Chapter 10

The Steel Sword is an Amazing Sword

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


A weapons shop is located a little off the central square.


There, weapons ranging from B rank at the top to E rank at the bottom are displayed side by side.


We see one sword propped up on a stand.


It is a great sword to the point of being disastrous, and it is strictly monitored.


On its tag was written B rank equipment [Dragon Killer].


(Uh huh? One zero, two zeros, three zeros…geez! Over 30 million!)


There was a ridiculously priced sword propped up that would take me a lifetime to buy it by myself.


That’s a whole house.


B-rank equipment is what is known as unique equipment.


It has some kind of special ability, and this sword is said to be able to inflict great damage against dragon species.


(Dragon species… we will have to face them someday…)


“Ai-san, I don’t have any money.”


She probably came to buy some weapons, but my family is broke.


My family’s finances are always on fire.


“It’s okay, it’s okay, if you just pay me back with your body!”


“Oh, no…I’m sorry…is there anything I can do?”


(I wonder what she meant when she asked me to pay with my body…)


Then, Ai-san shakes her head.


As if to shake off some evil thought.


Then, patting my apologetic head, Ai-san said.


“The middle boss drop on the fifth level, the Steel Sword.
I’ll buy it for you.”


“What? That thing costs about 50,000 yen.”


A steel sword.


Whoever has this is recognized as a third-rate explorer as proof that he or she has defeated the mid-boss.


I don’t know if I am considered third-rate, but I am still recognized as an explorer who has defeated a dangerous mid-boss.


Before that, I was just an amateur.


And since the steel sword is always dropped after defeating a mid-boss, it is not so rare and not so expensive.


But even so, it is not so much in circulation because second-rate adventurers and above search at more than 10 levels.




Ai takes the steel sword to the counter to pay the bill.


“Make sure you come back alive!”


I take the sword.


It is very heavy, much heavier than the Iron sword…


“I understand! I will definitely come back safely!”


And I go through the gate to the dungeon.


Equipped with the steel sword.



The status of the steel sword is as follows.


Equipment Description


Steel Sword D rank


Attack power +20.
(+1 according to Lv.)


Now my attack power is 40.


To be honest, up to the 8th level, although there is a risk of death, it is possible to go solo.


The big bosses are not so easy to defeat solo.


But with this, I should be able to defeat even the middle boss.


I quickly and easily conquered the second to fourth levels.


Levels 3 and 4 are almost the same level as level 2, so I had no trouble.


“So this is the door to the middle boss’s room…”


On the fifth level, I went through the red gate which had a huge door.


Facing the door, which was painted with an ominous pattern and shone dully, my heart beat faster.




Determined, I opened the middle boss’s room vigorously.


Inside is a large, round space.


The radius is about 100 meters.


And in the center of it is a hobgoblin.


“So this is the boss’s room…”


The goblin, whose eyes met mine, roared with a club in his hand.


He was about the same size as me.


It was too small to be called an ogre.


Still, it was a goblin with a hob, which means that it is a respectable goblin.


And I crossed swords with the hobgoblin.




“What is this? This.”


Not heavy at all.


Is this the mid-boss? No, it must be strong enough.


But is this the effect of 40 attack power?


I flick the club that should have hit me, and then with a single thrust, cut the hobgoblin.


“It was weaker than I imagined…”


I had stepped through five levels and had 10 dungeon points with me.


It didn’t feel like that much of an opponent.


Still, many adventurers have died after taking on this mid-level boss without a plan.


The knight series and the steel sword Ai-san bought for me, made me stronger.


(Thank you, Ai-san…)


The hobgoblin corpse disappears and a copper treasure chest appears.


The color of this treasure chest tells what rank of weapon it contains.


If it is copper, it is D rank or lower.


When I was a member of the “Hero Party” in the past, I have seen silver treasure chests.


Silver is C, gold is B, and so on.


The color of the treasure chest is determined by the level.


There are rumors that different colors are rarely seen, but I have never seen such a thing.


The color of the treasure chests is related to the adventurer’s grade.


Up to the ninth level, the adventurer tag is bronze.


After that, silver, gold, platinum, and so on.


So I have a bronze adventurer tag.


Then I open the treasure chest.


Inside was, of course, the “Steel Sword”.


“I’ve never smelted D-rank equipment before, should I give it a try?”


Level up♪  Steel Sword Lv2


I was able to do it normally.


The pt required for the next skill level up is 1000 points.


Then I can level up by farming the middle boss a hundred times.


(Would I then be able to reach C-rank equipment?)

Learn more




“For a while, I guess I’ll aim for the next level while collecting knight series from the middle boss and the 6th level…”


Then the dungeon rounds begin.


Few people know the capabilities of Kenya, who is still a third-rate adventurer.


However, he had surely begun his path to the strongest one step at a time.

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