Prince Yan told them some things, and before leaving, asked his sons to go to their mothers to say goodbye, and then set off. 

After he left, the atmosphere in the side hall finally relaxed. 

“Brother, did the second elder brother and the second sister-in-law offend the king?” The fourth master Wei Yan asked.
The young man was only fifteen years old, and he was outspoken. 

His younger sister Wei Shan also looked at her elder brother worriedly. 

Wei Yang didn’t answer, but only told his brothers and sisters to study hard, practice martial arts, and not be lazy. 

“Okay, do what you are supposed to do.
You don’t have to send us off later.” 

After dismissing their young siblings, Wei Yang and Wei Luo led their families to the West Sixth House respectively.
Since they were on the same road, they naturally walked together. 

During that journey, they still only chatted about family affairs, as if they had forgotten what happened in the side hall. 

When they arrived at the West Sixth courtyard, the closest to the gate was the residence of Concubine Xu. 

Concubine Xu was the aunt of all the children of Prince Yan.
Wei Luo and Yin Hui also went to greet Concubine Xu first.
Concubine Xu smiled lovingly and said a few words, and then let them leave. 

Wei Luo’s biological mother, Mrs.
Wen, lived in Jinghao Hall. 

On the way to Jinghao Hall, Yin Hui glanced at Wei Luo. 

The turmoil in the side hall was Ji Xianxian’s own fault, but if she had been submissive and silently endured her ridicule instead of deliberately setting up a trick to induce Ji Xianxian to praise the capital, the commotion would not have happened. 

However, her purpose of inducing Ji Xianxian was just to say that she liked Pingcheng, and she was not envious.
Er Lang’s crying was completely unexpected. 

Since the father-in-law only punished the second household, but she and San Lang were also involved, would it cause trouble for Wei Luo? 

As a husband and wife, she just didn’t want to put a hot face on Wei Luo’s cold butt (suck up to someone who is obviously not having it), and didn’t want to force herself to do things she didn’t like.
But she also didn’t want to cause trouble for Wei Luo and ruin the family’s future. 

It was almost time to go to Jinghao Hall.
Yin Hui finally couldn’t hold back, and asked the wet nurse to hold the baby for a while, and tugged on Wei Luo’s sleeve. 

Wei Luo looked at her. 

Yin Hui took a few steps forward to distance herself from the wet nurse. 

Wei Luo came to her side expressionlessly. 

Yin Hui couldn’t help looking at him anxiously, “Third Master, will the eldest brother and sister-in-law remember us for what happened this morning?” 

As a younger brother, San Lang exposed Er Lang’s lies.
Qingwan might not be happy for her son to do that.

Of course the couple would not blame their own son, they would only blame her and even Wei Luo. 

During the trip to the capital, the couple, who had noble relatives in the capital and were familiar with the situation in the capital, might make the situation a little bit of a stumbling block, and Wei Luo might make a mistake, and then fall out of favor with Prince Yan.

Wei Luo’s status in the Yan Palace was directly related to the situation between them. 

Wei Luo looked into her flustered eyes, and said, “Brother is broad-minded, and sister-in-law is also generous, so they shouldn’t care about it, but the second household probably will.” 

Yin Hui pursed her lips. 

The situation in Prince Yan’s palace was complicated.
When she was so cautious in her previous life, it was by no means useless.
At least, she never caused any trouble to Wei Luo. 

Wei Luo’s eyes fell on his wife’s lips, which lost their color. 

“This is the issue of the second brother and the second sister-in-law.
It has nothing to do with you.
You have not made a mistake, so you don’t have to worry about anything,” Wei Hao whispered. 

Could it be that she was afraid that his second elder brother and second sister-in-law would take revenge? 

He was not afraid, and neither should she.

Instead of her timidly shrinking in front of Xu Qingwan or Ji Xianxian, he hoped that she would be like that morning in the future, neither humble nor overbearing. 

Yin Hui looked at Wei Luo in surprise, he didn’t blame her? 

Wei Luo: “Okay, let’s go see Madam.” 

He took the lead and walked forward. 

Yin Hui had no choice but to suppress her confusion, and followed him into Jinghao Hall. 

Prince Yan had five wives and concubines, among which Wei Luo’s biological mother, Mrs.
Wen was the lowest. 

When Mrs.
Wen first entered Prince Yan’s palace, she only had a farmer father, and an elder brother who hadn’t yet passed the examination.
That kind of identity was able to enter Prince Yan’s eyes, all because of her own beauty and attractiveness, which also made her the first concubine that Prince Yan accepted.

Originally, Mrs.
Wen lived in Yuqin Pavillion, the courtyard of West Sixth House, second only to Concubine Xu and Concubine Li.
Later, Concubine Guo, the daughter of a general, came in.

Wen, under the arrangement of Concubine Xu, left Yuqin Pavillion, and moved to Jinghao Hall. 

Those old things were also the news that Yin Hui had heard from the maids after staying in the Yan Palace for a long time.

However, Mrs.
Wen had a gentle temperament and never showed any concern for those mundane matters in front of Yin Hui.
The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were docile and cautious, and they never talked about the other people when they got along, only talking about the trivial daily life of their own family.

Knowing that they would come, Mrs.
Wen was already waiting in the hall.
Even though she was dressed in homely attire, it still couldn’t hide her beauty. 

There were thousands of beauties, Mrs.
Wen was the same as Wei Luo’s cousin Wen Ruyue that Yin Hui met later.
They were all the kind of beauty that was as pale as a chrysanthemum, maybe it was not eye-catching among the beauties, but once a person’s eyes fell on them, they would find that their facial features were very attractive, as moving as the bright moon at night. 

She had to say that the name Wen Ruyue suited her very well. 

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