“What does my daughter need from me?”




Looking at his infinitely small and delicate daughter, Persis was callous and heartless.




“The reason for having children is for the sake of the family.
But since you are a girl, you cannot inherit the family line.”




Only men can inherit the family line.
His daughter, May, could not inherit the family line.




“Why do I have to take you, who is useless?”




Every single word from him pierced the young heart like a dagger.




May, only ten years old, shuddered at her father’s words.




“I-I’m His Excellency’s blood…”








Persis raised his eyebrows crookedly, as if the sound of the word flesh and blood had bothered him so much.
And recited it once more.








He moved closer to May and spoke again.




“You are not of my blood.”




As the chilly voice stuck in her ears, tears like glass beads fell from May’s eyes.




“Oh, no… I-I am His Excellency’s child…”




“I never thought of you as my child, not even for a second.”




“Your Excellency…”




“So get out of my house.”




Overcome with despair, May collapsed onto the floor.
Her legs gave out, and she couldn’t get up.




Persis clicked his tongue with an expression that was troublesome to deal with.








That was how she felt.




Being incompetent is of no use to anyone.




Does that mean he doesn’t have any affection? No.
It’s a child he gave birth to, but it can’t be.




Sadly, that was the father’s impression of his daughter.




Persis looked down at May with cold, dry eyes until the end, then left.




“Don’t let me see you again.”




With a heartless back that will never look back.




May looked at her father’s back as she walked away with tears incessantly.








“Does this make sense? Only Innocent May has a bad ending…”




These were the first words I uttered after completing the novel《 The Adopted Daughter of Persis.》




《 The Adopted Daughter of Persis.》 was an amazing and stuffy childcare that Persis, who was heartless enough to abandon his daughter, fell in love with the main character and raised her as an adopted daughter.




May is an illegitimate child who was kicked out by Persis before he adopted the main character.




Her mother died in childbirth, and May grew up alone under Persis’ neglect.




Then, in the year when May turns 10, she runs into Persis by chance in the garden in the front yard of the Duke’s residence.




‘That’s strange.
I thought they died together while giving birth.’




It was.




He said he didn’t even know his daughter existed.




After that, Persis was very annoyed with May, who might not be his real daughter, and decided to kick her out of the Duke’s residence.




May begs him not to kick her out, but Persis doesn’t consider her his child until the end, so she goes to the orphanage as he wishes.




“After that, she was adopted by a swindler, sold as a slave, and then killed after being beaten by the count’s daughter to relieve stress…”




What kind of bad ending is this?




What’s even more upsetting is that after Persis sent May to an orphanage, a year later, she adopted a girl without a drop of blood as her adopted daughter.




As the title suggests, 《 The Adopted Daughter of Persis.》 The main character is the adopted daughter, Stella.




When he kicked May out by saying he didn’t need a daughter, but he took in an adopted daughter soon after.
He even cares for and loves his adopted daughter very much.




That Persis, who was cold-blooded to May!




Stella was a child who could be loved by anyone.
She is pretty, cute, kind, polite, and kind to everyone.
She’s good at acting cute, too.




Thanks to that, or simply because she is the main character, Stella grows up being loved by Persis and has a happy ending when she marries the person she likes.




Unlike May, who died miserably.




When I thought of May, my heart ached as if it were being stabbed.




How painful was it to be alone? Even at the time of being beaten to death by the count’s daughter, May had hoped for her father’s warmth.




Even though she knew that if she died like this, it would be because of her father.




I lay down on the bed and slowly closed my eyes.




May, couldn’t you be happy?




One side of his chest was overwhelmed, and a clear stream of tears flowed out through the gap in her eyes.




I felt a warm hand on my cheek.
It was as if some poor soul was wiping my tears.








“My lady.”




The Duke of Flotina residence, May’s room.




I sat blankly in a chair in front of the mirror.








It took Ellen to call me several times before I heard her voice.




“Uh, huh? Did you call?”




 “Of course.
I called you five times?”




“Sorry, I was thinking about something else.”




“Your hair is done.”




I looked in the mirror.
A cute girl with an exotic appearance was reflected in the mirror.




Fair skin, pretty eyes like a deer, and clear, sparkling eyes.
A cute nose and mouth.
Platinum-colored hair braided into two cute pigtails.
A 10-year-old girl dressed in pink bunny pajamas getting ready for bed.




That’s May This

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