rse abuse.

“Even if I go with you, I would just be a hindrance right?”

“Yeah, you’re right.
My chances of survival will skyrocket if I’m alone.”

“Ha ha, you never mince words.”

“Just that, I still find the situation to be regrettable.”

I know that there is little I can do.
It would be one thing if he were able to fight to a certain extent.
It was foolish to try and take an amateur who would only be a hindrance.
Right now, I am only able to fight and protect myself.
This world is not so kind that it would allow me to protect someone else at this Level.
However, in that case…

“Then, sit tight.”


“I will Level Up even further from now and become the strongest.
And then one day, I will subjugate every last monster in this world and free all of humanity.”

“…… Ha, ha.”

Thor stared for a while and then smiled wryly.
(T/N: and I cringed.)

“Seriously… You always spout such crazy words.
It’s insane because you seem like you would actually try to do it.”

“Not seem like, I will.
That’s a promise.” (T/N: Stop! you’re killing me!)

“I know.
You’re that kind of a guy after all.”

Our conversation broke off there.
If I want to leave the town, I can’t stand around talking here all day.
Thor understood that too.

“Leave already.
You’re not the kind to be shut in this cage for any longer are you?”


I shook off any lingering regret and turned away form Thor.

“……Don’t get eaten, Theo”

To the words of farewell uttered to my back, I replied without turning around,

“You don’t too, Thor.”

And then one man walked down the road leading to the exit.
With every step the light from outside grew in intensity until it became dazzling, and then burst apart.


I inadvertently let a contented sigh escape.
Spread in front of me was the wide ocean lit by the setting sun.
Right before of me was a rock cliff jutting over the ocean.
Opposite it was a red horizon that seem to stretch till the ends of the world.
It’s a sight I’d grown tired of seeing in my past life, but now it makes my chest tighten and my feet stop in awe.

I’ve finally set foot in the outside world huh?

I felt the salty breeze on my cheek.
The sudden cold wind felt good on my flushed skin.
I could feel each breath renewing my lungs, like a stagnant backwater fed by a fresh stream.

I wonder when was the last time I felt that the wind was so fresh.

Since I reincarnated the sky was always boxed by the huge town walls.
That’s why I’d forgotten.
The sky has no boundaries and the world is truly free.
Now I can go anywhere I want in this world.
For some reason I felt the same exaltation I’d felt while setting out for my first adventure.
I could stare at this beautiful scenery forever, but…

…I can’t afford to come to a stop here.

The price for such a scenery is never cheap.
A pursuer might come behind me at any time.
I then looked around and found some stairs that were gouged into the cliff’s side.
Below them was a wooden pier where a small boat was docked.
I suppose it was used to bring in supplies.
That works out perfectly for me, setting sail is the best way to start a new adventure.

“Well then, let’s go.”

I voiced it out to give myself a push.
I stepped forward towards the world beyond and began my first adventure.
And then…


Without any warning, it felt like the flow of every natural phenomenon was disrupted by a discontinuity and the entire world pulsed.
Simultaneously, the air around me changed in quality like I’d suddenly stepped into the spirit world.
And then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed flaming feathers fluttering about.

“—- —- This is quite strange.”

I suddenly heard a girl’s voice.

“I came around to see what was burning, but why is there a human fallen over here?”

A voice as beautiful as the call of a songbird.
It had a disparate tonality compared to a human’s voice.
The difference was so stark that it could no longer be called a “voice” but a “timbre”2.
I slowly turned towards that voice.
It was the same scenery I’d started at all this while.
In front of that scenery, it was there.
For just how long has she been there? At some point3 a girl had appeared in front of me.

T/N Notes:

It’s a psychological term apparently. I don’t get it either.
Think of it as a high and melodic opera like voice, that’s how I imagined it.
Well maybe not opera…think tenor.
Why didn’t I use melody instead of timbre? It felt like that’s not what the author was getting at so I went with timbre. The entire world shook and you still can’t figure out when she appeared?

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