Chapter 21

If you think you can catch a fish with rice, you're wrong!

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


“But first… Kenya, are you hungry?”


Hungry? I only have bean sprouts in my stomach, but if that’s what you call being hungry, then I am hungry.


“I’ve had fried bean sprouts (only bean sprouts), but I can still eat more.”


“Ha ha! Stir-fried bean sprouts! Ha ha ha!”


You don’t have to laugh so much.


Don’t laugh at poverty, bean sprouts are great.


Tanaka-san notices me frowning and starts apologizing.


“Oh no, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
I just got nostalgic.
I used to eat it all the time.
Only with bean sprouts and yakiniku sauce.”


So Tanaka-san is a bean sprout lover, so let’s form an alliance.


There is nothing wrong with being a bean sprout lover, it is always the world that has made us poor.


“Me too, I used to be poor.
My parents died early, so I had to quit high school halfway through….
I miss the fried bean sprouts we used to eat every day…”


Tanaka-san looks at the sky with nostalgia.


He must be reminiscing about the past, how can that happen even though he is the president of such a big company?


“I don’t see it at all, from the President of such a big company.”


“Well, I guess you could call it hungry spirit, and it worked.
Now it’s all fine dining every day, though.”


That’s a successful man.


I’ll have to scrap the bean sprout alliance, I’m afraid.


“So, Kenya-kun.
Would you prefer sushi or meat cooked on a griddle?”


Huh? You’re going to treat me to a meal?


I won’t give in to your attempts to bait me!



“What the hell!”


I was eating a dish that was a combination of lean fish that looked like meat, namely tuna, and rice with just the right amount of vinegar, namely proper cooked rice.


Sushi is a food, and you’ve at least had sushi before, right? Of course I have.
I’ve had sushi before, the rotating ones and the supermarket specials.


If you call that sushi, then this is not sushi.


If you call this sushi, then those are not sushi.


It is probably the best food I have ever eaten.


It is as good as a bowl of beef after fasting for two days due to a miscalculation of food cost.


It was painful.
The big fatty tuna melted in my mouth and disappeared, and one bite was enough for 10 days of my family’s food expenses.


So this is what it’s like to be a see-saw in Zagin.
This isn’t Ginza, though.


“Haha, I’m happy that you think it’s delicious.”


“It’s so good! Oh, please give me another one of these.”


“Aiyo! Tanaka-san, is he an explorer too? He’s still young, but he looks great.”


In front of me, a silver-tipped man with a towel wrapped around his head is making sushi.


It’s as if the fish and the rice are one and the same.


The sushi shines like a jewel.


I thought it was only on TV, but the great treasure of Hitotsuyanagi is real!


The sushi was just the right amount of warmth and was so smooth to the palate that I could eat as many as I wanted.


So this is the farthest place.


“Oh, he’s going to be our Ace, and I brought him here to introduce him to this restaurant.”


“I will be! I’ll do my very best.
I’ll work as hard as I can so that I can come here on my own!”


“Haha, I’m glad to hear that, look, it’s a service.
You eat a lot, it’s on me anyway.”


Kenya was easily baited.


He was so happy because the food was so delicious that he felt that about 30% of the happiness in his life was about eating good food.


I wish I could bring Nana or my mother to this place someday.



“It was delicious!”


After eating their fill of sushi, Kenya and the others returned to the president’s office.


The woman at the reception brought them hot tea.


The soaking green tea melts away the refined fish oil, and it feels like bliss.


“Well then, now that your stomach is full, it’s time to talk about the contract.”


“Yes! Oh, here’s my mother’s power of attorney.
It’s my life, and I’ve been told to do as I please!”


“Thank goodness you have an understanding mother.”


Kenya hands the power of attorney to Tanaka-san.


Then Tanaka-san unfolds the contract as well.


“Well, it’s a document like this, it’s written in difficult language, so le me summarize it.”


Tanaka-san summarized the contents of the contract.


One, I will not wholesale equipment to other companies unless there are special circumstances.


This is no problem as long as Tanaka-san is willing to buy them.


Two, I must deliver at least 50 units of the King series per month, unless Tanaka-san is unable to provide me with the Knight series.


This was taken into consideration by Tanaka-san.


I said that I may use alchemy to get stronger and that for now, instead of the limit of 2 pieces a day, he would use 50 pieces a month so that it would not be unreasonable.


This suggestion would be very helpful.


Three, establish a guild.


This is a request from Tanaka-san.


It is not impossible for an individual to do it, but it is better to establish a guild.


A guild is actually a kind of legal entity, or a company, but since it is a company where explorers gather, it is called a guild for simplicity’s sake.


In fact, it is more convenient to make a contract with a company than with an individual, and to be honest, I don’t really know what to expect since I was asked to help set up the company on their back.


These were the details of the contract.


Other than creating a guild, there are no problems.


I don’t know much about tax returns or anything like that.


“So, here’s the expected monthly transaction amount and your income.
Well, before taxes, etc.
are deducted.”


And the documents he showed me.


“No way…”


I was shocked.

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