Prince Yan also respected Princess Xu very much, and the new and old favorites couldn’t surpass Princess Xu. 

“Daughter-in-law pays respects to mother,” Yin Hui walked to the center of the hall and saluted with a smile, still respectful but no longer restrained as before. 

The beige with peony pattern made her look like a flower, and it was also a flower that could smile.
Anyone who saw her couldn’t help admiring it. 

Concubine Xu looked at Yin Hui up and down, and praised, “You look so good, you young people should wear bright colors.” 

Yin Hui smiled and said, “Thank you mother for the compliment, if you like me to dress like this, I will often dress up like this.” 

Princess Xu told her to sit down. 

Yin Hui turned around, took the food box from Jinzhan, brought it in front of Princess Xu, and said with a smile, “Mother, the weather has started to get hot, so I made snow fungus pear soup.
It clears heat and moistens dryness, can you taste it?” 

Concubine Xu nodded, “Coincidentally, I just finished talking to the mama and my throat is dry.”

Yin Hui put the food box on the table, opened the lid and took out the soup bowl.
When the bowl lid was removed, a faint steam dispersed. 

“It’s just right to drink now.” 

Yin Hui raised the soup bowl to Princess Xu with both hands. 

Concubine Xu took it, picked up a spoon and scooped a piece of white fungus first, it was smooth and soft in the mouth, sweet but not greasy. 

She nodded in satisfaction, and took another sip, “Yes, I have never had such a white soup that suits my liking.
The ones I ate before were either too sweet or too bland.” 

Yin Hui hurriedly said, “This daughter-in-law will often cook it for you.” 

The mama joked, “The third lady’s mouth is sweet and the soup she cooks is also sweet, and she beat us all.” 

Yin Hui smiled, showing no nervousness on her face.
In fact, her back was already sweating quietly. 

Although she understood some truths, it was the first time she did it, and she needed to explore whether it would work or not. 

Princess Xu ate half a bowl of soup, and finally put it down. 

Looking at Yin Hui, she took the initiative to ask, “Okay, I’ve had the soup, tell me, what do you want from me?” 

Yin Hui’s heart flew to her throat.
Because she saw the kind smile on Princess Xu’s face, she followed the trend, lowered her head in a shy way, and said in shame, “Mother can you guess it?” 

Princess Xu smiled and said, “I have been a little girl too, so of course I can see through your small thoughts, so tell me, what’s the matter with you?” 

Yin Hui whispered, “I’ll tell you the truth, I dreamed about my grandfather last night, and I panicked, so I wanted to ask if you can allow me to go home and visit my relatives.” 

Concubine Xu didn’t seem to expect that she would be asking for such a small matter, and she paused for a moment before laughing, “I thought you had some excessive request, but it turned out to be this, then tell me, what do you want? When will you go back?” 

Yin Hui looked at Concubine Xu in surprise, and said, “The holiday is coming soon, I want to go tomorrow, is that okay?”

Concubine Xu: “Okay, go early, and come back after lunch.
Wu Lang is still young, so don’t take him with you for the time being, and wait until next year when he is stronger.
By the way, go and talk to Mrs.
Wen too lest she worry about it.” 

At that point, the big stone in Yin Hui’s heart finally fell, she took a step back, and solemnly saluted Princess Xu, “Thank you, mother.” 

Princess Xu had other things to deal with, so Yin Hui said goodbye.
When she reached the gate of the courtyard, Concubine Li walked over to meet her. 

Concubine Li was not well-dressed for the first time.
She wore a blue beige outfit, and there were not many hairpons on her hair. 

Seeing Yin Hui, and then looking at the food box in Jinzhan’s hand, Concubine Li raised her eyebrows and laughed ironically, “What a filial daughter-in-law, while the eldest sister-in-law is away and the second sister-in-law is restrained, you hurried up to curry favor, isn’t it?” 

Yin Hui didn’t confront her, stepped aside, lowered her eyes and said, “I’ve seen the side concubine.” 

Concubine Li obviously didn’t take her seriously, and left after the sarcasm.

Yin Hui also vaguely guessed the reason for Concubine Li’s visit.
Prince Yan’s intercession didn’t work, so she went to ask Concubine Xu for help. 

It could be seen that Princess Xu had the final say on the back house of Prince Yan’s palace.
As long as she did not offend Princess Xu, she could also ask Princess Xu to decide if the other families dared to make trouble unreasonably. 

Inside, Concubine Xu was discussing Yin Hui’s changes with the person beside her.
When they learned that Concubine Li had arrived, the master and servant cut off the conversation. 

“Sister, please help me.
The second daughter-in-law is at a critical time, and she is grounded at this juncture.
If the fetus has any harm, what will happen?” She said as she came in front of Princess Xu. 

Concubine Xu motioned to the mama beside her to help Concubine Li to sit down, and said solemnly, “I’ve heard about this too, the prince hates people to lie to him the most, and Er Lang really shouldn’t have lied.” 

Concubine Li continued to wipe away her tears, “Er Lang should be punished.
I will definitely teach him a lesson later, but the second daughter-in-law’s health is critical, and I ask you, the princess, to help persuade the prince.”

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