Chapter 3

We are poor, but alchemist is a rare job

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


[Skill Level Up♪ Lv 10.
Alchemy  rank rises to D rank]


“The Alchemy rank has risen to D rank! Not the number of times you can smelt?”


If this means exactly what I think, I can now smelt D-rank items as well.


That means.


I can’t try it because I can’t prepare D-rank equipment…


Then, perhaps taking my feelings into account, the announcement announced something I could not believe.


[Additionally, E-rank equipment +9 will evolve to D-rank if it is additionally smelted.]


“What does this mean? Evolution of the equipment?”


I get upset and speak to myself alone loudly.


I’ve never heard of equipment evolving.


Certainly, there are pieces of equipment that are completely compatible with the soldier series, starting with the soldier’s gauntlet.


And even above that…


But those are dungeon drops.


Basically, they were not supposed to be related, just similar in effect.


I look at the soldier’s gauntlet +9 on my right arm.


And the soldier’s gauntlet, which I only got one more today.


The number of times I could smelt it was nine times a day, so I only had one more time left.


“Ya, let’s give it a try…”


And I smelt! as usual.


Normally, I would get the message in my brain that I can’t smelt anymore, but not today.


The soldier’s gauntlet changes shape as I look at it, enveloped in soft light.


Then came the announcement.


[The alchemy has succeeded.
Soldier’s gauntlet +9 has become knight’s gauntlet.]


“Eh, eeeeeeee!!!!????.”


Alone in the dark room, only my screams reverberate.


I screamed out uncontrollably.


Hearing my voice echoing in the small room, I managed to calm my excited mind.


“Could this be the evolution in the realm of alchemists?”


What I saw was the D-rank equipment I had seen on the TV.


This one piece of equipment sells for close to 100,000 yen.


In a dungeon, this is an item that can only be found after the 11th level.


I have that equipment in my hands.


With one of these, I can pay close to three months’ rent.


I gulped really hard.


“If I sell it, I can have a big bowl of beef every day, or even a hot egg…”


I hadn’t eaten rice in a long time, and I wanted money and rice more than I wanted to be strong.


But I shake my head widely to shake those thoughts away.


“No, no! I just got this D-rank equipment! I have to use it to earn more money.”


And I stand up.


I’m already wounded to the bone, but my body, now that it has hope, is filled with strength like a fish in water.


“Nana, maybe I can make some money with this!”


My heart swells with the possibilities of the alchemist’s job.


Then I put on the knight’s gauntlet.


Then, it is not just my imagination, but I am truly overflowing with power.


I stare at the knight’s gauntlet and information appears.




Knight’s gauntlet


Description: Gauntlets equipped by knights.
They are much stronger than soldiers’.


Ability: Attack power +20, +1 depending on Lv.








Name: Kenya Mitsurugi


DP: 0pt


Occupation: Alchemist


Alchemy Lv10: 1000pt to the next level


(Can alchemize rank D weapons 10 times a day)




Weapon: [Sword of Iron Lv 2]


Head: [Soldier’s Helmet Lv9]


Body: [Soldier’s breastplate Lv9]


Hands: [Knight’s gauntlets Lv1]


Foot :[Soldier’s Armor Lv9]




Offensive ability: 0 (+24)




Speed: 0 (+10)


Intelligence: 0 (+10)




“So this is the power of D-rank equipment…”


With a strength increase of about 20, I can’t even beat a muscle-trained macho, but I still feel stronger each step of the way.


“At this rate, if I collect the soldier series, I can dream of completing the knight series, can’t I?”


That day, I ended my search because I had wounds all over my body.


Now I want to show this equipment to my sister.


I want to show her that she doesn’t have to worry about money.


Kenya forgets his tired body and runs to the first level of the dungeon.


He is thrilled with his newfound power.


“There it is, the gate.”


Then he finds the blue gate to the first level.


To move through the levels, you use this gate instead of the stairs.


The blue gate is the gate to go back one level, and the red gate is the gate to go to the next level.


And I go through the gate.



“Welcome back! Kenya!”


There was a beautiful, big-breasted, bespectacled woman waiting for me.

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