Chapter 14

The Overwhelming Power of the King

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


“Oh, hey! Takeshi!”


Another man runs up to the man who has been sent flying.


The man stands up, rubbing his cheek and holding back his shaking head.


The two men turn around and shout angrily, glaring at us.


“Hey, what the hell are you doing!”


“You hit me out of nowhere! I hope you’re ready to be killed!”


Two men stand up and strike and slash at Kenya.


One seems to be a swordsman and the other a monk.


As expected, they don’t seem to have any intention of killing him, but they will still be in a lot of pain if they continue.


Kenya swings his Japanese sword.


The flash of his sword flicks the man’s steel sword and blasts him far away.


The man is stunned by what has happened.


The other striking fist clenches with his left hand.


Kenya takes that fist and clenches it back from above.


“What the hell are you doing? That’s my  line, though, isn’t it?”


His voice came out incredibly low.


It was as if he was still angry at Sato.


Then, he put all his strength into his clenched fist.


“Ouch! Time! Time!”


The man falls to his knees and pleads for forgiveness.


The man whose sword was knocked out of his hand also begins to apologize, perhaps sensing the difference in my abilities.


Perhaps these men are equipped with the knight series.


They are no match for Kenya, with the king series, with his overwhelming power.


“I’m sorry, I apologize if I did something wrong, please forgive me.”


The men who rotated their palms at high speed started apologizing for now.


It seems that he is not the one who can be defeated even if they try any more, adventurers have enough ability to make that judgment.


“Apologize to that girl, and turn yourself in.”


“Hey, what? Oh, you!”


Kenya pointed to Misuzu.


The men understood the meaning the moment they saw Misuzu.


“Don’t tell me you don’t recognize that girl.”


“Oh, oh, that’s what you meant… We got hit die to that woman, ouch! Ouch!”


“Are you going to apologize or not?”


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, get your hands off me!”


Kenya then let go of his hands.


The men apologized to Misuzu, rubbing their foreheads on the ground with their hands.


“S-sorry, I’m sorry!!!!”


It was a brilliant get down on the ground, as if they were used to apologizing.


I’m a little interested.


There are probably not many things that can throw away their pride and apologize easily.


“No, it’s okay, it was my fault.”


Misuzu put her hands out in front of her and shook her head.


She backs away, saying, “It’s my fault too.”






Misuzu is suddenly called by Kenya in a loud voice, and she is surprised and raises a strange voice.


“You did nothing wrong, and it’s never the bullied fault.
It’s always the bully’s fault.
The victim is the victim and the abuser is the abuser.”


Kenya says to Misuzu, as if to himself.


She was not bullied, but to Kenya, it’s the same thing.


“And these guys are the perpetrators, you are the victim.
You have nothing to apologize for.”


At Kenya’s words, Misuzu decides to accept the apology.


“Yes…I accept your apology then.
Please don’t let this happen in the future.”


“Heh, heh!”




“Well, we’re done…”


Kenya patted them on the shoulder as they were about to leave.


Then, with a smile, he said, “Turn yourself in.”


“Turn yourself in, and you will be punished accordingly.”


“Isn’t it ok?”




Kenya then walked through the gate to the first level and turned the two into the dungeon association and had them turn themselves in.


With this, the gate was released, and from now on, he could challenge the 10th level directly from the first level.


The Dungeon Association is an organization that organizes the dungeon.


It is not the same as the police or the military, but in the end, it is an association run by the government.


It is a special organization that was established in the midst of a lack of legal regulations in the dungeon.


This time, in light of the regulations of the dungeon association, they would probably be judged.


As a result, the two adventurers were disqualified.


One must apply to become an adventurer to become one.


Since they were permanently disqualified, they would never be able to dive in a dungeon again.


To be honest, however, they could have been sentenced for attempted murder, but Misuzu was able to control the situation.


She said it was not that serious.


“Are you sure?”


“It’s fine! If anything, Kenya-san is more angry than me.”


“No, haha, sorry.”


Indeed, I was comparing myself to Misuzu and those guys to Sato.


My business was done, so I said goodbye and went to Ai’s place. I was about to leave and go to Ai’s place when Misuzu grabbed my sleeve.




“So, Kenya-san, I just need your contact information.
I became an adventurer, but I don’t have anyone I can rely on…”


“Hmm? That’s fine.”


Then, Misuzu and I exchange contact information.


With a “ping pong” sound, Misuzu’s contact information enters my phone.


“Also, where is your high school?”


“High school? I went to high school at Kibogaoka High School.


“Oh, my friend from junior high school is there! Also, what’s your address?”


“Address? Why?


“Just in case, just in case.”


“I don’t know what it’s just in case… but it’s in Saitama Prefecture, XXXXXXXXX, okay?”


Misuzu typed Kenya’s address quickly on her phone.


How can you type that fast with those long fingernails?


“Also, please tell me your family structure, just in case.”


“What! I mean, I’m living with my sister right now.”


(Your sister…if you don’t have parents, I wonder if she has a dog…)

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Misuzu is mumbling something.


Then she looked up with a big smile, not a fake smile.


“Well, let me thank you next time! Let’s meet again! Kenya sen~pai♥”


And Misuzu was gone.


Her last smile left a very strong impression on my mind.


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