That day, I went to Nazrat.
It was the first time I went to meet Stella after making chocolates.

I started by telling her about how Percis had treated me well, but suddenly changed her attitude, how she received a knight’s proposal, and how she refused to meet me.
As friends, I could confide in her without any hesitation.

Stella sat on the couch, nibbling on a butter cookie, and asked me.

“So, you didn’t talk to His Highness?”

I sighed instead of eating the cookie in my hand.

“I didn’t.
It’s not because my intentions weren’t reflected.”

“That’s strange… You made delicious chocolates for him, he offered to take you somewhere without you asking, you said you didn’t dislike him, and he even tucked you in bed… But he just left without helping you up when you fell…”

How could someone’s attitude change so drastically overnight?

“What did you do wrong?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong.
At first, I thought I might have done something wrong, but no matter how much I think about it, there’s nothing.
I just lived as usual.”


I tried hard to figure out why Persis’ attitude had changed, but I couldn’t find an answer.
It was easier to simply think that he was a strange person.

Stella seemed frustrated too and suggested,

“Hey, can’t you just go to his office, open the door, and talk to him?”

“How can I do that… It’s impolite.”

“Even if it’s impolite, he won’t scold you if he listens to what you have to say, right?”

Becoming a guardian knight is even rarer and more precious than winning the jackpot in the lottery in South Korea.

“He’s the one who provided the cause by not meeting me for ten days.”

I shook my head in despair.

“No, I’ll get scolded.
He doesn’t like being disturbed when he’s working.”

“Even if you get scolded, isn’t it worth a try? You could even say that you want to live as his daughter.”

Maybe he’ll change his mind and let you live as a daughter instead of a son.


I was still lost in thought, staring at the uneaten butter cookie.

Indeed, instead of just holding back like this, it might be better to try something.

But it’s not an easy task.

“I already promised to live as his son.
That was a condition for me to return to Flotina.”

If Persis had been the one to suggest that I live as his daughter, it would be different, but I can’t be the one to bring it up.

Stella, who knew my situation, also knew that it was a difficult task.

“The way things are now… I think I’ll have to live like this until I can prove that I’m his true daughter.”

Because he doesn’t need a daughter who isn’t his biological child.

Stella clicked her tongue at Persis’ personality.

“It’s amazing that someone like him would raise you as his child.”

“Yeah, I find it amazing too.”

That day, when he killed the con artist and brought me back to Flotina, he said that to me.

“You’ve become necessary.
I recognize you as my child.”

At the time, I thought it was just something he said.
We hadn’t spent much time together, but it was possible.

But bringing me back like that and then neglecting me is incomprehensible.

Now, it’s like buying something you wanted and leaving it in a corner of your house, untouched.

“Maybe it’s because you’re so good at playing the role of a son.
Since you handle everything well on your own, he naturally stops paying attention to you.
And he doesn’t have the intention to stop playing the role of a son either.”

Stella’s words made sense.
I promised not to get hurt, so I took good care of my health and never had any illnesses.
I also managed to handle the tasks given to me on my own, so he probably wouldn’t have any reason to worry.

However, a parent allowing neglect just because their child can handle things on their own is not acceptable.

“Regardless of that, Father prioritizes work over me.
He probably doesn’t tell me to stop acting as his son because of his own pride.”

Stella grabbed the milk cup as if her throat was blocked after hearing that, and quickly took a gulp of milk.
After finishing the milk, she slammed the cup on the table and spoke.

“There’s no answer.
When you become an adult, just run away and join the knight order, taking your fair share.
Make him regret losing a child.”

I chuckled and leaned back on the couch, staring at the ceiling.
The crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling was incredibly luxurious.

“…You’re lucky.
You have a caring father.”

Although I hadn’t seen the affectionate side of Stella and Heint personally, it was obvious even without seeing it.
If Father is Heint, he would be overly affectionate.

“He’s caring indeed.
To the point where it makes you wonder why the original Stella chose the Duke of Flotina instead of her own father.”

I closed my eyes and fully rested on the couch for a moment.
And in that moment, I imagined the ideal image of a caring father and daughter that everyone dreams of.

A reliable father who protects his daughter anywhere and anytime.

A father who laughs and chats with her like a long-time friend.

A father who always puts his daughter first, no matter how busy he is.

If Persis were someone like Heint.

If he were someone affectionate who cherished his daughter.

How wonderful would that be?

How happy would I be?

As I indulged in futile dreams, Stella checked the time with a desk clock.

“Aren’t you supposed to go now?”

Upon hearing her words, I came out of my dream and checked the time.

“Oh, it’s already this late.
Time flies when I’m with you, hehe.”

I smiled and got up from my seat.
Stella, whether she was in a good mood or feeling slighted by her own remarks, quickly erased her smile and pretended not to hear.

“So, when will you come next?”

“Hmm… tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow? I can’t play tomorrow.”


“I have a date with Father.”


A date with Father.

Why did a momentary feeling of sadness arise? Perhaps it wasn’t sadness but rather envy.

I responded as if there was nothing I could do.

“Then, I’ll come next week.”


However, when I went to Nazrat the following week, I couldn’t meet Stella.

“Sir, Miss Stella is currently out with the Marquis.
They’re probably finishing dinner and returning soon… How about coming back another time?”

It was because I didn’t specify the exact day I would come to her.
Our schedules clashed.

Upon hearing the butler’s words, I had to turn back on the path I came.

“Ah… I see… Well, I’ll come back later then.”

“Please have a safe journey back.”

Sighing, I returned to the carriage.
The journey back wasn’t enjoyable at all.

So, Stella frequently goes out with the Duke.

Maybe it’s not that they go out frequently, but perhaps ordinary fathers and daughters go out together once or twice a week.

I had never experienced the relationship between an ordinary father and daughter, so I couldn’t know what was considered normal.

Even in my previous life, I had never experienced it.
After my parents divorced when I was just born, I lived with my mother, and I didn’t even see my father when I held my mother’s funeral as an adult.

Years later, I was reincarnated into May’s body and appeared as Father, Persis.

So, I had never experienced it.

Feeling sorry for my situation, I got on the carriage, and as the wheels of the carriage made a rattling sound, they began to roll.

The view outside the window was brightly sunny and perfect for going out.

“Should I suggest going out with Father too…?”

If I let him know that I received the knight’s proposal, he might treat me to something delicious.
We can eat something tasty and clear up any misunderstandings! Like if I left without helping him up when he fell because I needed to use the restroom urgently?

As we continue our conversation, maybe we can gradually become like an ordinary father and daughter.

Yes, let’s suggest going out!

No matter how busy he is, he can spare half a day, or at least just for a meal.

With that determination, I went straight to Persis’s office as soon as I returned home.

Johan was standing guard in front of his office.
When he saw me, he made the same awkward expression as before.

“Young Master … It seems difficult for you to meet the Master today.”

“It’ll only take three minutes.
Can’t you spare three minutes?”

If I bring up the topic of the knight, what’s three minutes? He might even agree to go out together!

“Please, just ask him.
Even if it’s just to inquire.”

When I sent him a sparkling gaze, Johan couldn’t refuse.
Reluctantly, he knocked on the door.

“Master, Young Master wishes to see you.
What should I do?”

“Send him away.”

The voice that instantly rejected me through the door was so bewilderingly harsh.

How could it be so difficult to have a brief conversation? Even when his child wants to talk, he refuses.

But today, I had absolutely no intention of backing down.
Fueled by determination, I stood right in front of the door and shouted.

“It’ll only take a moment.
Can’t you spare just a moment of your time?”

His response didn’t come immediately.
Unsure if he heard me or if my voice was too low, I began to question, but just then, the door opened.
It was Persis who opened the door.

As I lifted my gaze, I was met with his chilly expression.

“…Come in.”

As always, he had an expressionless face, but Persis’s cold demeanor was enough to send shivers down my spine.
His crimson eyes felt like they could kill me, and my heart started pounding loudly.
My feet froze, and I couldn’t take a step.

Only then did I foolishly realize that I had provoked unnecessary courage.

“Why aren’t you coming in? Do you intend to speak from there? You must have something to say.”

Each syllable struck my ears with a frightening force.
It was clear that he was angry because I disturbed his work.

With difficulty looking at his face, I opened my mouth.

“That… I received a proposal from the knight…”

“Received a proposal from the knight?”

Surprised by his tone that seemed to indicate he already knew, my head instinctively lifted.

“H-How did you…?”

“I wouldn’t be unaware of what happens in my own house.
Unless it’s a mental spell.”

His words, like a dagger, struck me even though it wasn’t my intention to cast a mental spell.
I felt wounded by his words, as if I had been hurt over something trivial, and I pitied myself.

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