gwen was out again holding a small jar that had a red liquid content with him. It was the Avatar.

He got to Sage and beckoned him to go on his knees. He started with a Hocus-Pocus incantation while he opened the closure of the jay and dipped his index finger into the red liquid which was thick enough not to drop. ”I, Gwen Stefani, the healer of Lost Hearts pack, forbid and hide your scent with my power and strength, that your scent should be conceded for the rest of the time it will be sealed_ ” He paused and used the stained finger to draw a circle on Sage forehead. The moment the red liquid touched him, he screamed out in pain, and the liquid dried into his forehead as he held onto his head. Sage continued, ”It shall give you another scent that your mate and her wolf wouldn be able to recognize and when it is time to convey it back, it wouldn harm you. ” Sage ended with another incantation and pulled away from groaning Sage who landed straight to the ground as his body felt weakened. He collapsed.

Hours passed and Sage finally woke up with eyes piercing his body. He snorted and used his hands to hold onto his head as he tried to sit up from the bed. Beta Craig helped him up and he was able to sit and rest his head on the headboard of the bed. He looked at the worried faces in front of him and he felt bad instantly. His dad, Alpha Cowell, and the healer were all seated because of his stubbornness.

”Im sorry to have bothered you. ” He pleaded with them. ”I was being selfish. ” He added.

”Its okay. ” Alpha Cowell encouraged, ”You become selfish the moment you find your mate so its nothing to worry about. ” His sad voice testified.

”I promise not to hurt myself, ” Sage vowed.

”You better don . ” Beta Craig bellowed.

The Alpha stood up to take his leave, ”Since you are awake now, Ill leave you be, and don let it take long before you get that thing off your body. ” Sage nodded to Alpha Craigs advice while he took his leave.

”Ill leave too. Don hesitate to reach out to me as soon as you sense any discomfort and mind you, I can smell your scent any longer. ” Healer Gwen winked at him and strode out of the room.

”Thank you for your help. ” Sage mind-linked Gwen.

e not welcome to my place, okay? I only said that in front of your father. You betrayed me! ” Gwen returned while Sage chuckled at his outburst.

Sage turned to his father, ”Father? ” He called, viewing the articulation on his fathers countenance. ”Ill be fine. ”

”Im not worried about you. Im worried about my mate! ” Beta Craig snapped.

”Ill take care of it. ” He ensured even when he knew his father wouldn budge.

”Of course, you should because Ill be the one to get life out of you if ever she sympathizes with you. I will kill you with my own hands. ” Beta Craig threatened while Sage made uproar laughter.

”I don know you care for your mate this much. I thought you said shes too arrogant for your liking. ” Sage bellowed and his fathers wolf groaned at him.

”I warned you. ”

”You should warn your wife instead. ” He said with a smile curved on his brim. He thought his father wasn going to take it lightly with him; instead, Beta Craig stood up from the chair he sat on and made his way out in rage.

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