up the dream.
Which lunatic is inviting the government? If your master were such a human being to take you in, he would have married you rather than make you a mistress.”


Startled, Julia tried to stop Lauren, but she wouldn’t stop.
A terrible dream settled in her head like a reality.

“You know what government is? It means you are less than human.
No one treats you as an equal human being.
You cannot have any of the basic human rights.”

What’s wrong with this person? Her juniors were bewildered by Lauren’s sudden barrage.
Among them, a student who, as a joke, said that he would not worry about money once he became a government official, came forward.

“It might be better to live in a house that is less than human and eat good food and have good clothes, rather than starve as a human, right?”

Lauren burst into laughter at her junior’s comment.
At the same time she wanted to cry.
A romantic story, she became saddened when she thought of what fantasies these children had of being a mistress wrapped up in a drama.
And, of course, the person who had such a dream.
Scared at the same time she hoped she would live out her dreams.

“In a big house, good clothes and good food are the same for servants.
They can at least make the friends they want and go to the shows they want to see in broad daylight.”

At Loren’s point, a repulsion appeared on the faces of her underclassmen.
Wasn’t government better than being a servant? A few people seemed to think so.

Lauren said, trying desperately not to scream.

“Even if I have a big house and nice clothes, I can’t brag to anyone.
Do you know what to do instead of taking it? Guys, can you kiss a guy like Ms.

The name of the academy’s oldest teacher came out of Lauren’s mouth.
Everyone gave an “Ugh” look of disapproval, and Lauren said firmly.

“You think you can get your clothes just for kissing? Everyone will find out about a kid who kissed an ugly old man like that and got his clothes.
Do you still like the government position?”

“There is no such thing as an old, ugly man.
You can be the mistress of a young, handsome man.”

At the words of her junior standing behind her, not only Lauren but also Julia burst into laughter this time.
A look of disapproval came to mind on the faces of the juniors who were standing in the laughter of the two.
Seeing that expression, Julia wiped her tears and apologized.

“Oh sorry.
But why do you think a man who is young, handsome, and rich enough to have a mistress would?”

“He could get married if he wants to and fall in love with you.”

Julia laughed again at the completely unrealistic answer.
This time, one of her juniors had a child with an embarrassed expression on her face.

Lauren, trying not to despise her, added.

“What a love.
To make someone you love get pointed at by you without harming yourself.
A decent person would be angry even if his dog was cursed at.”

The thought made her even more angry.
She knew.
The more they talked, the clearer Lauren’s memory became.
The content of her dream, which had gradually faded immediately came back, now reminding her of the fact that she had her dog.
It was a dog she had because she was lonely, which eventually ended up being her only friend.
At the same time, her owner would use her honey to blackmail her.
It was Honey.
The name of Lauren’s dog.
It was a small dog.
Drake didn’t allow big dogs.
When he said that small dogs were okay, it must have been because small dogs were easier to kick than large dogs.

Damn demon! Her blood gushed into Lauren’s head.
She always spoke like she used to.
If she didn’t listen to him, he would bring Honey to his children.
She had a life she did not choose, but she had a life in which nothing went according to her will.
she would never live like that.
Lauren just turned around and left the building.

“What, why is that person like that?”

Julia, who was about to follow Lauren, was stopped by the words of her remaining student.
She said and she went back to them seriously.

“I’m doing this because I’m worried about you.
Government is far worse than your fantasies.”

“How do you know?”

There were still people in this academy who didn’t know her face.
Julia said with a grin.

“My father is Sir Escalee.
I swear, I’ve never seen a government.
Do you know what this means?”

She did not know.
Julia gave a bitter look as the students shook her head in bewilderment.
So did she.
When she was a junior, such stupid things looked cool.
People like pirates, governments, thieves.

“It means no one will protect you.
Even myself.”

It would be impossible with an ordinary mind to spend the last years of his life as a government official.
And a man that clever would have had a better life had he gone the other way.

She really should go after Lauren.
Julia asked them to tell their teacher that she and Lauren were not feeling well, and then she headed to Lauren’s room.

“Lauren, are you okay?”

Lauren’s room was a small room in their dorm.
She didn’t have to live in a dorm when she got into her senior year, but it might be possible for a current student to have a house or something.

Julia asked, cautiously entering Lauren’s wide-open door.
Lauren’s room was tidy and so neat


No wonder.
Because there was no one in the room.

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