It’s mainly for your self-defense, so I didn’t let the craftsman cut it first, and when you grow up, I’ll do it myself, okay?”

Fu Ping’An's face lit up again, and she nodded, “Okay.”

[Yuza Taozi: Is this because you are unhappy and gave you a gift.]

[Regardless of Wei and Jin: It seems to be the same when I was a child, my mother would give me gifts when I pretended to be sick or unhappy.]

[Gege: That's your mother; my mother will ask me “are you still pretending?”]

Fu Ping’An knows that she must be happy at the moment, otherwise she will not give the Empress Dowager face, but she also has to admit that this happiness is not all about it.
Pretend, she endured and endured, but still couldn't help asking: “Can I learn swordsmanship?”

The Queen Mother glanced at her, and Fu Ping’An knew that she had talked too much, and she hurriedly began to look at the sword in her hand again, pretending look like you can't put it down.

The Queen Mother said: “Although the sword is mighty, it is easy to hurt yourself if you don't use it well.
The emperor is the lord of the world, and there are always protectors around her.
Why learn the sword?”

Fu Ping’An nodded: “The Queen Mother is right.”

She said: “The gift prepared in the palace has already been sent to your inner treasury.
This is a gift from the empress in private.
I hope the emperor will not be angry with the empress…
Why would the empress want the emperor to be sad, but in the palace if there are no rules for everything, it will be difficult to convince the public.”

Fu Ping’An stood up from the chair and said in panic: “I know that the Queen Mother is for my own good, and I have never thought of getting angry.”

The Queen Mother smiled and stretched out her hand gently patted the back of Fu Ping’An's hand.

Fu Ping’An lowered her eyelids to hide the disgust in her eyes.

Logically speaking, since it is Fu Ping’An's birthday, she should go to the Chaoyang Palace to meet the clan relatives who came to celebrate her birthday, but today they invited everyone to the Qianqiu Palace.

The gate of the Qianqiu Palace was opened, and two desks were placed side by side at the top.
Fu Ping’An sat on the right, and the Queen Mother sat on the left.

Even the barrage felt that this arrangement was a bit wrong, but no one spoke at the banquet.
When the clan came to say auspicious words to Fu Ping’An, they had to salute the Queen Mother first.

When each clan comes forward, the barrage will be full of excitement, guessing whether the person will do something, such as pretending to fall down and stuffing a note in Fu Ping’An's arms, or suddenly violently taking out a dagger and holding it against the Queen Mother’s neck.

But the fact is that nothing happened at this banquet.

In the evening, when Fu Ping’An returned to Jingui Palace, the barrage was still arguing—

[Sonnet spokesperson: Maybe, is it possible, not referring to this banquet?]

[k77: Then what else is there? It seems that there will be the Empress Dowager's Birthday Banquet, the Autumn Lure Banquet, the Autumn Hunting Banquet, and the Regent's Birthday Banquet.
Speaking of which, there must be a lot of banquets.]

[Small scores are all 7: Is there a possibility that the word is not banquet, it just looks like banquet, but it is actually another word.]

Fu Ping’An dipped her fingers in water and wrote the word “banquet” on the table, but she couldn't see any other possibility when she looked left and right.

[Bobo milk tea with taro paste: Don’t think about it, let’s rest first, there must be a way to the front of the mountain.]

[Insomnia every day: I haven't studied yet today, so I will study for a while and watch an open class.]

[Chang'an Hua: The public class is too expensive, and the poison has not been cured yet, so let's save up for shipping first.]

Fu Ping’An also thought it was best to learn, clicked on the mall, and saw that the points in the upper corner were displayed as 280,000.

She is already very good at saving, but it seems that it is nowhere in sight at present.

She sighed for a long time.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door of the palace, Fu Ping’An was taken aback, she had told the palace servants that she would be alone in the palace today, so no one should disturb her, even if something happened as a last resort, she shouldn't It's not a knock on the door, but an announcement.

But she quickly understood, and said, “Come in.”

The palace door opened, Qin He ducked in with her head bowed, and immediately knelt on the ground.

[Sui Yi: I don't know why, every time I see Qin He, I feel very uncomfortable…]

[Crane Bie Qingshan: Is there a possibility that she is too servile, and we will be a little bit unbearable after seeing it.]

Fu Ping’An reached out and wiped the word “banquet” written with water on the table, thought for a while, and turned off the live broadcast again.

She now vaguely feels that most of the people in the live broadcast may not be willing to see the following content.

She said, “Come closer and answer.”

Qin He quickly got up, went to Fu Ping’An and knelt down, and Fu Ping’An asked in a low voice, “Have you gotten a result? Get up and answer.”

Qin He stood up, took out a golden hairpin from her sleeve, and said: “Your Majesty, this servant found this from under Ah Zhi's pillow while Ah Ying was asleep.
It originally belonged to Ah Zhi; yu gave it to A Zhi, Your Majesty, do you still remember it?”

Fu Ping’An looked down, of course she remembered that it was taken by Fu Ping’An when she was inspecting the inner storehouse that day, and put it on A Zhi's hair.

Qin He held this hairpin with both hands: “This is Ah Zhi’s most precious hairpin, no matter what I think about it, she would not give it to Ah Ying.
But after the incident happened that day, the guards in the palace quickly took away Ah Zhi's belongings, how could this hairpin be left behind? So the servant girl thought; this hairpin was stolen by Ah Ying before.”

“It seems so; but that does not mean that she told the secret.”

“No, Your Majesty, this is exactly what can explain; she is an informer who steals property in the palace.
If it is serious, it will be killed with a stick, and even if it is the least serious, it will be driven out of the palace.
If Ah Zhi loses this hairpin, it will definitely be publicized.
I know that Ah Zhi can’t tell the story, so I dared to steal it.”

Fu Ping’An stared blankly at the table, and suddenly understood: “She was the one who reported on Ah Zhi and the guard in the first place, yes.

Qin He lowered her head: “The servant is thinking; she told the informant once, so she can tell the second time, and she saw that Azhi turn over the first time, so she will naturally want another dose of reward.
Now that with a goal, the servant will naturally be able to pry her mouth open, Your Majesty only needs to give the servant some more time.”

Fu Ping’An closed her eyes.

A word came to her mind – kindness to the enemy is cruelty to oneself.


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