In the second year of Jinghe, the light rain weaved a misty net between the sky and the earth, and the breeze blew, making the raindrops float through the screen window and fall on the surface. 

She was like a fish in that net who seemed to be nourished by the rain to live well, but in fact she was almost suffocated to death. 

Yin Hui, who was a princess, had never experienced that kind of depression for a long time. 

She was the young lady of the Yin family, the richest merchant in Yandi.
Since she was young, she was well-clothed and beautiful.
When her relatives saw her, they all praised her for her good looks. 

At the age of marriage, Yin Hui did marry the third son of Prince Yan, Wei Luo, under the envy of countless women in Yan.

Who dared to say that a woman from a business family could marry the grandson of the Emperor? 

It was a pity that not long after marrying Wei Luo, Yin Hui experienced chest tightness. 

From the young maids of the palace, Yin Hui learned that he once had a cousin who was a childhood sweetheart, and that cousin looked like a fairy.
If it wasn’t for his father, Prince Yan who needed money to pay for military supplies, she, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, would not be his wife.
Wei Luo’s wife should be that cousin.
The young maids also said that Wei Luo was infatuated with his cousin, and being forced to give up on her became his heart disease, and he rarely smiled since then. 

The first time Yin Hui heard such gossip, she got very uncomfortable for a while, but she quickly denied the rumors.
Because according to her observation, although he always had a cold face in front of everyone, as if everyone owed him tens of thousands of taels of silver, and he had never said anything sweet to her, but Wei Luo at night liked to be close to her.
Furthermore, Wei Luo never asked to have another woman.
Even if she offered to show her virtuousness during pregnancy, Wei Luo refused without thinking. 

He was clearly lustful, but she was his only woman for ten years. 

Yin Hui took all of that as proof that Wei Luo had her in his heart, and his cold face was just natural.
Some people liked to laugh, some were reticent, so it should be nothing unusual. 

Denying that cousin’s status in Wei Luo’s heart, Yin Hui’s married life went generally smooth, especially after her father-in-law ascended the throne.
Wei Luo became Prince Shu, and she also became Princess Shu.
The family of three lived alone in a spacious place in the Shu Palace.
There was no need to serve in-laws, no concubines to worry about, and no disputes between sisters-in-law.
Yin Hui almost had the final say on the internal affairs of the entire palace, and the other women all envied her in turn. 

However, just that day, Wei Luo, who was still working outside, asked his guards to escort a young beautiful woman back home. 

That beautiful woman was Wei Luo’s cousin Wen Ruyue who had been married for many years and experienced widowhood but was still as beautiful as a flower. 

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