Chapter 5

I've got a plan for the money.

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


“Hey, why did you do that!”


“Sorry, I saw the message on your phone.”


(Actually, I pressed your fingerprints and I opened it, but let’s not talk about that)


“Oh, yeah.
But I didn’t, so don’t worry about it?”


This would be true.


Because from the message I saw yesterday, it didn’t sound like the conversation was going anywhere yet.


“You don’t have to sacrifice for your family…”


“But that doesn’t mean you  have to sacrifice brother! Ca, like a cabaret! Is that possible?”


“No high school student can work in such a place.
You should study hard, it’s your job.”


“But we don’t have any money! You can’t even go to college, so what’s the point of studying?”


Nana slams her hands on the desk.


She leans forward and tries to make her point.


So Kenya took out the knight’s gauntlet he had equipped and placed it on the desk.


“Look at this.”


“This could be the knight series! Where did you get that kind of money… But more importantly, did brother become an explorer again?”


One year ago, Kenya became an explorer as soon as he became a high school student.


He was active for about half a year and was expelled for being incompetent at his job…


“Yes, your brother became good enough to get this knight series.”


“This equipment is about the equivalent of three months’ rent…I can eat a beef bowl for a month and with a lot of sauce…”


Nana looks at the gauntlet, drooling.


Stop, that’s a gauntlet, not a beef bowl.


And the tsuyu dakubuku is free.


As expected of my sister, Kenya proceeds, feeling a definite blood connection.


“I mean, you know, I can afford it…I think.
So don’t sacrifice yourself, especially papa-katsu…”


“Okay! I get it!!! I’m not going to do papa-katsu! I hate it so much when my brother talks to me like that…”


No one wants to be talked about sexually by their immediate family.


I don’t like it either.


“I hope you understand.
It’s tough, but I’ll do my best.”


“Yeah…I’ll work hard at my part-time job too!”


And on that day, we were able to sleep next to each other, feeling unusually content.


We only had space to sleep next to each other…


And the next morning.


Kenya stood in the dungeon again.


And then he goes to his big-breasted…well, Ai-san.


“Good morning, Kenya! Up to the second level today too, right?”


“Yes! I’ll be collecting the soldier series for a while!”


“Well then, good luck.
The schedule is the same as yesterday, at 17:00, right? After that, I’ll send out a distress call, okay?




Kenya enters the red gate in the center as usual.


There are other gates, but those are not available.


It is a gate to the safe zone to the 10th or 20th level.


I can’t use it yet.


Then I move to the second level.


The second through ninth levels are labyrinths surrounded by rugged stone.


However, since all the levels have already been explored and maps are available, it is hard to get lost.


There are even signs in some places to help you find your way around.


“Okay! Let’s go for it!”


And I go around the dungeon as usual.


And then I defeat the goblins.




Wow, this is the power of the knight series…


Kenya had a comfortable fight against the goblins he had struggled with until now.


Goblins are easy to beat even in their bare form, but when there are more of them, it becomes tougher.


However, they were not the current opponent of Kenya with the knight series.


He picked up a soldier’s gauntlet dropped from a goblin.


There is the same thing in the treasure chest at the back.


He runs around until the evening and collects twenty gauntlets.


“Now, enough waiting.
It’s smelting time.”


Level up♪ Soldier’s gauntlet Lv 2


Level up♪ Soldier’s gauntlet Lv 3






Level up♪ Soldier’s gauntlet Lv 9 


Evolution♪ Knight’s gauntlet Lv 1


“That’s all I can do today.
The problem is that I can only do it ten times a day.”


I left the dungeon today with 1 knight’s gauntlets and 10 soldier’s gauntlets.


“Welcome back! You were on time today, great, great, great.”


Ai-san, sitting in front of me, pats my head and I close my eyes pleasantly.


Oh, I feel happy.


(Oh my God, what a cute creature ♥)


Nakano Ai liked younger men.


This cute high school student with a pretty face, who can be patted as she pleases, was quite her type.


“Ah! Ai-san!”




I was having a weird fantasy, and then he suddenly spoke to me, causing me to make a strange voice.


“Hyai? Oh well.
I’d like to redeem it today.”


“Oh, you want to redeem? OK, OK, no problem! Soldier’s gauntlet? Let me see!”


And Kenya holds out the knight’s gauntlet as if he’s having trouble getting it out.


Just for today.


Just today, I wanted to feed her something delicious.


I want to go out for yakiniku with my sister, who hasn’t eaten out for a while, and I want to buy her some clothes.






Kenya then placed the knight’s gauntlet on the desk.


“Yes, a soldier’s gaun… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

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