Episode 45

From the beginning, the selection of Guardian Knights is done at the discretion of the Three Imperial Guardians without any criteria.
Whether they are nobles or commoners, if they please the hearts of the guardians, they are selected; otherwise, they don’t even bother.

In a situation where the selection criteria cannot be predicted, what can be done in a place where there is not a single official Guardian Knight? Pray to become a Guardian Knight?

It would have been better to pray instead.
As befitting a club run by a worthless Second Prince, Nine is a place where club members gather, drink, and have fun.

I know it well because I read the original work.
The protagonist, Zed Bloche, was a member of Nine.

Zed Bloche and the Second Prince are cousins.
The younger brother of the current emperor obtained the title of duke and established the Bloche family outside the royal palace, and Zed was born into that family.

Since they were relatives and the same age, they had many opportunities to meet from a young age.
When the Second Prince inherited the position of chairman from the crown prince, Zed naturally became a member of Nine.

However, he was different from the other members.
Although he joined the club, he did not associate with the members of poor quality.

He showed a wise demeanor, adapting to the whims of the worthless prince while still acting in accordance with reason, which made him even more popular with readers.

‘Zed and the Second Prince gradually grew apart as they joined different knights’ orders.’

In the original work, both Zed and the Second Prince become official Guardian Knights.

Zed being the male protagonist can be understood, but I wondered how the worthless Second Prince ended up being chosen as a guardian, and the reason for that is revealed later in the original work.

The early imperial court was wary of the guardians.
As the position of the guardians grew, the imperial authority would diminish.

On the other hand, the guardians did not seek to become guardians for the sake of power, so they made efforts to alleviate the court’s concerns.

Through this process, the imperial court and the guardians ensured that anyone from the royal bloodline could become a Guardian Knight.

Therefore, the Three Imperial Guardians maintained a friendly relationship with the imperial court, allowing them to actively engage in their activities to this day.

‘So, the Second Prince, who is of the royal bloodline, will inevitably join the knights’ order.’

Because he is a person of the royal family, no matter how worthless he may be.

This is also one of the reasons for the decline of Nine.
Since the chairman himself has already been confirmed for selection, there is no need to care about the other members.

Furthermore, it is guaranteed that anyone can become a Guardian Knight no matter what they do, and everyone knows that it grants them the power of the guardians.
So there is no one to stop him no matter what he does.

Due to this environment in Nine, even if the chairman makes unfair demands on the members, the members had no choice but to comply.
If he asks for something to be brought, they must bring it, and if he tells them to bark like a dog, they must bark.

They cannot refuse.

Moreover, there are rumors that if someone doesn’t please the chairman, they are tormented along with the other members…

So I must never approach Nine.
Even if I become a Guardian Knight, I must never get involved with the worthless Second Prince!

Nodding my head as if affirming that, I muttered to myself.

By the way, if it’s true that they are selecting this year, will I be chosen as well? There are about three months left until I turn eighteen…

It’s currently June, and my birthday is on September 10th

If they select before my birthday, I am still a minor and cannot be chosen.
If that’s the case, I’ll have to wait several more years until the next selection.


Why doesn’t May age? In my previous life, even though she didn’t want to age, she aged quickly…


Just as I was about to sigh again, I heard a knock on the door.

Joan looked towards the direction of the door and said, “Someone’s here.”

“Who could it be? Besides us, there shouldn’t be anyone coming…”

Ellen opened the door, puzzled.
The person who knocked was the butler.

“What’s the matter? Butler.”

“Master, called you”

At the same time, everyone’s attention turned to me.
I approached the butler.

“He called for me?”

It’s not mealtime, so why me?

“Yes, He asked for the master.
Please come with me.”

“… Alright.”

I couldn’t hide my confusion as I followed the butler.
Ellen, who was also following along, had the same expression as me.

Persis and I didn’t see each other often.
Even if we did, we only crossed paths during meals.
So I couldn’t help but wonder why he called me directly.

The butler led us to Persis’ reception room.
Persis was holding a cup of coffee, as usual, with a relaxed and casual posture.

“You called for me, Father.”

On the table in front of him were delectable desserts.
Colorful macarons, waffles, meringue cookies, and more.
They weren’t the type of food Persis usually enjoyed.

Instead of sitting on the sofa, I approached him and stood closer.
It didn’t seem like a conversation that required sitting on the sofa for a long time.

Persis put down his coffee cup and turned his head to give me his attention.
Maybe he was in the middle of hunting demons.
He looked tired.
Of course, whether he was tired or not was unrelated to me.

Soon, he spoke unexpected words.

“If you have something you want, speak up.
I’ll get it for you.”

I doubted my ears for a moment.
If I have something I want, speak up? He’ll get it for me?


Instantly, I felt resentment and wariness.
Unless he was testing me, there was no reason for him to say such words.
Persis, as a person, was not so affectionate to ask his own child if there was something they wanted.

I didn’t envy Stella for no reason for five years.
It was because my father, Persis, was so distant from affection that I envied her so much.

Why is he acting like he cares now?

I firmly refused.

“It’s okay.
I have everything I need.”

“I’m not asking if you need something, but if there’s something you want.”

“I don’t want anything.”


He asked as if he knew what I wanted.
Did he know something?

But I don’t particularly want anything…

Suddenly, the dress I saw while shopping with Stella yesterday came to mind.
It was a dress so beautiful that I couldn’t even think of wearing it.
I was captivated by that dress.

Back then, I coincidentally ran into Persis.
It’s probably certain that he saw that scene.

So, Persis asking me if there’s something I want…

It’s probably a warning to behave properly.

A warning to live like a man.

Realizing his intentions, I immediately bowed my head.

“I really don’t want anything.
I’m satisfied with what I have right now.”


With that, a moment of silence filled the reception room.
In that silence, I became even more certain.

I just glanced at the dress because it was beautiful, but it seemed to have touched Persis’ feelings.

However, I didn’t feel unjust or upset about that.
I’ve matured compared to when I was hurt by Persis’ words in the past.
I’ve already grown indifferent to this reality.

“If you have nothing more to say, may I leave?”

Persis glanced at me and turned his head forward.

You may go.”

After bidding farewell, I left the reception room.

I didn’t feel good.

I wish he had straightforwardly told me not to be distracted by the dress.
Why did he say he would buy me something I wanted…?

I felt embarrassed for momentarily mistaking his warning for affection.

Ellen, who failed to grasp Persis’s intention, regretted missing an opportunity and expressed her disappointment.

“Young master, you didn’t say you wanted something.
It’s the first time the master said he’d buy something you wanted first.”

“No, there’s nothing I want.
I told my father the same thing because I don’t have any desires.”

“But still…”

“It’s fine.”

I smiled to prevent Ellen from feeling more disappointed.

I can buy it myself once I become independent.

* * *

Meanwhile, Persis, who remained in the reception room, didn’t touch the coffee that was getting cold.
He became irritated because the desserts prepared on the table remained untouched by May.

Yesterday, May was clearly looking at the dress.
It was the first time the child had shown interest in something like that.
It seemed like she wanted the dress because she liked it.

But still…

“She didn’t ask me to buy it.”

Why didn’t she ask me to buy it? She must have noticed that the dress was the object I was referring to.

“That’s strange.”

It wasn’t about May not asking me to buy the dress.
It meant that something was strange about himself.

Is it because May isn’t my biological child?

Though everyone is still pretending otherwise, it has become an established fact that May is not Persis’s biological child.
The family’s power hasn’t manifested even when she turned fifteen.

So why does it feel like something is out of place? I’ve lived rationally for five years, so there shouldn’t be anything out of place…

Then, a question suddenly arises.
Have I truly been living rationally?

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