Concubine Xu said, “The lord is in a fit of anger, and persuading him at this time will only add fuel to the flames.
Wait for some time, sister.
When the lord is in a good mood, I will choose the opportunity to persuade him.
Don’t worry about the second daughter-in-law.
I have three doctors, if an issue arises, the doctor is always on call, and besides, the second daughter-in-law has already given birth once, so she knows how to birth a baby, so she will be fine.” 

The implication was that if something happened, it was Ji Xianxian who didn’t take care of herself. 

Concubine Li almost vomited blood. 

Princess Xu spoke so well but in fact she didn’t give her a single promise. 

Concubine Li was not reconciled, so she tried a few more times, but no matter what she said, Princess Xu could turn it around beautifully.

She returned without success again, and only paid the price of being smoked with pepper water for nothing. 

Yin Hui’s two trips in the morning went very smoothly.
Princess Xu accepted her, and Mrs.
Wen was also very talkative.
Not only did she not get angry that her daughter-in-law was going out of the house, she even took out a ginseng from her small storeroom and asked Yin Hui to take it with her for the old man. 

Yin Hui couldn’t refuse, so she had to accept. 

At night, Yin Hui was so excited that she couldn’t sleep, her mind was full of the reunion with her grandfather. 

After breakfast the next day, Yin Hui took Wei Luo’s badge and bid farewell to Princess Xu and Mrs.
Wen, then walked toward Houzai Gate in the north. 

In the autumn light, she took Jinzhan through the Houzai Gate, the North Pass Gate in front of the Moat Bridge, and the thickest North Outer Gate, and came out of the Yan Palace for the third time in her two lives. 

The previous two times happened in those ten years, one was when her grandfather died and she went to pay homage to him, and the other was when she went to Beijing with Princess Xu and others. 

Sitting in the carriage, Yin Hui slightly opened a gap in the curtain, watching the carriage go forward along the alleyway, until the high wall finally came to an end, and the vision suddenly widened, revealing the boundless blue sky. 

When the breeze blew over without hindrance, Yin Hui closed her eyes and took a deep breath. 

Both the Yan Palace and Yin Mansion were located in the east city of Pingcheng, but one was in the north and the other was in the south. 

When Yin Hui came out, the palace arranged four guards with swords for her.
Riding tall horses, two of them opened the way in front, and two guarded behind. 

Looking at the entire Pingcheng, apart from some high-ranking officials, only the family members of Prince Yan’s palace could travel with such ostentation. 

Yin Hui was sitting in the carriage, and could hear the discussions and speculations of the people on the side of the road, and when the carriage arrived at Lion Lane where the Yin House was located, someone guessed her identity, “Are you the second lady of the Yin family coming home to visit relatives? The sign hanging in front of the carriage is of the Yan palace, right? Uncle Zhang can read, tell him to come out and have a look!” 

Soon a middle-aged man’s voice came over: “Yes, it’s the carriage of Prince Yan’s palace.
Miss is back!” 

For a moment, the entire Lion Lane seemed to be boiling, and some idle people followed the carriage and walked toward the Yin House, and the noise brought more neighbors out to watch the excitement. 

After all, the Yin family was the most wealthy family in Yandi, and there was no one in Pingcheng who did not know the Yin family.
Among them, the people who were most familiar with the situation of the Yin family were the neighbors in Lion Lane. 

“Second Miss was raised in front of my own eyes.
She liked to come out to play since she was a child.
She looked fresh and beautiful.
It is not an exaggeration to say that she is a fairy who descended from the sky.
Hey, I saw her fate earlier.
Look, she really got a good fate as I read.
She is now the daughter-in-law of Prince Yan, and is married to the noble family.
Even the daughters of the prefect can’t marry so well!” 

“She’s blessed.
I remember that when she was a child, she liked to eat our dried fruit, and she would come to buy it every time she went out…” 

“Nonsense, the second lady likes to eat our red bean paste buns!”

The common people, especially the women, discussed enthusiastically.
Many of the voices were familiar to Yin Hui, even though she hadn’t seen them for two or three years, she still remembered them.

Jinzhan’s eyes got red, “It feels like we haven’t been back for a long time.” 

She missed the days of being a maid in the Yin Mansion.
The young lady was favored and liked to go out for a walk, so carefree.
But when they arrived at Prince Yan’s palace, the maids in the other households looked down on her.
Even the young lady suffered a lot of grievances in front of Ji Xianxian, Wei Shan and others, and even the third master was also cold. 

“Don’t cry, it’s not good if this spreads,” Yin Hui reminded Jinzhan. 

Not all the neighbors were happy that she married high.
If someone saw Jinzhan crying and spread rumors that the master and servant had been wronged in the Yan Palace, what would everyone in the palace think? 

Jinzhan took a few deep breaths and swallowed the sourness. 

They finally reached the Yin Mansion.

Jinzhan put on the veiled hat for Yin Hui, even though the neighbors had seen her face, she was a female family member of Prince Yan’s palace, what should be paid attention to still had to be paid attention to. 

After doing that, Jinzhan jumped out of the carriage first, stood up, and turned around to help Yin Hui. 

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