From Fu Ping’An's point of view, even though she has become a commoner, she can still maintain a noble standard of living for Bo Jiaoer and keep her life worry-free, there is no problem.

But Azhi, who heard this, glanced at Fu Ping’An briefly, but quickly lowered her head to hide the hesitation in her eyes.

Azhi thinks that Bo Jiaoer will not agree, and becoming a commoner may be worse than death for Bo Jiaoer.

After returning to the palace because she was too busy all the time, A Zhi didn't have the chance to return to the inner palace, and what she experienced and absorbed in the past six months was more than the sum of the past eighteen years, which also made her feel like a world away.

But it also brought her a lot of progress and made her discover things she hadn't thought about before.

Bo Jiaoer…
was born a nobleman.

The education she received from birth was that, except for a few people, she was above all others.
Bo Jiaoer lived a life of luxury in the palace.
Azhi still remembers Bao Jiaoer when she was a child, She is still not good at running, but she can already tell the palace people around her arrogantly: “You are ugly, you are not allowed to appear in front of my eyes in the future.”

But she was also very generous in rewarding the servants.
If it is said to serve the master, apart from Her Majesty, the favorite thing is to go to Bo Jiaoer's, because Princess Yunping has a clean eye and doesn't like to reward servants.

For people, having something and then losing it is sometimes more terrifying than never having it at all.

Although she was thinking this way, she didn't say it out, and was about to take the order to retreat when Her Majesty suddenly said, “Do you think this decision is too cruel for Jiaoer?”

A Zhi stopped and didn't speak immediately.

But Fu Ping’An knew what she meant through this performance.
She would say this, mainly because the barrage reacted greatly to this.
Many people said that becoming a commoner is too cruel for Bo Jiaoer.
Bo Jiaoer is just one person, even if she's raised in the palace, what's the trouble?

But Fu Ping’An felt that this was not a matter of trouble.
She no longer had a family behind her, so she could only live on her own in the palace, but at least she could choose her own life when she went out of the palace and became a commoner.

Fu Ping’An still remembered that shortly after entering the palace, she wanted to leave the palace, and she wanted to give Bo Jiaoer this choice as well.

But seeing Ah Zhi's expression, Fu Ping’An thought for a while, and then said: “Or, stay in the palace with a different identity…
Be an internal official like you, and let her choose.”

Ah Zhi thought for a while Thinking, said: “But Your Majesty, what if Mrs.
Bo wants to see you?”

Fu Ping’An rubbed her head: “I'm too busy, if she wants to understand, come see me again.”

Received the badge and headed to the inner palace, it was already dusk, the sun was slanting to the west, and the light was dimmed.
After entering the gate of the inner palace, she doesn't know if it was an illusion, but A Zhi felt that the oncoming wind was colder than the inside.

Compared with the turbulent outer court, after the Queen Mother was confined, and after Her Majesty moved out, the inner palace has been deserted for too long.

After the announcement Wanfeng came to pick her up.
Now that Qin He is mainly serving on Her Majesty's side, Wanfeng will deal with all matters in the inner palace.
Wanfeng greeted her, talked about the recent situation in the inner palace, and said that the queen mother has been obsessed with ghosts and ghosts recently.
She likes to read some Shinto books, and often writes some strange recipes and asked the alchemists in the palace to refine them.
As a result, the alchemy furnace often explodes, which has injured three people and almost killed one.

A Zhi frowned when she heard the words, thinking why the queen mother is locked up and can still harm people, so she said: “Your Majesty is benevolent and filial, and she will always indulge the queen mother.”

Wan Feng smiled and said: “After hurting those three people, your majesty did not allow the quasi-alchemist to make alchemy for the Queen Mother, but Her Majesty also gave a recipe called Alchemist Lian, but it seemed to be a special recipe for frying furnaces.
Now the alchemists are not happy to make alchemy, but Her Majesty forced them to do it, saying that they should do it.
It seems to be called gunpowder.”

After reading the opinions of many people outside, A Zhi is now skeptical about whether alchemy can cure diseases and improve longevity, but she knows that Her Majesty seems to be completely unconvinced, so she said: “Your Majesty probably is letting them do something else.”

Having said that, the two also arrived at their destination.
Now is the time when the golden osmanthus is fragrant.
The laurel tree in the center of the Golden Osmanthus Palace is shining golden in the setting sun.
Lying down or lying down, surrounded by a bamboo fence, beyond the bamboo fence are Bao Jiaoer and a few palace servants, throwing vegetable leaves at the rabbit.

The closest ones to Bo Jiaoer are Ah Qing and Zhao Nanny.
When Ah Zhi saw someone she knew, she couldn't help but freeze for a while, but it was Zhao Nanny who raised her head first, saw her, smiled at her, and then announced her to Bao Jiaoer beside her.

Bo Jiaoer raised her head.
She is only eleven years old, but she already has the shadow of a beauty with fair skin and beautiful eyebrows.
She is wearing a pine flower green top, and a light yellow pleated skirt on the lower body and her hair is tied into a double-ring bun.
She made her face as big as a palm, and she smiled and said, “It's Ah Zhi…”

Mother Zhao said something beside her, so Bo Jiaoer changed her words again: “Why did Sun Pushe come here?”

Then I heard that Bo Jiaoer's original nanny was sent out of the palace because she was suspected of spoiling Bo Jiaoer.
Everyone knew about it.
When she was a child, it was that grandma who said in Bo Jiaoer's ear every day, “You want to please Your Majesty, to be queen”.

After Grandma Sun left, Bao Jiaoer was unhappy; it happened that Her Majesty moved out, so Nanny Zhao, who raised Her Majesty, took care of her so no one in the inner palace dared to neglect Bao Jiaoer.
After all, Nanny Zhao who has raised Her Majesty was from a young age received a different affection from ordinary people.

But up to this point, Bo Jiaoer has no channels of communication with the outside world at all.
Looking at her expression today, Azhi suspects that she still doesn't know that her father, Qian Zhuyang Hou, has rebelled.

Azhi saluted Bo Jiaoer and said that Her Majesty had an order, and immediately the people in the yard knelt on the ground.
Azhi hesitated for a moment, and said, “Miss Bo, I will talk to you alone.”

Thinking of something, her eyes trembled slightly, she showed a forced smile, nodded, and said yes, then led Azhi into the side hall where she lived, and closed the door.

As soon as the door was closed, the room became darker and darker.
Although candles were lit in the hall, the light was dim, and the surrounding scenery seemed to be covered with a layer of gray veil.

Bao Jiaoer was obviously at a loss, and after a while, she asked: “Is it too dark? Do you want to open the window?”

Ah Zhi said in a low voice: “Miss Bo, Bo Wei colluded with the three kings to plot rebellion, and your father Bo Chang participated in it, and now all the homes have been ransacked, and the execution will only wait for the autumn…”

As soon as the voice fell, Bo Jiaoer screamed: “How can you call my father's name directly!”

A Zhi stared at her, and Bo Jiaoer took two steps back, her throat murmured like a baby animal, and someone knocked on the door, it was Aqing's voice: “Azhi…ah no, Sun Pushe, may I ask what happened.”

Azhi calmly said: “It's nothing, you step back first, I haven't finished your majesty's instructions.”

Bo Jiao, the child, collapsed on the ground and when she heard this, she looked up at A Zhi, with tears streaming down her face, her eyes horrified.

A Zhi said softly: “Accordingly, as Bo Chang's daughter, you must be on the list of sinners, but Your Majesty misses the old days and doesn't want you to have any accidents.
As long as you throw away your identity and become another person, you can survive.
Now you have two choices.
One is to become a commoner and go out of the palace.
If you think about it, Her Majesty will arrange your life well.
If you stay in the palace, you can't be a nobleman, like me, you can be an internal official.”

To be honest, Bao Jiaoer is like this now, even if Ah Zhi still deeply remembers how arrogant she was in the past, she still can't bear it, maybe because the other party is really beautiful, and her tears make her look even more pitiful.
When she talked, the voice was immature but hoarse: “Sister Azhi, can I see Your Majesty?”

Azhi said cruelly, “Your Majesty said that I will only see you if you understand.”

Walking around in the void, she said for a while, “Do I think about it? I…
I'm a little confused.”

Azhi sighed in her heart.

Bo Jiaoer is only eleven years old, what can she figure out?

Her Majesty probably regards all the children in the world as herself, thinking that if she can do it, so can others.

She couldn't bear it, so she walked over and squatted next to Bao Jiaoer, and said in a low voice: “My lady, why don't you become an internal official? You are familiar with the personnel and affairs in the palace, and the slaves can take care of you, but…
you need to do a lot of things by yourself in the future.”

Hearing this, Bo Jiaoer buried her head in A Zhi's arms suddenly, burst into tears, and choked up while crying: “I'm sorry…
I'm sorry, sister A Zhi…
I don't know…
I don't know what to do; I don't know what to do.

Ah Zhi felt sour in her heart: “Actually, it's fine to be a commoner, Her Majesty will surely ensure your life without any worries, but you can't be angry with Your Majesty.”

Right now, Ah Zhi also feels that for Bao Jiaoer it's still okay to go out of the palace, the person who used to be her slave suddenly became her colleague, and Bo Jiaoer probably won't feel good in her heart.

Bo Jiaoer's mind was in a mess, but she shook her head instinctively and said: “No, naturally I won't be angry with Your Majesty, Father's plotting against…
plotting against the emperor is a serious crime…
how could father plot against…?”

Jiaoer couldn't think of anything, so she wanted to ask someone to come in and take care of Bao Jiaoer first, so that she could think about it, but Bao Jiaoer grabbed her skirt tightly and wouldn't let go, and she said ‘Come on! People’, Bo Jiaoer said: “Wait, wait, I haven't figured it out yet.”

She said she didn't think about it, but her mind went blank, she didn't think about anything at all, after a while, Bo Jiaoer said, “Should I decide for myself?”

Azhi nodded in agreement.

Bo Jiaoer was crying: “I have never decided this kind of thing by myself.
In the past, the queen mother let me enter the palace, and then my mother told me not to leave the palace.
How do I know now? I want to stay in the palace.
Or go out of the palace?”

The sky was completely dark, the hall with only four lamps lit was dim, and the lights made the shadows appear even darker as if the shadows could spread to the boundless void.
Bao Jiaoer hugged A Zhi, she feel that she was in a nightmare, the world is spinning, and everything in front of her seems illusory.

In this illusion, she heard overlapping human voices, they uttered a sentence that often sounded in her sleep – “See Your Majesty -“

Bo Jiaoer raised her head in a daze, and saw that the palace door was pushed open, and appeared A familiar figure, behind that figure is a star-like dense lantern, outlining a bright outline on the body, as if illuminating the nightmare in front of him.

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