No matter which was a dream, the previous life or the present, Yin Hui decided to work hard to change the things she didn’t want to see.
She didn’t look forward to Wei Luo’s heart anymore, and she didn’t believe that she could make him forget his childhood sweetheart.
But she could prevent her grandfather’s accidental death.
She also wanted to change Xiao Heng’s parenting style. 

Wei Yan and Ji Xianxian lived in Changyuan Hall.

On the way back from the side hall to Changyuan Hall, Wei Yan didn’t say a word, but his face became more ugly as he walked.
Er Lang, who was behind Ji Xianxian was pulled out, pressed on his knees.
Wei Yan raised his palms high, and slapped him, “I told you not to lie, let me see if you dare to lie in the future!” 

Er Lang was only four years old, and he had always been the apple of his parents’ eyes.
He had never suffered such a beating, so he burst into tears, “Mother! Mother, come and save me!” 


Wei Yan laughed angrily, and slapped him harder, “You still dare to cry? Do you admit your mistake?” 

Er Lang was in too much pain, crying so hard that he didn’t hear what his father said, and only called his mother to come and save him . 

Seeing that, Ji Xianxian rolled her eyes, took a sharp breath, covered her stomach with one hand and supported herself on the maid beside her with the other, and said in pain, “Second Master, my stomach hurts…” 

Wei Yan paused, turned to look at Ji Xianxian and just caught her guilty and evasive eyes. 

But even if the stomachache was fake, she was still pregnant with the child for seven months, and if something bad happened, he would be the one to regret it. 

Furiously, Wei Yan slapped Er Lang for the last time, threw him away, pointed at Ji Xianxian and cursed, “Just pretend, you still continue to spoil him.
Look at Da Lang, and then look at how you are spoiling your son!” 

Ji Xianxian lowered her head and looked at her husband pitifully, she then whispered, “Da Lang is six years old, our Er Lang is still young.
Besides, San Lang was the one who provoked him.
If it wasn’t for San Lang, Er Lang won’t cause trouble.” 

Wei Yan’s spitting immediately sprayed over, “Er Lang is, are you young as well? If you didn’t show off your knowledge in front of the third sister-in-law, would Er Lang make a fuss about going to the capital?” 

Ji Xianxian’s neck shrank from being scolded by him, but how could a person who was used to self-willed pride admit her mistake easily?

She still quibbled, “Why would I show off? She just regrets that she couldn’t go with the third master.
I wanted her to know the prosperity of the capital.”

At most, she talked too much and made her son greedy, which led to the subsequent incident. 

Ji Xianxian looked at Wei Yan aggrievedly, who didn’t think she was wronged at all.
The punishment the couple received was all Ji Xianxian’s fault.
First, she shouldn’t have ridiculed her sister-in-law with words, and second, she shouldn’t have spoiled Er Lang so much that he became a liar.  

Seeing that Ji Xianxian still refused to admit her mistake, Wei Yan didn’t want to say more. 

He stared at Er Lang and said, “Okay, both of you both are right, I’m wrong, okay?! Just think about it, you two don’t need to change, anyway, you can not go out before the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Even if you make a mistake again, you will continue to be grounded.
Anyway, you usually have nothing to do, and you will only delay my work!” 

After finishing speaking, Wei Yan strode away with a straight face. 

Ji Xianxian watched her husband go to Concubine Liu’s yard.

She wasn’t very angry when Wei Yan scolded her badly.
Thinking that her husband might hang out with Concubine Liu and her son during the next period of confinement, she really seemed to have a stomach ache. 

“Don’t worry, madam.
Your health is important.
Besides, the second master is only angry.
In two days, when you teach the young master to admit his mistake, and then go to the second master to make amends, the second master will definitely come back,” the maid hurriedly persuaded Ji Xianxian. 

Ji Xianxian supported her stomach and took a few deep breaths.
Yes, the baby was important.
If she persisted, in two or three months, the baby would be born.
There must be no mistakes. 

After her confinement, she could settle her account with Yin Hui. 

Over there, Concubine Liu was taking care of Si Lang (Fourth Child) who was sick.
Si Lang was just two years old.
He had caught a cold two days ago and was coughing all the time.
The little child couldn’t eat well and couldn’t sleep well at night. 

The noise from the front yard came faintly, and Concubine Liu didn’t pay attention to it until Second Master Wei Yan rushed in aggressively, startling her. 

Concubine Liu thought she had made some mistake, but when she saw that Second Master was just sitting on the edge of the bed, frowning at his son who had just fallen asleep, as if he had been angered, she asked nervously, “Second Master, what happened?” 

Wei Yan raised his head and looked at Concubine Liu.

Concubine Liu was originally just a maid who took care of the flowers and plants in the palace.
In terms of beauty, Concubine Liu was far inferior to Ji Xianxian, but her voice was as gentle as water, which made his scalp tingle with comfort as soon as she spoke.
So Wei Yan accepted her as a sleeping mate.
After giving birth, he promoted her title to Concubine. 

Concubine Liu was gentle and responsible, and never competed with Ji Xianxian.
At that moment, she looked haggard, and one could imagine how dedicated she was to taking care of Shi Lang the two days. 

In front of the gentle women, Wei Yan’s expression softened, and he told Concubine Liu, “Er Lang lied in front of the father king, which caused our family to be grounded.
Er Lang’s mother is the one teaching him.
Shi Lang still depends on you, so teach him to be honest.” 


The second master was already on an errand, yet he was punished so severely, it showed how angry Prince Yan was. 

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