She is a daughter raised as the son of a duke.




Episode 4




Wasn’t it you who said that you would live for Flotina for the rest of your life? Wouldn’t it be difficult if the clan was cut off and went extinct?”




“Master Persis’s fertility is still intact.”




Shu -ah -The wind blew at the end and silence flowed for a few seconds.




Floa drank the tea as if he didn’t mean much to what he said.




“Even if it’s not her, I just have to have a successor, is that what you want to say?”




Anyway, under the current law, a woman cannot inherit the family line.”




In the Starcia Empire, where the Flotina duchy was located, only men could inherit the title.




Opinions to revise the law to allow women to inherit the title continue to emerge, but it was unclear whether the Emperor would revise the law.




“Or maybe you know something else, like the girl, isn’t of Flotina’s blood.”




Persis suspected that May, who did not resemble him, was not his real daughter.




Well, there was plenty of room for doubt.
Vinche, who was with a lot of guys, gave birth to her.




“I don’t know about that.”




However, until now, all of Flotina’s blood relatives were around the age of five, and the power of the family was manifested, but the child has not been manifested even now, at the age of ten.




“… you mean it’s not my child.”




“You don’t know until you’re an adult.”




Because the power of a family suddenly manifests itself before becoming an adult.




Floa said that and smiled softly.




I’ll send the child to an orphanage, whether it’s my child or not.
She’s not a son, she’s a daughter, so she’s of no use to the family.”




Floa turned his head to see May, who had come to the flower garden.




May was brightly looking at the flowers, not knowing what the two heartless men were saying about her.




“… Really lookalike.
I’m sure you’ll become a beauty that no one can encounter in the future.”




like Viche.




Persis also moved his gaze to May.
May innocently poked her nose into the pink tulip and sniffed it.
‘Mmm~ It smells good.’ he seemed to hear it too.




Persis remembered the conversation he had with May.




‘Who are you?’




‘I’m father’s daughter…’




I also suddenly remembered a conversation I had with that woman the other day.




‘I love you, but I don’t want to be bound by you.
Do you know? No matter how good the owner is, the bird in the cage can’t be happy.’




‘So you’re leaving me?’




‘Because that’s the happiness I want.’




‘Because it’s happiness.’ Leaving me like that.




You came to me again and broke my heart.




‘I’m pregnant with your child.’




Persis muttered, still looking at May.




I don’t want to know.”




Floa put down the finished teacup.




“I’ll be on my way.
Please let me know if you sent her to an orphanage.
She’s no longer Flotina’s person, so I have to prevent the power of the family from being manifested.”








Hearing the answer, Floa disappeared with the wind.








“Ah- the weather is nice.”




As soon as I stepped into the garden, I closed my eyes and opened my arms to feel the warm sunlight.
When I was in the sun, I felt my endorphins soar.




Ellen, who came out with me, was standing in the shade, and I wandered around the flower garden.




Each block was full of flowers blooming in spring.
Tulips here, daffodils here.




Then I found two dandelions.
It was a good dandelion to blow.




I’m going to blow a dandelion~




I squatted down and picked up a dandelion, not knowing who was coming near.








As it blew, the dandelion seeds flew freely along with the wind.
It was fun because it’s been a while.




Having fun, I caught another dandelion.
The moment the wind blows again.








The dandelion seeds I blew were all over the clothes of the man who came close to me.




Sorry, I have to brush it off.




I’ll brush it off.”




I looked up at who it was as I brushed off the hem of the trousers with dandelion seeds.




Oh, My God.




“Oh, Father, no… Your Excellency?”




Of course, it was Persis again!




Persis’s red eyes turned to me.




That look in his eye, I assure you, is a lot more serious, very, very 






I stopped shaking off the dandelion seeds and quickly stepped back.
He didn’t seem to be offended.




Seeing that he doesn’t look at his dirty clothes, I wonder if the cause of his displeasure is his title.




I corrected it right away to say, ‘Your Excellency,’ but I called him ‘Father’ again.




… Maybe it’s just that my existence itself is unpleasant.




I decided to formally introduce myself to him.
I gently grabbed the hem of my skirt with both hands and bowed my head.




“I see you, Your Excellency.  My name is May.”








He didn’t respond.




Sheesh, you’re embarrassing me.




I looked up at him as if nothing had happened.




Neat hair that was pulled back about halfway.
Thick eyebrows.
A raised nose.
Firm lips.




When I ran into him in the hallway, I was surprised and didn’t look closely, but he was much more handsome than I thought.




And it’s much colder.




The gaze reached his daughter.




No, to the point where I questioned whether it was true that he considered her a daughter.




This is a cold-blooded persis that she only encountered in the novel.




This person with an expressionless expression that I don’t understand is my father.




Someone who will abandon me.




But what I need is




Is it because I stared at him too much? His eyes darkened coldly.




He finally opened his mouth.




“You called me father.”




“Yes, Your Excellency.”




Why? Who’s your father, to reprimand? 




he asked bluntly.




“Why did you correct the title?”




The word “correct” was a little harsh.
Isn’t it wrong to call you father?




I don’t need to offend him, so I’m just calling him Your Excellency…






“We haven’t even gotten close yet, but I thought you’d be embarrassed to call your father.”




“It’s not because you’re not sure if you’re my real daughter”.




At the end of Persis’s words, the atmosphere became tense in an instant.
I could see Ellen, the gardener, and the other attendants who were watching me and Persis from a distance, keeping their mouths shut and just staring at each other.




I could barely hold back the frown. 




Is that what you say to your child?




Of course, I know that you’re not a straight-minded person to send your child to an orphanage.




But that’s true.
I can’t believe you said that…




Even if it’s not your real daughter, the child isn’t guilty.
Why is he like that to the kid?




I acted boldly because my emotions were heightened for no reason.




“I am His Excellency’s daughter.”




“How can you be sure? What are the similarities between you and me?”




There was certainly no resemblance.




If I have to pick one, straight hair? However, it was too much to say that they looked like the same straight hair.




“… Because children cannot resemble their parents evenly.”




“Oh, really?”




His eyebrows, which seemed to never move, were raised crookedly.
It was probably a real nuisance to him.




“I have no intention of raising a kid who doesn’t know if he is my child or not.
No, even if it’s my child, I have no intention of raising it.”




I had no idea what he was going to say, even if he didn’t say it out loud.




It’s not because I know the contents of the original.
Anyone can see how Persis looks now.




“Get out of my house.”




Because it was like throwing out uninvited guests.




The attendants who were overhearing this were astonished to the point of fainting.
You would have guessed that he wouldn’t like Viche’s child, but you didn’t know it would be this much.




Everyone said, ‘Did I hear it wrong?’ They were dumbfounded faces. 




Either way, my heart was beating loudly enough for Persis to hear.




Whether or not, my heart pounded hard enough for Persis to hear.




It’s here.
It’s finally here.
Yeah, maybe this was a challenge for me as long as I’m May.




I pretended not to be intimidated and asked.




“Is the reason you have no intention of raising me because you judged me to be unnecessary to your Excellency?”








I looked straight at him with confident eyes.




“Then I will be the person Your Excellency needs.”








Persis didn’t respond again.
The slight sneer around the mouth must be thinking, ‘How can you be like that?’




Are you laughing at me? I have a plan.




“I’ll prove it.
If you raise me until I become an adult, I-‘




He cut me off in a terrible voice.




“Are you saying that you’re going to eat my money until you become an adult?”






“… What?”






I blinked in embarrassment,   Of course, that’s not entirely wrong…




Certainly, all of my food, clothing and shelter expenses were Persis’ money.
But who would have imagined that it would be described as eating moths? I’m not a parasite… 




Persis is a formidable foe that is hard to beat.




After breaking her spirit and pushing her like this, the child must have gone to the orphanage obediently.




Thinking of the original May made me cry.




Ellen, fidgeting as she watched me from afar, looked like she was about to cry.
She ran towards me.




Ellen broke into a cold sweat and bowed her head toward Persis. 




“I meet your Excellency.”




He glanced at Ellen and then swept away as if he was dumbfounded. 




“Aren’t you the lady-in-waiting I gave to Viche earlier? Did you raise this little girl ?”




“… sorry.”




Persis tutted, clicked his tongue, and wrinkled his brow once.




“I have sent a letter to Baron Tibor, who runs the orphanage.”

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