Because of this sentence, the barrage began to have some very off-topic discussions-


 [Suifeng: But is there any milk now? I don't think I've ever seen Ping'An drinking milk.

 [Summer quatrains: I don't know, is there any?]

 [Deadline: Farming peoples drink less milk, and cattle are mainly used for farming.]

 [Ji Gu Chuanhua: She is the emperor, so there is nothing wrong with drinking milk, just raise a few cows in the palace.
I think there are even peacocks and sika deer in the palace.

 [Electromagnetic field digital signal data structure: …
There are probably no cows.
The current cows are modern cross-breeding.
Now there are most scalpers and the milk, at the moment, is not good.

 [RaidenEi: Yellow milk should be similar, right?]

 [Dong Yu: It's a lot worse, and only the cattle that have just given birth to calves can have milk.]

 [It's not Shou: What, the cow doesn't produce milk all the time?]

 [T-REX: …
a cow is a mammal.]

Fu Ping’An saw that the barrage started to discuss seriously, and couldn't help but let out a smile.
She breathed a sigh of relief and realized that she probably pushed herself too hard.

She had read the history books of other worlds before and has also seen stories in similar societies where the young emperor died young due to overwork.
She already had residual poison in her body, and it was inappropriate to overdraw her body like this.

What's more, she has gained a lot this month.

After a month of discussion, Tian Ping successfully obtained the position of Captain of the Cheqi, while Chen Yan was promoted to general of Zhonglang.

And Gao Yan was also found to have invaded people's fields and killed people-but, in fact, after Fu Ping’An looked through many bamboo slips, she found that this incident was more common than imagined.

When the dynasty was founded, the troubled times ended, the population was withered, and the fields were barren so the land was rewarded according to the rank of military merit and the remaining land was distributed to the common people.
In theory, every common man has land.

However, the number of fields is limited after all.
Local officials are often sealed first and then powerful squires.
The turn of the people is relatively limited.
Fortunately, there was a lot of wasteland at that time and the people worked hard to reclaim the wasteland which belongs to the people.

However, it is inevitable to depend on the sky for farming, especially recently, there have been frequent disasters and wars between the north and the south and the taxation is very high.
The harvest of farmers’ land can’t even make up for the tax, so many of them have to sell their land to become rich families and become tenant farmers.

However, due to the huge power gap, it is difficult to say whether this kind of purchase is fair.
Fu Ping’An believes that as long as Gao Yan does not lose power, this is a “reasonable purchase”.

The same is true of human life, this person is a servant of Gao Yan's family who was raised from the birth; the high family does not treat slaves as human beings, among other things, the Queen Mother has killed dozens of slaves in the past few years, and can anyone say anything?

And these things are not clearly stated in the notebook.

Fortunately, Fu Ping’An has the barrage to help her.
She often puts three slips on the case.
First, she summarizes them from the barrage and then reads them after she is sure they are worth reading.
Then, the barrage helps her analyze the implication of the content.

So at first, she was tired of watching, but she gradually became a little more proficient, and she had some understanding of the “country” that she was nominally in charge of.

First of all, three years ago, a household register—that is a census—was conducted, which is an important basis for taxation, and the result was that the total population was about 25 million.

The barrage believes that with the current technological limitations and local tyrants hiding for tax evasion, the population should be more but at most, it should not exceed 30 million.

Fu Ping’An had no concept of this number at first, so she asked casually: “In your case, how many people are there in a country?”

Someone answered——[H kick: If the territory is similar, one billion.]

Fu Ping’An was stunned.

She was a little stuttering: “One billion, one billion is…
how many thirty million is it?”

 [Thirteen is not troubled: thirty times?]

Fu Ping’An was inexplicably frustrated: “So that's the case, the difference is so far away.”

 [Mu Mubai: Then there are a total of 10 billion people in my world.
How can this be compared? The difference between us is at least five thousand years.

 [I really want to see the moon: I guess there are only 30 million of us human beings left.]

 [Lone Star Wanderer: …
Is it really the end of the world? ]

 [I really want to see the moon: why am I lying to you?]

But someone soon discovered a blind spot——[Shanglin: No, isn't this the ancient ABO world and it should be compared with the ABO world.]

 [Ride the wind and return: I estimate that the population of the ABO world will be smaller.
They have flaws and only AO can give birth to them]

Baby Ping An is so cute and will return the next day.

She explained that she was sick and went to the hospital yesterday, and then replied – [Ping An baby is so cute: I checked, it's 15 billion.]

Fu Ping’An was eating when she spoke, and blurted out: “Why are there so many?”

Qin He, who was preparing vegetables, was taken aback, and hesitated, “Why don't you take some off for Your Majesty?”

She thought Fu Ping’An talking about too many dishes.

Fu Ping’An waved her hand and said, “You go out first.”

After all the maids left, Fu Ping’An also roughly understood the composition of their world.
It turned out that when their productivity was not developed in ancient times, the population was very small but in modern times, genetic medicines have improved the genes of all people, so Chang Yong –beta–  are also fertile, although not as much as Tiangan and Dikun.

Fu Ping’An was shocked when she heard the words, and asked: “Then can I buy this gene medicine mall?”

 [Ping An baby is so cute: Yes, but I saw it, it's very expensive.]

Fu Ping’An went to see it after hearing the words and was repelled by the price of 500,000 Yuan, but she was still very greedy, so she put this on the purchase list for the time being.

In short, the population is a big problem.

Secondly, the implementation of Regent Fu Ling Xian’s policy of recovering the coinage rights was not smooth.
She wanted to replace the old money with the new officially released money, but privately minted old money was rampant, and soon no one used the new coins in the market.
The regent can't bear (or maybe she can't) to impose harsh laws on the people, so the decree has existed in name only, and the market is still very chaotic.

This matter has been discussed by many people, but the contents of many notebooks have reached a level that Fu Ping’An felt was outrageous.
One notebook said that the culprit of the rampant commercial capital, too-rich merchants, and too-poor farmers was currency.
Abolish currency and replace it with barter.

Fu Ping’An looked at the person's name on purpose and found that the person was Dai Min from Nongsi.
She thought in her heart that she would transfer her to another department because she felt that this person was not suitable for staying in Nongsi.

In the end, the so-called pacification of South Vietnam turned out to be very watery; the various tribes of South Vietnam were very scattered, and there was no unified regime.
After defeating one, another was established, and the spring breeze blew like a weed.
Generally, it had to be pacified again every few years, and it took a lot of manpower.
There are countless resources used and many people have written to abandon South Vietnam but more people think that abandoning South Vietnam is a kind of loss of national dignity, and the two sides are quarreling.

In addition, there are issues of land annexation, local tyrants, disaster victims, and so on.
When Fu Ping’An first came into contact with it, she felt that her thoughts were in a mess and intertwined.
She didn't know where to start.
She even thought of the Queen Mother.
She found that it was not easy for the queen mother in the past.
It turned out that the other party was not only enjoying power but also working hard.

On these matters, the barrage made some suggestions, but it is still difficult to form a system, not to mention the specific situation, which also needs specific analysis.

In short, she has been busy for too long.

When she came back to her senses, she realized that her waist was sore and the back was hurting.
When she stretched my waist, her bones cracked twice.

This made her inevitably startled.
If the bones are ringing, does it mean that there is something wrong with the bones? If there is a problem with the bones, will it impossible to grow taller?

Fu Ping’An decided to take it seriously.

She called the chief manager of Shangshi and told him to serve a glass of milk every morning.
Shangshi was a little embarrassed when he heard it, saying that there are no cows giving birth in the palace, so it is difficult to find milk.
Fu Ping’An was a little disappointed at first, but the other party said, Your Majesty wants to drink milk, and you can find a nanny.

Fu Ping’An was so shocked that she couldn't speak at that time, and the bullet screen was full of people, and you modern people have never thought about it in that direction.

 [Insomnia every day: Well, logically speaking, human milk is indeed more nutritious.]

 [Chang'an Hua: Stop it! I didn't see it! ]

Seeing that Fu Ping’An was silent, the chief manager of Shang Shi thought she was thinking about it, and hurriedly said: “I have a younger sister who just gave birth, so I can take up this position.”

Fu Ping’An hurriedly said: “No, I…
I don't have to drink milk.”

But after a few days, she finally found a compromise, Shang Shi caught a goat that had just given birth, and asked if the goat's milk was okay.

The barrage said yes, and Fu Ping’An agreed.

There was goat's milk for breakfast the next day.
The goat's milk was boiled and still steaming.
The maid Cailing who helped her test the poison tasted it first and couldn't help frowning.

Fu Ping’An also took a sip, and almost spat out from the smell.

She took another sip with difficulty, and Cai Ling said from the side: “Your Majesty, why don't you put some nectar?”

Fu Ping’An nodded hastily.

 [Xinuo: Is it not good to drink?]

Fu Ping’An can't describe it.

In short, even if she was told to drink it every day, she didn't want to so after much deliberation, she decided to adopt another suggestion.

Do more outdoor activities.

Since she was called into the palace by the queen mother four years ago, she has seldom been out of the palace.
She has stayed in Wei Jing for four years, but she has no idea what Wei Jing is like.

She wanted to go out and see.

The first time, she naturally discussed the matter with the barrage.

The barrage responded enthusiastically, even more, excited than her.
Most of them were saying “I want to go out, I want to go out”, but there were also a few who opposed it.

 [Tangled in the past 101731: Will the minister have any opinions? I remember that ancient ministers had great opinions about the emperor leaving the palace.

[Ga Ying: It should also be for the safety of the emperor.

Fu Ping’An called Chen Yan again.
After all, if she leaves the palace, she doesn't want to cause too much battle.
In her opinion, as long as there is someone with a higher force value to protect her, it will be fine.

Chen Yan looks like a good choice.

As for why it wasn't called Tian Ping…
probably because the other party's surname was Tian.

Now Fu Ping’An still has lingering fears about her relatives.

But there are too few people she can use.

When Chen Yan came, Fu Ping’An said directly: “I want to leave the palace in low-clothes, what do you think?”

Chen Yan blinked and immediately said: “I will do my best to protect Your Majesty.”

After thinking about it, she suddenly thought of Wang Ji, the person who replaced He Fang in sorting out the bamboo slips for her.

In the past month, Fu Ping’An also made a backstory to Wang Ji.
The other party was indeed a side branch of the Wang family in Yuezhou.
Not only that, but also a concubine child, but because of her rare talents and outstanding memory, she got the chance to enter the court.

Fu Ping’An sometimes asked Wang Ji if she had any impression of certain content, and the other party could usually find it out for her, so Fu Ping’An had the impression of “reads a lot” of the other party.

She summoned Wang Ji and asked: “If I leave the palace in modest clothes, how will the ministers react? Are there any example in the past bamboo slips?”

She hadn't been out of the palace for a month, if it wasn't because she needed and liked this profession, it would be hard to say that she could stick to it.

She glanced at Fu Ping’An a little timidly and didn't even ask her if she was going to leave the palace in a subdued manner, and said directly: “The minister will advise Your Majesty not to go out of the palace, and it has been like this since Gaozu.
…will definitely…”

“Rebuke me?”

“…I don't mean that.”

 [Chang'an Hua: Why do you go out, after all, if something happens, wouldn't it be bad?]

Fu Ping’An inexplicably hated this kind of statement, and said: “If I will always be inside this high wall, how can I know how the people are living? What's more, if I will be killed as soon as I go out, then the people under my rule will be killed like this as well.
Wangdu, what kind of place is it, the devil's lair?”

Wang Ji stopped talking.

Fu Ping’An turned to look at Chen Yan, staring into her eyes: “Can I leave the palace?”

Chen Yan was taken aback for a moment, and then seemed to feel Fu Ping’An’s seriousness and determination, and gradually put away her joking thoughts.
Her eyes were firm and she said: “I will protect Your Majesty well.”

At this time, in the study of the Prince Regent's Mansion, Fu Lingxian was also discussing with his disciples.

For Fu Lingxian, the fifteenth day of the first lunar month this year is a turning point.

Not long after what happened that night, she received the news but it was too late.

Speaking of which, hadn't you received any suspicious news before? It's just that she never expected that Her Majesty would act so quickly.

So fast!

The court was arguing endlessly, and she was also distraught.

Nowadays, outsiders often think that she is scheming but she is often puzzled why there is such a misunderstanding.
When she was young, she liked riding horses and running the most, because she liked the feeling that she only needed to run without thinking.

But now that she is older, she has to start to make constant plans.

Looking back on the past, she still believes that she got to where she is today because she was put on the shelf.

In the winter of the year Emperor Wendi died, this childhood friend recalled her from the frontier fortress.
His complexion was ashen, but his lips were bright red.
Fu Lingxian could see that this even in a flashback.
Holding her hand, he said, “Please Lingxian, you want to come back.”

“It's my fault that the queen's power has expanded to the point where she is now.
I only thought she was still young and self-willed, but I didn't know that her desire for power has long been uncontrollable, Mo'er is young and can only be her puppet, you have to stay in the court and fight against her.”

Having said this, Emperor Wen spit out a mouthful of blood, the dazzling red made Fu Lingxian Heartbroken, and she had no choice but to agree.

After that nod, she walked step by step to today.

If her existence was originally to limit the Queen Mother's power, then the Queen Mother has lost power today, so is it time for her to quit?

Although she didn't say it clearly, there was still a little emotion in her words.
Her friend Yan Yu suddenly said in a stern tone: “You can't quit, Lingxian.
No one in this world who has reached your position can stand in front of you,  after losing their power, got a good death.
The former Prime Minister Li and Chen both died in a car crash, didn't they retire with success?”

Fu Lingxian remained silent.

Another of her aides, Wang Hui, hesitated to speak: “After all, Your Majesty is young, weak, and sickly, can it change day by day? Could it be that the Tian family is behind the scenes?”

Yan Yu sneered: “Naturally, it is likely that the Tian family is playing tricks, so there is no way to retreat.”

Fu Lingxian still didn't open her mouth, but she thought that Yan Yu and Wang Hui thought so because they had never seen Her Majesty, or had seen her too little.
Recently, she felt more and more that Her Majesty's deceptive appearance seemed to be a tiger cub ready to go.

She finally said: “What if Her Majesty really did it?”

Yan Yu was taken aback, looking straight at Fu Lingxian, seeing that she didn't seem to be joking, she said with a sullen face: “Then…it's even worse …”

“Lingxian, what do you want, is it a country where the emperor speaks loudly? There are few sage kings and many mediocre ones, but if they are mediocre ones, we can still teach them.
There are compromises to make it work.
If it is not a sage king, it is woe to the world!”


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