Unlike daughters, sons are essential to inheriting the family.
Even if that son is the child of the woman he loves and hates.


Persis asked back, as if it was not worth answering.


“You’re already not a son, so what are you going to use it for? I’m just curious.
Let me know.”


Because my last resort is to live as your son.


Living her whole life as his son, acting as if she would inherit the family and continue generations, and leaving this house as soon as she becomes an adult.


That was my last resort.


“I have no intention of answering.”


I interpreted that in my own way.


You’re willing to raise a son, but you have reservations because she’s Viche’s kid, right?


I smirked.


I think that’ll work.


“Okay, I’ll see you later.”


I bowed to him politely and walked out of the library.




Persis stared blankly at the door May had left.
And he thought about it.


‘See you later?’


“I do not want to see her when she wants to do that.”


His neat eyebrows narrowed, dissatisfied. 


However, oddly enough, his mood wasn’t too bad.


After a while, as soon as Persis came out of the library, he snapped at Yohan.


“Why did you let that kid in? Isn’t it basic to get my permission?”


“I’m sorry, but the lady is so cute…”


Despite his apologies, Yohan was grinning.
May couldn’t have been so cute in his eyes.


‘How cute is she?’


Persis looked disapprovingly at John and clicked his tongue before walking down the hall alone.


Yohan remembered May, whom he had seen earlier, and when he saw that his master was far away, he followed him in a hurry.


“Isn’t the lady cute in the master’s eyes?”


“It’s not cute.”


Yohan could not understand him at all.


How can our lady, who is so lovable and cute that it would not be an exaggeration to call her a fairy, not cute!


“I’ve never seen anyone cuter than her.”


“I’ve never felt anything cute.”


“Ha ha… I see…”


I’m sure you do.
Yohan laughed.


“… but her personality was strange.”


“Lady’s personality?”


“She’s not afraid of me.”


Most people found him difficult and even afraid of him because of his social position and the power of his family.
It was all the more so because his cold impression also played a role.


But the little girl doesn’t show that kind of sign.


Even if you’re comfortable with yourself like Hind when you’re close, it’s not the first time you’ve seen the kid today.


Even so, she behaves so boldly as to be strange.


“She’s scared, but it could be that she’s trying to make an effort to be friendly with the master.”




Come to think of it, the little girl’s hands were shaking when she held his sleeves in the flower garden.


‘Well, there’s no way you’re not scared of being kicked out.’


“I’m sure she has been lonely all this time.
She must have wanted to be close because you met her family for the first time.
I thought I knew how she felt, so I let her into the library.”


If you get permission first, of course, he’ll tell you not to enter.


Yohan tried to appeal to him as much as possible to prevent her from being sent to the orphanage.


“She’s only ten years old, but she doesn’t cry when you told her to go to the orphanage, and she’s good at answering.
She’s very mature compared to her peers.”




“I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful person when she grows up.”




Nevertheless, Persis walked silently down the corridor without any response.


“Did you change your mind?”’


Yohan did not know what decision he would make.


Yohan closed his eyes tightly and put his hands together to pray.


‘Please let my lady remain in this house.’




Back in the room, I called Ellen and Joan.
They cried as soon as they saw my face, but it ended soon.


“Ellen! I’m going to get a haircut.
Cut it very short.”


It was because an unexpected order was issued.


 What…? Short?”


To look like a boy!”


Ellen looked bewildered.


“Why, all of a sudden? You like long hair.
Especially wavy hair, that’s why you let me braid your hair every day and sleep.”


Joan, who was next to me, nodded as if she were right.


That’s right.
I used to hate trimming my hair.


“I did, but now I have to cut it.
I have to pretend to be a boy from now on. 


Ellen and Joan’s eyes widened.


“Boy… Are you doing?”


I informed them of my plan step by step.


Living as a son because I don’t think a daughter will ever be what she needs.


Of course, it was just before I became an adult, and she also informed them that when I became an adult, I would quit pretending to be a son and leave this house.


“… If I don’t want to go to the orphanage, this is the only way.”


Pretending to be a boy with a woman’s body.
Anyone could tell that he was going through a hard time.


Ellen opened her mouth anxiously.


 It won’t be easy to pretend to be a son.
You don’t know what’s going to happen if you leave home as an adult.
Why don’t you just go ask the master not to kick you out now? You look like Viche, so maybe his heart would be weakened, and he resists kicking you out.”


I shook my head resolutely.


Ellen, that’s not it.
The original May did that and got kicked out.


In the first place, if he had been weak because I looked like my mother, I wouldn’t have been told to leave.


“My dad is not the kind of person who will change his mind just like that.
And if I beg him not to kick me out of the house to prove that I already need it, it becomes neither this nor that.”


This time, Joan made an opinion.


“How about making the master into a daughter fool? The young lady is super cute and lovely, so even a bit of cuteness will stimulate his paternal love!”


I shook my head again.


“It’s for nothing.
There can be no paternal love in my dad’s personality.”


Of course, it’ll happen to Stella, who will be adopted later.


“Well, how about this? You’re only ten years old, but you’re fluent in the Imperial language.
What about being smart, having a bright future and being worth investing in?”


“Didn’t the father think of the value of his daughter’s investment? It’s just that he doesn’t need a daughter for now.
That’s why I’m going to pretend to be a son.”




There was a moment of silence at the end of my words.
No matter how much I thought about it, I thought there would be no answer but to live as a son if I didn’t want to go to an orphanage.


Ellen blushed as she was upset at the thought of me living as a man.


“My lady, what should I do?”


Joan hugged me tightly when I was caught off guard.
It didn’t take into account that the person being held could suffocate to death.




“Huong- I feel so sorry for the lady, heukheuk.
My lady is so delicate, but pretending to be a son, huhu!”


“Oh, okay, please hug me tight…”




Joan’s cry completely buried my voice.


I took a breathless breath in Joan’s arms and vowed.


‘I should never make Ellen and Joan sad again.’




It was that evening.
Two plates with steaks came into Persis’s sight, who had come to the dining hall to eat.


One was placed in the upper seat where he always sat, and the other was sitting facing each other.


Persis went to the upper seat and asked the maid.


“Who is that? Hind Nazet would have gone back.”


“It will be Miss May.
The lady said she would dine with the master.”


Persis raised his eyebrows as if he didn’t like it.


“With that little girl? “Who said that?”


“I have something to tell you.”


Persis, seated, turned his head toward the voice


He paused for a moment, almost imperceptibly.


May, who reached the end of his gaze, had short hair to the point of feeling empty.


Persis couldn’t take his eyes off May’s head for a while.
Her hair was cut short enough to mistake her for a pretty boy unless she was wearing a dress.


“You, your hair…”


 I cut it.”


If I could stop a miserable death, I could cut this hair over and over again.


When May sat down, he asked in a cold tone.

“Are you trying to say to interrupt my meal?”


May took a breath and recited the lines she had prepared.


“I thought about it realistically, and I didn’t think you needed a ten-year-old girl.”


Persis sliced the steak with an expression that seemed to be the expected result.


“Are you here to say you’re going to give up?”


So, I thought about what kind of person His Excellency might need.”


“Didn’t I just admit that I don’t need a 10-year-old girl?”


A ten-year-old girl does, and a ten-year-old boy makes a difference.

May asked bluntly.


“You need it, son?”


Then Persis stopped cutting.


“You need a son to succeed.
The current law cannot pass the title to my daughter.”


He looked at May and laughed lightly, as if he were having fun.


“That’s interesting.
So, did you cut your hair? Do you want to be my son? Unfortunately, I can have a son even if I get married later. 


“You have no intention of getting married.”


May’s eyes on him were full of conviction.


In the original work, Persis said that he could not see a woman other than Viche.


“How can you be sure of that?”


“You didn’t have a wife even when you were getting married.
No matter who courted you, you didn’t accept it.”


It was true, before, now, and ever.
Persis had no other desire to have a wife.


“… so what? 


“I will be your son.”

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