Ji Xianxian’s expression changed suddenly. 

However, San Lang was still gesturing at Er Lang, showing that he could go, but he could not. 

On being stimulated, Er Lang became more violent.
The nurse wanted to take him away, but Er Lang beat and kicked the nurse.

His wife and children made a fool of himself in front of his brothers, and the second master Wei Yan could no longer smile.
Just as he was about to reprimand his son, a voice that sounded ordinary but implying majesty came from the entrance on the left front of the side hall, “It’s early in the morning, who is crying?”

Before the voice fell, Yin Hui and the others stood up in unison to welcome the Patriarch, Prince Yan. 

Prince Yan was the second son of Emperor Jianlong.
He became king at the age of eighteen.
Later, he moved to Yan City with his family and lived in Pingcheng. 

Prince Yan was forty-three that year.
He was in the prime of his life.
He was tall, strong, handsome, and his temperament was noble.
He looked like a king. 

Before her rebirth, the person Yin Hui admired the most was her father-in-law, who was able to defend against enemies with martial arts and govern the country with literature; he was simply born to be an emperor. 

It was just that Prince Yan was too imposing, Yin Hui used to be afraid of the taciturn Wei Luo, let alone the prince who was cold and arrogant. 

Not just her, the juniors in the Yan Palace were afraid of him.
At that moment, they all lowered their eyes respectfully, and even Er Lang, who was crying to go to the capital, leaned nervously beside Ji Xianxian at the moment.
He didn’t dare to wipe his tears with his hands, and only when the snot was about to fall, he twitched hard, making a sound that resounded throughout the side hall. 

Prince Yan took the seat in front of him, his gaze fell directly on Er Lang, and asked, “What is Er Lang crying for?” 

Er Lang looked at Ji Xianxian nervously. 

A cold sweat broke out on Ji Xianxian’s back.
If her father-in-law knew that Er Lang wanted to go to the capital, would he misunderstand that she was dissatisfied with his arrangement as he only sent the eldest master and the third master to the capital, and she deliberately urged her son to find trouble? 

Ji Xianxian didn’t dare to say anything. 

At the critical moment, her husband, Wei Yan, raised his head and said to Prince Yan with shame, “It’s because this son didn’t discipline Er Lang well, that he was crying because of some trivial things.
This son will definitely teach him a lesson.” 

Prince Yan glanced at him, then looked at Da Lang and asked, “Tell me, Da Lang, why is your second brother crying?”

Da Lang was six years old, and he had already started to study.
He was also the most sensible among his brothers.
He dared not hide it when his grandfather asked him, and said in a clear voice, “Grandpa, my second brother wants to go to the capital.” 

He didn’t mention Ji Xianxian and did not mention San Lang irritating Er Lang, only the reason why Er Lang cried. 

Xu Qingwan secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
With her father-in-law’s temper, he would never like the younger generation exposing the faults of their brothers or aunts. 

It was certainly unpleasant for family members to fight between themselves for trivial matters.
It was definitely not what her father-in-law wanted to see when other family members gloated and exposed each other’s faults. 

Prince Yan nodded, and then asked Er Lang, who still had tears on his face, “Why do you want to go to the capital?”

With little expectation, he said, “Mother said that there are many interesting and delicious things in the capital, and I want to see the world.” 

Such a child, in fact, was the best at imitating adults.
Ji Xianxian said that going to the capital was to see the world, and Er Lang used it. 

Prince Yan smiled, “When did your mother say that?” 

Encouraged by his grandfather’s smile, Er Lang said without hesitation, “She just said it to my third aunt.” 

The sweat on Ji Xianxian’s face had already begun to drip, Yin Hui was also a little nervous.
Although she didn’t provoke anyone, if she was involved, would her father-in-law get angry? 

Prince Yan didn’t look at the two daughters-in-law, and continued to ask Er Lang, “The capital is so nice, doesn’t your third aunt want to go?” 

Er Lang looked at Yin Hui, thinking that if he said that the third aunt also wanted to go, everyone would go, and his grandfather may agree. 

He nodded and said loudly, “Third Aunt wants to go!” 

Ji Xianxian’s legs gave way and she almost fell.
Her son usually lied, and she thought he was smart, but he lied in front of his father-in-law?

Yin Hui, who was standing behind Ji Xianxian, could clearly see a drop of sweat running down Ji Xianxian’s neck.
Just when she was hesitating whether to defend herself or wait for her father-in-law to interrogate her before speaking, San Lang suddenly pointed at Er Lang and yelled, “Grandfather, the second brother lied, the third aunt didn’t want to go, she said that Pingcheng is the best!” 

As soon as that remark came out, Ji Xianxian couldn’t help it anymore, and knelt down with difficulty.
At the same time, the husband and wife said in unison, “Father, calm down, blame this son (daughter-in-law) for not teaching Er Lang well.” 

Prince Yan’s expression did not change, but he said lightly, “It is the father’s fault.
Er Lang go out, don’t come out before the Mid-Autumn Festival.” 

That day was the tenth day of the seventh lunar month, and Prince Yan directly imprisoned Erfang for more than a month. 

However, Wei Yan didn’t dare to show any dissatisfaction.
After kowtowing again to admit his mistake, he came to hold Er Lang, turned his back to Prince Yan, gave Ji Xianxian a cold look, and headed away. 

When Erfang’s family went out, the fourth master, fifth master and two girls arrived.
Although the four of them didn’t understand what happened, they knew that they shouldn’t talk nonsense at that time, and stood on both sides after apologizing for being late. 

Prince Yan seemed to have forgotten the unhappiness, and asked Wei Yang and Wei Luo if they had packed their bags and prepared the horses. 

The brothers answered positively. 

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