Episode 26

I suddenly hugged him and looked at him perplexed.
He wants to accompany me…?

“Why are you here, Floa?”

As the guardian of the family, Floa rarely went outside the Flotina mansion.

So I was surprised when he casually came out and said he would accompany me.
Persis was also shocked.

“Why are you?”

Floa’s answer was simple.

“Well, because I want to.”


Sitting on the chair, Persis looked at Floa with a displeased expression, especially his arms that hugged me tightly.

Persis got up from his seat and approached me.
At that moment, he tried to take me away from Floa.

Floa quickly twisted his body to the opposite side to prevent Persis from taking me away.


I blinked my eyes, unable to understand what was going on.

One of Persis’s eyebrows twitched up.

“Hand it over.”

What?! Am I some kind of object?

I felt bad about his attitude towards me as if I were an object, so I turned my head and leaned more on Floa.

Hmph! I’m not going to you!

Although I felt a warm gaze on my back, I tried to ignore it.

Floa looked down at me and raised the corners of his mouth happily.
Then Persis’s cold voice came out.


Floa leisurely answered, stroking my back.

“Isn’t May cute?”

“… May Flotina.”

When Persis called out, I reflexively flinched.
As if sensing my discomfort, Floa said a word.

“If you call her like that, she might be scared.”


I glanced at Persis and saw him exhaling through his mouth as if he was annoyed, and then he swept his hair back with his hand.

Soon, he extended his arm towards me.

“May, come here.”

His voice was softer than ever before.

I looked at Persis, who was hesitant to hug me while sticking to Floa.

Why doesn’t he want to hug me? Except for when he brought me from the swindler, he never tried to hug me.
He has never even hugged me, let alone picked me up.

Does he hate it when others hug him, even if he is okay with hugging himself?

He was such a difficult person to understand.

I hesitated to hug him because I didn’t want to, but Persis’ face quickly began to cool down.
Very coldly.

I got chills at that moment.
If I refused to go, it felt like he wouldn’t even let go of my bones.

If it were anyone else but Persis, there would be a possibility of that happening, so I instinctively reached out my arms as if to hug him.

What’s the use in calling me softly? I’m afraid of the aftermath, so I’m trying to forcefully hold him.

Sobbing, what a poor life I have.

Persis, who was holding me, immediately relaxed his expression, as if he was very satisfied with something.
Although he wasn’t making a particular impression before, even I and Floa could tell that his face brightened up.

Floa looked at Persis and me contentedly.

“Would you like to accompany us, Persis?”

“You seem to be talking as if it’s already decided that I’m going.”

“I’m the only one who can protect May, except for Mr.

Persis looked down at me, whom he was holding.
I gave him a look that said, ‘You’re not thinking of canceling the train trip you allowed, are you?’

“Go ahead.
I don’t want to waste my time, so I won’t go.”

When Persis gave his permission, I stretched both of my hands up and laughed happily.

“Yes! Let’s go on a trip!”

How long has it been since the last trip? Even in my previous life, it was difficult to travel due to the constraints of that life.

Where should I go? Should I head to the sea when I travel, as expected?

Traveling by train to the sea! Just imagining it made me excited, and I wanted to pack my bags and leave right away.

But my excitement was short-lived, as shocking words came out of Persis’s mouth.

“But you can’t stay overnight.”


I can’t stay overnight? Does that mean I have to go on a day trip for the train journey? It’s going to take up all my time just getting there and back.

“No way! I want to go to the beach, but if I have to go on a day trip, I won’t be able to enjoy it properly and will have to come back!”

“What kind of kid stays out all night?”

“I’m going with Floa!”

“Still, you can’t.”

He was firm to the point where I couldn’t argue anymore.


Feeling dejected, I pouted my lips as if to show him, but he ordered me sternly.

“Put your lips in.”

What, I can’t even control my own lips?

I didn’t want to do as he said, but I was too afraid to rebel, so I obediently tucked my lips inside my mouth.
Instead, I puffed out my cheeks to show my frustration.

“If you keep that attitude, I’ll cancel the travel permission.”

After hearing that, I quickly deflated my puffed-up cheeks and showed a bright smile as if I was very pleased.

“Wow, a train trip! Even if it’s just for a day, I’m so happy! Dad, you’re the best!”

I put my hands together and reacted very insincerely, but Persis’s mouth twitched as if he didn’t know that I was being fake.

Damn, I have to flatter Persis like this!

Now it was so pitiful that it hurt to say that I was in such a position.

There’s nothing I can do.
I have to be satisfied, even if it’s just for a day trip.
Where can we go on a trip?

Although I couldn’t get permission to stay overnight, I was excited at the thought of going on a trip soon.

“Floa, let’s take the train and go to the beach!”


“Let’s buy lots of delicious food at the beach!”


Flora replied in a calm voice and then listened to Persis’ orders.

“May’s health is the top priority.
Take good care of her without any harm or danger.”

“If anyone dares to harm May, I will kill them all.”

“Of course, that’s what needs to be done.
Make sure to cut off their breath properly.”

“Yes, Persis.”

Their conversation was so casual that it made me laugh nervously.

I prayed that no one would try to harm me.
People shouldn’t die…

So, after five days, I went on a train trip with Floa.


On the day of the train trip, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

I was worried that we might be approaching the start of the rainy season since it was early summer, but fortunately, it didn’t seem like it yet.

After getting on the train at the station closest to our house, I eagerly looked around the interior with sparkling eyes.

As Attila had told me, the train had wide windows on both sides, making it great for sightseeing outside.

The seats were arranged with two on each side of the train facing each other, with a table in between, perfect for having meals.

I ran down the aisle between the seats and sat in a seat with just the right amount of sunlight.

As Floa followed behind, he placed his arms full of luggage onto the shelf and asked,

“Are you really okay with not riding in first class?”

We are currently in second class.
Floa insisted on riding in first class, but I declined, and we ended up in second class.

“Yes! The first class is in the form of a room, so it doesn’t feel like you’re on a train.
This second class, with no partitions and wide-open windows, is much better!”

I smiled while watching the passengers chatting and gossiping.

You have to hear the sound of people to really feel like you’re on a train!

Floa sighed lightly, as if he couldn’t be convinced, and sat down facing me.

Finally, the doors closed, and the train started towards the next station.

Huh? I don’t hear anything?

I was surprised that I couldn’t hear any sounds on the train.
I expected to hear the clacking and clattering, but it was running quite quietly, like the subways in 21st-century South Korea.

It seemed like the train was running with magic.

I leaned my elbow on the windowsill and rested my chin on my hand.
Looking at the lush green trees outside, I felt a healing sensation.


Floa also looked out the window with May.
In fact, he had a determination for this trip.

‘I have to create memories.’

He had traveled with her to make memories with her.
So that when the time came for her to leave, she would be too attached to go.

There is nothing better than making memories to form an attachment.

Floa finally looked ahead after the scenery reflected in his deep gray eyes had changed a few times.

It hadn’t been long since they boarded the train, but the girl in front of him was already sleeping with her head bowed.

She must have been too excited about the train trip last night to sleep.

Floa smiled and got up from his seat, took out a brown bear-shaped cushion he had placed on the shelf, and inserted it between the window and the girl’s head, so she could sleep more comfortably.

Floa sat back down in his seat, and a faint smile spread across his lips as usual.

May, who had run straight to the coast as soon as she got off the train, shouted loudly as she looked at the dazzling blue sea.

“Woah! It’s the Sea!”

The place they had arrived at was the famous resort beach of L’Erlette.

Excited about the trip, May had stayed up late the night before and was feeling down after falling asleep on the train where there was so much to see, but now she was okay.

The train will take them back too, so why worry! Now she could just enjoy the sea view in front of her!

May took off her shoes and ran wildly on the sandy beach, dipping her feet in the seawater.

“Ah, it feels so refreshing!”

Every time the seaweed danced around her feet, tickling her, she burst out laughing.

“Hehe, it tickles.”

While May played alone, Floa, who was burdened with all the baggage, watched the short-haired girl with pride before being lost in thought for a moment.

The only way to keep from leaving is to attach oneself to something.
When you develop an attachment, you know you’ll miss it if it’s gone, and you won’t be able to leave it behind.

And the only way to develop an attachment is to build memories.

But as Floa watched May having fun alone, it seemed like May was building memories with the sea rather than with him.

‘I should have been more memorable than the sea….’

Floa thought about what he could do and suddenly noticed the luggage around him.

There was the bear-shaped cushion that May slept with on the train, the clothes she wore on the trip, and the money bag Persis gave her…

Thinking carefully, Floa made a decision and immediately put his plan into action.

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