As the day was turning dark, the group arrived at the royal palace.

Diego offered Millo a guest room to use temporarily, and there, he called for a physician to treat Millo.

Diego said to Millo, “Using precious herbs, you should recover quickly.”

That medicine had helped Diego recover from an injury to his arm during the 2nd round of the Arcus tournament without leaving any scars, just within five days.

The physician applied crushed herbs and bandaged or wrapped gauze around the injured area.

“Thank you, Your Highness.”

“When I think of your father saving my brother’s life, this much is the least we can do.”

While Millo was undergoing treatment, I and Jed were in the corridor.
Though it felt awkward to be alone together, Jed started a conversation, and the awkwardness disappeared.

“May, there’s a place I want to show you.”


“Follow me.”

Jed walked through the corridor and led me to one of the guest rooms.
While he opened the door himself, I looked around cautiously.

“Can I just go in anywhere?”

“It’s okay here.”

Following his lead, I stepped onto the terrace.

“This way.”

As I followed his guidance, I looked outside and let out an exclamation from my mouth.


Under the pink-hued sky, there was a unicorn statue and a large lake.
Around them, the snowy white leaves of the rowan trees were spread out widely.

“This is the guest room with the best view.”

“It feels like we’re at a resort… peaceful and beautiful.
But why haven’t I been here before?”

“I used to come to the palace frequently when I was young, so I’ve known about this place for a long time.”

Right, Jed must have visited the palace often since he was close to Diego.

Jed and I stood side by side, holding onto the railing, admiring the scenery.
I stretched my arm and pointed at the tree.

“That tree, it’s a Rowan tree, right? I heard its white flowers bloom only in spring.
Is it preserved by some kind of magic?”

It’s magically preserved, so the flowers bloom all year round.”

“Jed, do you know the flower language of rowan tree flowers?”

“Eternal love.”

“Oh? You know?”

It was a famous flower language of a plant, so I thought he wouldn’t know.

“…It’s my favorite flower language.”

Eternal love.

Jed added slowly, “I want you to look at me forever.”

The pink sunset melted away Jed’s coldness.
It seemed as though he was a warm and affectionate person, just like someone gentle and cozy.
Only that one sunset made him appear that way.

As his tender gaze reached me, it became so touching that I couldn’t even catch my breath.

Jed’s lips parted once again.

“I’ll only have eyes for you too.”

…I couldn’t speak.
Although I trembled like many shy girls on the outside, inside, I was surprisingly composed amid my countless experiences of unrequited love.

As a woman, I can sense it.
He doesn’t like me romantically.

But why? Why would he say such words to me?

Why say something insincere again?

There must be a reason he wants to win my heart.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t say these things to someone he doesn’t like.

Perhaps he is using my feelings again for Diego’s sake.

I warned Jed with a serious tone.

“Be careful.
If you keep doing this, you might think you like me.”

Jed smiled without saying a word.
Even in this moment, his smile was beautiful.

“Don’t smile… I’m serious.”

I won’t smile.”

Jed stopped laughing and rested his arms on the railing.
While he gazed at the terrace view once more, I made up my mind.

Until I am certain of Jed’s true feelings, I’ll keep my distance.

If I naively believe him and get hurt later, it will be a significant wound.

To avoid getting hurt even a little, I promised to keep my distance and observe him.

* * *

After finishing the treatment, Millo changed into new clothes.

During a conversation with Diego, Millo learned something.
Unlike Jed, Diego considers May as a man due to the mental magic spell.

‘If mental magic is affecting him, then when others are present, I should call her ‘Young master’ like others.’

Millo understood it logically, but emotionally, he couldn’t comprehend.

‘How can that be…’

Even with mental magic, how could anyone think of her as a man?

‘No way…’

She is as beautiful as a noble lady.

Millo was puzzled and tilted his head, and at that moment, May and Jed entered the room.
May approached Millo right away.

“Millo, you look like a nobleman in your new clothes.
It suits you well.”

“Your Grace’s praise leaves me flattered.
I don’t know where to put my body.”

Millo lifted the corners of his mouth, radiating a delightful aura.
Though he appeared aloof, when he smiled, there couldn’t be anything warmer.

Diego, who was sitting on the sofa, spoke up.

“Young Master Nazret will stay here until he fully recovers.”

Upon hearing this, May couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Really? Wouldn’t it be better to return to Marquis’s place as soon as possible?”

“He doesn’t want to show his injured body to his father.”

And Millo’s response made her nod in agreement.

In her mind, she pictured Heint, the head servant who couldn’t hold back tears when he saw his son, whom he hadn’t seen for years, covered in wounds.

“Millo is considerate.”

Diego asserted.

“Thanks to the precious herbs used, it should take about two weeks for his wounds to fully heal.”

Two weeks…

“It’s during the time of the Foundation Festival.”

Jed seemed to have caught Diego’s intention and spoke.

“Yes, we’re planning to overthrow the Penso at the Foundation Festival.”

Now that Millo had been found, there was no reason to hesitate anymore.

Diego crossed his legs and looked out the window.
He saw the servants busy preparing for the gala.

“Penso’s execution ceremony will take place at this year’s Foundation Festival.”

* * *

The atmosphere in Flotina had changed since the day May rescued Millo and sent a letter through Nine’s messenger to Flotina.

[Until my birthday, I’ll stay in Nine.
As an official guardian knight, I have a lot to do.
Even if you don’t want to understand, please try to understand.]

The letter, sent on behalf of his longed-for child, brought despair to Persis.
He couldn’t control his facial expressions.
Unable to contain the soaring gloominess, he clenched his chest, causing the nearby servant to look at him in surprise.

It had been over a decade since my emotionless master made such an expression.
It was the first time since he lost the woman he loved.

Persis couldn’t help but think that May might leave him, just like what Yohan had said.
He wanted to go and bring her back immediately, refusing to allow her to stay outside overnight.
But more than that, it was her father’s feelings of not wanting to see the disappointed face of his child that weighed heavily on his heart.

He couldn’t bring her back.
Yeah, right.
There are only a few weeks left until her birthday.
He just needed to plan something that would make the child happy on that day.

Even as he tried to console himself, the gloomy feelings persisted.

That child is soon to be an adult, has a stable job, and isn’t that close to her parents.
She could really leave if she wanted to.

As a headache came on, Persis wanted to be alone and sent both the servant and Yohan outside, then lay down on his bed.

The moonlight streaming in from the window was dazzling, so he covered his face with his large hands.

Whenever the headache came, that woman would appear in his mind as well.
His sensitive mind involuntarily explored memories he had tried hard to conceal.

…At some point, he had grabbed the wrist of the departing body, threatening to kill himself if she left him like this.

It wasn’t an empty threat.
He sincerely wanted to die.
At that time, she was the only reason he was living.

Until his father died, he believed she was leading a foolishly ordinary life.
Even though he knew it was unusual for his father to treat the son of his deceased brother as his own child.

Until then, he knew nothing.
Pascal, who was adopted, was his brother, and his father loved both children equally without discrimination.

He had not anticipated that Pascal would covet the position of the family head and kill their father.

Nor had he expected that he would end up killing Pascal.

After killing him, Persis experienced severe post-murder trauma as if he were under a curse.
He couldn’t eat anything and had suicidal impulses all day long.

Then Viche appeared and stood by Persis, taking care of him.

Though he despised Elyssa Yuriette’s actions as he relentlessly pursued love, for some reason, he wanted to lean on her as much as Elyssa.

‘It wasn’t you who killed him.
You only lent your hands to God.
He received the deserved punishment.’

Whenever Persis was anxious, Viche would say that to him.
Despite everything that happened in Flotina, Viche assured him that it wasn’t Persis’s fault.

Thanks to her, Persis regained his vitality.

Viche was his savior.
She was the only person he truly loved, his everything.

He had never considered a life without her, which was why he proposed to her.

‘I’m sorry.
I don’t want to get married.’

But she ultimately refused.

She wanted to leave his side, presenting unreasonable reasons like hating a restrained life.

Being his only savior, yet a person he couldn’t spend his life with, it was the perfect behavior to drive Persis insane.

‘If you leave me like this, I’ll die.’

‘If that’s what you want, go ahead.’

After saying that, maybe she cried.
With tears streaming down her clear, blue eyes, she spoke in a heart-wrenching voice that could even make Persis feel miserable.

‘You promised not to die.
If you die… I’ll be so sad.’

‘Don’t die.’

And then she left.

Leaving him behind, leaving him unable to die.

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