Chapter 15

Let's Talk Business

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


“Kenya-kun? What do you mean?”


“I’m sorry, I was just…”


“I didn’t mean that!”


The sound of her yelling and banging on the desk echoes through the noisy lobby.


At the sound of her voice, the area is enveloped in silence, but the clamor is instantly restored.


“Why did you challenge the boss room all by yourself!”


“No, because I wanted to challenge it…”




Ai smiles at Kenya with her usual icy look and scary smile.


“S-sorry! It won’t happen again!”


I stand up on the spot and apologize with all my might.


This was totally my fault.


It’s okay that I succeeded, but I had challenged the boss room without informing the navigator in charge.


“Oh God! I allowed the middle boss, but it’s too early for the big boss… it’s really dangerous with the knight series, you know?”


“Well, that’s…”


Kenya then removes the king series gauntlet from his equipment and places it in front of her.


“What? You’re taking out the knight’s gauntlet…eh? This…eeeeeee!!!?”


“I’ve made the king series…”


“So, you’ve done it, does that mean you’ve done it with your skills, Kenya?”




“For some reason, I feel angry.”


Ai-san was always surprised, and I kept talking apologetically.


Ai-san realizes the gravity of the situation and starts whispering.


“The King series costs a couple of million, you know? That’s the kind of equipment that is a drop from the 20th level and above, and can only be obtained by top adventurers of the silver level, you know?”


Searchers up to the 10th level are bronze.


Levels 20-30 are silver.


Levels 30-40 are gold.


Levels 50-60 are platinum.


Incidentally, the Yoi no Meiboshi led by [Tendo Ryunosuke] has exceeded the 60th level, so a new adventurer tag has been created for him as a diamond level.


“Yes, I’ve made something… Voila! I put this on and it makes me want to take on boss battles… sorry, I got carried away.”


I apologized, my usual non-smiling smile changing in mid-sentence.


“But this is a big deal, you know? The King series is such that one is delivered every day.
To be able to produce that consistently…”


(This is definitely an excellent product or at least a super bargain.
I guess I was right.)


“So, Ai-san?”


“Yes, yes.


“Is it possible to get the knight series wholesale?”




That’s what Kenya had in mind, and if this came to fruition, Kenya’s world could literally be transformed.


“Yes, I’d like to buy about 20 units a day on a regular basis.
And a delivery address for the king series.”


Yes, mass produce and deliver the king series from the knight series to make money.


That’s what I’m asking for advice on.


We could ask the dungeon association to buy them, but if we can get a stable and large supply, it would be better to ask a vendor.


“Hmm, I’ll have to ask the vendor to do that, I’ll wait and ask them.”


Then Ai-san went to the back, leaving me there.


(I hope it won’t be important…)


Kenya was a little worried, but his fears became reality.


After a while, Ai-san came back with an apologetic look on her face.


She put her hands together in an apologetic gesture.


“I’m sorry.
It just happened…”


Ai stood me up and took me to the back room.


There was a grandfather and an uncle in the room where I was taken.


The grandfather had sharp eyes, yet he seemed kind.


He sat rubbing his beard and looking at me.


The man sitting in front of him across the desk was probably in his 40s.


He was wearing a suit and glasses that gave him the air of a successful CEO, but he looked younger with a slight tan.


He has a black glow, why do do-it-yourself CEOs have a black glow?


“Woohoo, Ai-chan, is that the guy you were talking about earlier who said he could deliver the King series?”


“Yes! It’s Mitsurugi Kenya-kun.”


Then Grandfather spoke and Ai answered.


Then he introduced me.


“Kenya-kun, this is the chairman of the Dungeon Association.
I told my boss about the delivery and he happened to hear it, and he came to this place for you because he thought it would be interesting.


Ai apologizes to me again, along with a pause of sorry.


“I talked about your skills…”


“Ha, that’s okay, they’ll know it someday.”


“I’m sorry, okay? And this is…”


“This is Issei Tanaka, the representative of Weapon Co.”


With that, the man in the suit hands me his business card.


“Gosh, thank you very much for your politeness.
I am Kenya Mitsurugi.”


He happened to be here today for another business meeting, and it seems that the chairman of the board prepared this place for me as a side note.


“Well, let’s talk about business right away…”


And so me, Ai, the chairman, and Tanaka-san sit around the desk, and the business meeting began.


(I’m underage…is that ok?)

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