After a round of shopping, Yumika and I went into a chain cafe for a break. 


“You went out with me today, so I’ll treat you to a drink.


“Don’t worry about that, besides I also had fun hanging out with you.” 


“You’re saying that now, but later on twitter you’ll write that the guy who went shopping with the girl went home without even thanking her, and make that episode into a manga or something that would make the public sympathize with you, won’t you?”


“I am not going to write it.
I’m not going to bother to make a manga about it.”


If anything, I wanted to treat her, but she beat me to it, so we paid for each other’s drinks.


“One iced cocoa.”


“Aa, I’ll have some iced cocoa, too.”


I didn’t like coffee, so I ordered some iced cocoa, but Yumika also ordered the same. 


“ You aren’t going to drink coffee?”


“Coffee is bitter, I like it sweet.” 


“I’m the same.”


Another similarity discovered.
Feeling a little embarrassed, I turned away, but Yumika did the same, so we ended up in an odd position, both facing the exact opposite direction.


We received our iced cocoa and sat in an empty seat.
Taking a break at a coffee chain after shopping with a girl after school, my life sure is fulfilling. 


Well, the girl is a twin…


“Aren’t you going to join a club?”


“I’m not motivated.
I was in the go home club at my previous high school, too.
I like sports and art, but it’s just too much trouble for me to deal with the hierarchy and club members.
Sakiya’s the same, aren’t you?”


“Don’t lump me in with you, I’m in the basketball club.”


“No way…..I don’t believe that.”


Yumika was speechless at my statement.
I didn’t think she’d be that surprised just because I’m in a club……


“Well, I quit after a week because I didn’t fit in.”


“I won’t accept that you’ve been in the club for only a week.
Don’t scare me.”


Yumika glared at me because I didn’t honestly tell her I wasn’t involved in club activities.


“What are you going to do after school? Spend your time doing nothing?”


“I’m just going to study for a national university with low tuition.
What do you normally do, Sakuya?”


“I’m studying for the college entrance exams too.
And considering the burden on my family, I want to go to a national university too.”


“That’s convenient.
If we share the same goals, we can study together, and we can borrow and lend study materials.
And since we live in the same house, we can encourage each other.
Let’s work hard together.”


Let’s work together.”


I imagined a future where I would be studying with Yumika from now on, but it was such a fulfilling scene.


I think I can do my best in my studies if I have a beautiful girl like Yumika with me.
I think my deviation score will go up by about 10.


It was motivating and worth the effort. 


“Do you think I will  get along well in the Fujigaya family?”


“Mother is kind, so I have nothing to worry about.
I’m going to actively help you with the housework, so if you need anything, just ask me.”


“That’s fine, but…..does your mother like me? I can’t really put it into words, but she divorced Yumika’s father and let go of me, or rather, left me in to father’s care, so I don’t think she will be able to accept me easily.”


It’s hard to ask, but it’s better for us to know what Yumika thinks of my mother as soon as possible.


“My father used to tell me that your mother was a very kind person.
He said it was all his fault.
He never told me what caused the divorce, but I’m pretty sure my father was at fault.”


The reason for the divorce was not communicated to me by my mother either.
Maybe one day she will tell me, but it’s hard to ask her myself.


“I never saw your mother until the day of the funeral, but she cried more than anyone else at my father’s funeral.
And that’s when I thought I understood a little bit why my father said she was a kind person.
She even talked to me.”


Looks like I don’t have a single thing to worry about.
If you can make a good impression from the start, that’s one way to get along.


On the other hand, I never got to meet my real father…….

I’m a little disappointed about that.


“Do you think you can get along with Kana?”


“I feel indignant.”


Aare? Is she uncomfortable with Kana, or why does she feel indignant?


“Why is that?”


“I’m so angry at Sakiya for having such a pretty little sister all this time.
I’ve always wanted a little sister, but I’ve always been alone.
…… It’s so unfair even though we’re twins.”


Apparently, she was not indignant to my little sister, but to me.
The only excuse  I could come up with for this is that it was fate.


“Well, it can’t be helped.
Besides, from now on, Kana will also be Yumika’s little sister, so you can just spoil her from here on out.”


“Yes, I wish I could.
I don’t feel like we’d get along very well.
…… but that’s just my hunch.”


“You can do it.
Kana is friendly and will come to you even if you don’t do anything.”


“Not just anyone would show that kind of attitude.
I’m sure that’s because she trusts Sakiya.”


Now that she mentions it, Kana is only attached to me and my mother, but I’ve never seen a scene like that with friends or anything.


Actually, she hasn’t brought her friends to her house even once.
On days when she doesn’t have club activities, she’ll just go straight home and enjoy manga in her room or play games with me.


Well, I’ve never invited friends over to my house or anything either.


I don’t have any friends to begin with.


“Haa~… I want to be called Onee-chan too.”


“You weren’t called?”


“She calls me Yumika-san.
I can clearly sense the distance between us.”


“Why don’t you tell her she can call you Onee-chan?”


“I’m afraid that if I tell her now, she will say she doesn’t want to.
I would cry if she said that to me.
So I’ll ask her after we get to know each other better.”


I guess that means we’ll have to wait and see how Kana and Yumika get along.
There is a willingness to get along, so it is a simple matter of whether or not Kana will accept it.


“Well, you came here from Gifu and don’t have a single acquaintance or friend.
If you need anything, please feel free to talk to me.
I will do my best to help you then.
Only if I can.” 


“Ara, that’s a nice thing to say.
But I’ve been alone most of the time over there too, so it won’t make any difference.
I guess I won’t have to cry to Sakiya.”


Sadly, the only people I can talk to or help in this city I live in are my family.


“We’re twins.
we’re supposed to support each other.”


“You’re right.
But since I’m your little sister, I’d say I’m more likely to be spoiled by you.”


“Is that so!”


“Ara, your mother didn’t tell you?”


Apparently, Yumika was the younger sister.
Well, since we’re twin siblings it is not that important, since the only difference would be whether who came out first or later.


“I’ll call you Onii-chan too, shall I?”


“Don’t do that, it sounds weird.”


If Yumika called me big brother, I would feel very uncomfortable.
But maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a punishment day or something to change the way we call each other.


“Shall we go soon? I’d like to help with dinner.”




We left the chain coffee shop and headed home. 


I felt that spending time alone with Yumika, even if only for a short time, helped me understand many things.


And then, I want to go shopping with her again.
It was a somewhat pleasant time, it seemed so一

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