“Everyone, I have something important to tell you……”

Our mother’s face became serious in front of me and my younger sister, Kana.

We knew it wasn’t a simple matter, so we sat down at the living room table and listened to her talk.

Father is away on an overseas business trip, so it’s just the three of us here.

“We’re having a family meeting.”

There was one family meeting last year.
It was a report that my mother was divorced and that I was the child of her ex-husband.

I was shocked at that time, but it wasn’t a major shock.
There was nothing I could do about it now, and I had no choice but to accept it.

However, I was also afraid of what other secrets they might be hiding from me if we had to have a family meeting.

“Onii-chan, did you do something? Do you want to study abroad? I definitely don’t want that.”

Kana grabbed my hand and gave me a worried look.

“Nope, I didn’t do a thing… Rather, didn’t Kana do something in the first place? Like, forcing the classmate she hates soo much, to stay in the same home with you, and then make them attend a foreign school at that?”

“I don’t do that kind of power play! Who do you think I am, Onii-chan?!”

I was attacked with studying abroad, so I returned the attack with studying abroad too, but it seems Kana has no idea what I’m talking about either.

“I don’t mean the two of you.
But if you have any secrets, come clean first.
Like, Sakiya wrote a lot of false episodes on Twitter that went up in flames, or that Kana got pregnant even though she is only 14 years old.”

““ I didn’t do anything!””

Kana and I both voiced our denials in unison at our mother’s ridiculous predictions.

“Then …… I’ll get straight to the point.”

Please, please do not be an unfortunate piece of news.

I hope it’s a good news about winning two hundred million yen in a lottery or something.
(TL/N: about $1,524,396)

“…….Actually, Sakiya was a twin.”


I couldn’t hide the shock from my mother’s words.
If we were twins, that means I have an older or little brother.

Besides, I don’t remember ever having a twin.
It’s hard to believe, or rather, it doesn’t feel real.

“And, um… you know, It’s like Italian sausages.” (TL/N: no clue)

“一You mean identical twins?”

“Yea, that.”

一Identical twins, which means that somewhere in Japan, there is a person who looks exactly like me.

That’s a little scary.

“This might come as a surprise…..so, where is that twin?”

“I told you at last year’s family meeting that Sakiya was actually my ex-husband’s child, didn’t I? When Sakiya was one year old, I divorced him and took Sakiya.
The other one was taken in by my ex-husband.”

Apparently, mother’s divorce did not only separated the couple, but also the twins.

“A while ago, that ex-husband died of an illness, and so I went to his funeral in secret.”

Without giving us time to process her words, she continued to talk.

“There, I met the twin.
Apparently, my ex-husband didn’t remarry or anything and I also heard from her that he didn’t have many relatives and lived alone as a highschooler.”

“I feel sorry, for the other me.”

“Wait a second.”

Mother was trying to welcome the twin into the house on her own.

It’d be a little scary if there was another me wandering around the house.

“She’s living in Gifu right now, so I assumed she’d refuse to come to Saitama where Fujigaya lives.
She may be my child, but I was divorced from her father, so she probably doesn’t have a good impression of me.”

(TL/n: they don’t necessarily use a pronoun to refer to her as ‘her’, so he and Kana don’t know it’s a girl yet.
I’m using ‘she/her’ to make it easy.)

“The environment will change a lot, and you won’t have any friends, so I doubt she’ll come.”

“Yea, that’s what I thought too, but she said she would move forward.”

You’re kidding.
…… Am I going to spend time with the other me from now on?

Is there going to be someone in this city that looks exactly like me?

“Apparently, she wanted to go to a college in a city in the future, so it was convenient for her.
She said she didn’t have any friends, so she wouldn’t be lonely.
Since I invited her myself, I couldn’t refuse.
So I had no choice but to welcome her now.”

Looks like she had already come to the conclusion that we’re going to welcome her in.

This is going to shake me up.
I’m going to be living with someone who looks just like me.

“That’s why she’s coming the day after tomorrow.”

“The day after tomorrow?! That’s early~”

It looks like the person who looks like me will appear in two days.
I can’t mentally prepare myself.

“Ehh~ I am going to have another Onii-chan.
A harem~.”

Kana looked a little happy.

I also might have been happy if I was getting two younger sisters, but I’m the one who will multiply.

“No, it’s a girl so you will be getting an older sister.”

“A girl?”

Kana is surprised, but I am also equally surprised.

I thought it was going to be a look-alike of myself, but it looks like it’s going to be a woman who looks like me.

“…… Wait a minute, that’s not true.
As I recall, identical twins can only be the same s*x.
I’ve never heard of identical twins of the opposite gender.”

I could recall several pairs of celebrities who have identical twins, and they are all the same gender.

Dizygotic twins can be male or female.

“That’s not true, Onii-chan.
The odds are super low, but it’s no wonder there are identical twins of the opposite s*x.
It was written in the literature.”

“Don’t say such random things, Kana.
What’s this literature, or rather the source of this information, anyway?”

“It was written in volume 75 of Great Detective Co**n that even the rare identical twins of the opposite gender exist.”

“That’s for sure.”

Kana has all the Con*n books in her room, so let’s go check them out later.

“That’s why Sakiya’s twin Yumika is coming the day after tomorrow, so let’s all start cleaning up the room that serves as the storage room on the second floor.”

Our mother instructed us to clean up the room.

Honestly, hearing that it’s a girl made me feel a little better.
I didn’t like the idea of suddenly living with a man who looks just like me.

But when it comes to women, it’s a different story.
A girl who looks like me will just show up……

I looked in the mirror and imagined myself as a girl.

I can’t say that I look very pretty, but I wonder what the rumored Yumika-san looks like.

I feel like we’d get along if we are similar to each other, but there’s also the possibility that she might end up hating me because of it .

I’m worried, but I can’t help but be curious.

I wonder if Yumika felt the same way as me……

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