Growth, Deterioration


As we kept walking in the forest, the tightly packed trees gradually turned sparse.
Advancing further, we came across a signboard with an arrow mark to the forest.

I was surprised to find out I could read it.
It's written in otherwordly language, and yet I read it like it's in Japanese.
Everything being too convenient like this is making me uneasy instead.

『-> Danger Zone – Magic Beast Forest Gruoz – Those without permit are to stay away.』

Danger Zone? I was there for real?
Judging from the name, people likely get killed inside, scary.

“You'll find a highway to the opposite of that arrow sign.
Following the road will get you to the town.”

“F-finally out of the forest.
That was really tough for someone lacking exercise like me.”

“Lacking exercise, even though you have a Combat Job? Were you recuperating from a cold?”

I don't have a Combat Job.
To begin with, it's unappraiseable.

“No, uh, I'm…
I don't know.”

What is?”

“My, Job.”

It makes me sound like a neet, doesn't it?
Look, even Alma has this 'What is this guy saying' aura around her.
Her expression barely changes though.

“You look like a grown up though, how old are you?”


“Everybody decides on their own Job when they come of age.
You must have one too.
Is it hard to say?”

“No, that's not it, I really don't know.”

Everybody has their own circumstances.
Sorry for prying.”

And now she's being considerate.
What kind of Job does she think I have…

Hm? You get Job when you come of age?
I think Alma is 16 from her status…


Ah OK.
Really now.
I was just wondering and an information display showed up automatically, wonder if it's some kind of Tutorial for people who just arrived in this world or something.
The sudden pop-up sure was surprising.

The highway is so much more easier to walk on than the non path of the forest.
To think I could feel so grateful for being able to walk on a flat road.
I don't wanna get in that forest anymore…
Not even when that forest path turns flat.

After a while, I spot a wall surrounding something.
That must be the town nearest to this forest.

“You can see it from here.
That's the town I live at [Daijel].”

“Ooh~! Finally a town!”

It's too bad we can't see the insides due to the wall.
Wonder if it's a countermeasure for magic beasts.

We stopped before the gate then an armored guard approached us.
I'm feeling nervous even though I haven't done anything wrong.
It's like when a policeman comes to ask you things.

“Oh, Almatina.
You're back in one piece.”

“Yup, I'm uninjured.”

“Glad to hear that.
By the way, who's the man?”

The guard asked while looking at my face.
Calm down me.
I just gotta need to speak honestly.

“My name is Kajikawa Hikaru.
I was saved by Almatina-san when a group of goblins surrounded me in the forest, and since I had nowhere to go, I asked her to guide me to this town.”

“Inside the forest? You mean you got in Magic Beast Forest!? That's a Danger Zone!”

“Well um, I found myself in the forest before I realized when I came to during the night.”

“Were you abandoned there? Where did you come from?”

“I lived in a place called Japan.
I have no idea how far or close it is from here.”

Never heard of it.
You wait here a bit.”

The guard went in guardroom after saying that.
I sure sound suspicious, don't I.
Even if I told the truth, it's all uncertain.

“You were speaking with formal speech.”

“…What did you see me as? Even children can speak formal speech, you know.”

“Sorry, it was unlike the image I had in mind.”

I guess my image would be someone who screamed out loud from getting surrounded by goblins who then proceeded to beat them to dead with a club? That's just the worst!

As I thought that,
The guard from earlier came back with someone.
A gray haired middle-aged man wearing a monocle.
Some sort of scholar perhaps?
Gotta check up his stat.


Age: 61

Race: Human

Job: Appraisal Master

State: Normal




Appraisal Lv10 – Clerk Lv6

【Master Skill】
Truth Appraisal

There's some curious points.
First of all, he's got no level?


Eh, then they can't even level up by beating magic beasts?
Well, these stats would make that hard to begin with I guess.

What's up with INT and DEX being so high compared to other stats.

<Especially ATK, as it is half of STR, they can hardly deal with magic beasts.
Attributes without caps can be raised upon each individual effort.>>

What's that.
You're saying those without Combat Job can't even defeat magic beasts then.
That's a bit, no quite weird.
What's the reason?


…I'm guessing this gonna get displayed whenever something weird comes up from here on.

And, what's a [Master Skill] again?

【Master Skill】
<The majority have powerful effects in comparison to ordinary skills.>>

You see this often in games.
So what's Truth Appraisal again?

【Truth Appraisal】
<However as it depends on the perception of the individuals who write or speak thus, this can be objectively wrong depending on their beliefs.>>

…A skill for interrogation.
That sure is powerful.
He's probably gonna use it on me now.

“Thanks for waiting.
We need to issue your Appraisal Certificate and Pass Permit before you could enter the town.
For that, we have to ask several questions.”

“Appraisal Certificate?”

A document that lists your status and Elimination History.
Haven't you heard one?”

Status aside, Elimination History? You mean like Kill Log.
My Menu don't got no such functions.
How enviable.

“Excuse me, I've never even done status check in my homeland.”

The guard looked at the Appraisal Master who nodded at him.

“…Yer sure is unusual eh.
Just how were you living up till now.
Well fine.
Any problem with us issuing those documents?”

“Err, do I have to pay or anything?”

“Don't worry.
We don't do that to everybody wanting to get in.
We get lots of travelling merchants thanks to this policy, though some do cause trouble once in a while.”

“Is that so.
Then if you would.”

The appraiser gramps took two piece of papers from his bosom pocket.
Eh, he's writing here? Wouldn't it be easier on a desk?
Just as I thought that, the pieces of paper faintly lit up, and letters came up on them.
Oooh? Is that a Skill?


So it's like a combination of scanner and printer.
So convenient.

The appraisal master and guard checked the results.
Do I have no privacy here.
Well I mean, I did peek on their status myself too (twice).
The two opened their eyes wide, then they looked at me with expressions full of pity and suspicion.
Yes, my Job is unknown and my stats are all zero, what about it?
Skill? I don't got one! Dammit.

“…Is this really true? His stats are lower than a baby.”

“Ah, yup.
As an appraiser this came as the biggest shock to me.
There is no trace of status tampering or concealing.
Everything is as intended.”

“Job unknown, most stats are at 2.
Even Skill has ※Acquisition not possible※ written.
Is this guy cursed or something?”

Oy hold it, what did you just say?
My stats turning 2 must be because of my raised level, but what's that about skill? Acquisition not possible? Eeeeh?

“His state is shown as Normal.
This truly is his normal state unbound by any curse.
Wait, what the.
Here, take a look at Elimination History.”

“One kobold, two goblins!? O-oy you! You killed magic beasts in that forest!?”

“Ah, yes.
By chance though.”

“Like you can beat magic beasts by chance! Rather, how the heck did you do that with these stats!?”

“E, err, you see.”

I explained how I got to beat that kobold.

I climbed up a tree after sensing the kobold-> Kobold climbed too-> I grabbed its neck when I almost fell down-> We fell together-> My butt got a critical hit.
Kobold, dead.

…Oy, you geezer, stop looking away with those shaking shoulders.
I wanted to die narrating that, dangit.
Alma, stop quivering with that expressionless face of yours! Might as well just laugh out loud!

After the laughing matter, I spoke about how I beat the goblins dead, and their countenances changed.

“Pardon me, Sir Filsdaim, is there a lie in his story?”

This man spoke only the truth.”

“However, that doesn't explain how he was able to beat goblins to dead with these stats.
How did that happen?”

“Apparently he was born somewhere unusual, he might be possessing a power unknown to us.
It would be hard to explain here, for now just conduct what needs to be done to let him pass inside.”


Appraisal Master spoke while staring straight in my eyes.

“Kajikawa, what do you hope to accomplish in this town?”

“…I have nowhere to go, I'm thinking of planning my future once I'm inside the town.”

“Do you intend to cause harm to this town or its populace?”

“I do not.
I won't deny the possibility of self-defense if I get dragged in trouble however.”

“…Fumu, very well.
Issue his permit, prepare for it.”

My, so easy.
Isn't he being a bit too sloppy.
I'm fine with that though.

“Are you sure? To be frank, there are so many uncertain points…”

“None has ever caused a trouble after passing through that check I performed.
It is fine.”

I'll go get his permit.”

The guard went in the guard room once again.
Looks like I got the OK for now.

Ah, right.
Might as well check with an appraiser.

“Um, I'm sorry, I'd like to ask some things, do you mind?”

“Mu, what is it?”

“…I have no cash on me so I'd like to sell some of my belongings, where could I trade them?”

“That depends on those belongings, what are you selling?”

“All kinds of seasoning and a few Efi Fruit.
They should be fresh since I gathered them around dawn time.”

“Hohou, let me see them.”

He appraised the seasoning and Efi fruit.
Look wise, their freshness should be fine.

“How about I buy them off you? Ah, not the Forest Ginger.
That's got a bitter taste, it's only good for herbal medicine, you know?

Forest Ginger…
No choice, I'll use it myself for cooking.
Don't be down now, Forest Ginger.

“That will be a big help, but how much are you willing to pay?”

“Shouldn't you decide on that as the one selling? I'm an Appraisal Master.”

No I mean, that's why I'm asking what's the right price.
…Menu-san, do you know the market price.

<12 Perilla: 1200 En
3 Big Sesame Pods: 1500 En
5 Efi Fruit: 50000 En
Total: 52700 En>>

Ah, it does know.
And it uses En as a standard for money.
It sure sounds kinda Japanese.
…Wait what, Efi's so pricey!? One of them is 10,000 En!? So pricey!?

<Its value may jump several times depending on the region.>>

I should have fetched more if only I knew.
Ah, but I've no regret letting Alma eat them.
None at all.

“Err, considering their freshness,
12 Perilla: 1200 En
3 Big Sesame Pods: 1500 En
5 Efi Fruit: 50000 En
Total: 52700 En

What do you think?”

I spoke the prices as the Menu told me.
Copypaste? Yes, and?
Normally you'd want to price them higher so they get haggled down to market price or a bit more, but
I'm up against an Appraisal Master.
It'd be a pain if he withdrew his offer cause I did that, so I'd just take it even if he haggled it down.

“…You do not appear to have Appraisal skill, how did you decide on those prices?”

“…I know the rough prices just from looking.”

T-that was close.
I almost said 'Those are the prices in my homeland', but you can't lie to this old man.
It'd be a pain if the thing about Menu gets known, so I decided to speak the truth while not telling everything.

“Very well.
I don't see any issue with their freshness, I'll take them at those prices.”

“Eh? Ah yes.
Thank you.”

Huh? That got through without haggling?
I was ready for 30% discount at worst.
Was it because I didn't price them higher?
The appraiser took his wallet…
it sure looks like a wallet.
It's got all those ornaments, feel like the wallet itself is worth more than the content.
He took some gold and silver coins and gave them to me.

<Platinum Coin= One million en
Big Gold Coin= One hundred thousand en
Gold Coin= Ten thousand en
Silver Coin= One thousand en
Copper Coin= One hundred en
Small Copper Coin= Ten en
Dime= One en
Thus specified.>>

This stuff popped up without permission again.
I'm thankful but it's really shocking, please do something about it.
I received the money and handed over the fruit and seasoning.

“Thank you very much.
I should manage for now thanks to this.”

“That is good to hear.
I do not have many chances to get my hands on fresh Efi.
Looking forward to enjoying them.”

“Ah, make sure your MP has been reduced by 5 or more before consuming one.
You'll suffer from Excess Mana if you don't.”

“Fret not.
That appraisal earlier consumed my MP, in fact these won't be enough to cover for it.”

“I-is that true.
I'm sorry.”

“There is no need for apology, I am simply doing my job.
Ah right, here is your appraisal certificate.
Take it.”

I got the result of appraisal earlier.
Its content is almost the exact same as my Menu display.

Kajikawa Hikaru


Age: 25

Race: Man

Job: ERROR (Appraisal not possible)

State: Normal





※Acquisition Not Possible※

EXP: 17
NEXT: 30

Elimination History

Kobold x1
Goblin x2



These are written in otherworld language too, but I can read them no problem.

Hm? Title?

<There are titles that affect Attributes and Skills as well.>>

Ah okay okay.
Really now.
Well putting that aside.

…Attributes besides HP, MP and SP are 2.
Guess it's better than 0.
Well, that's not the big problem here.

It's the Skill column.
I wasn't hearing it wrong earlier.
Acquisition not possible.

Since it was shown as [None] when I was Lv1, perhaps leveling up before I got a Skill as a base for a Job made it impossible to get one now?
Otherwise, people without Combat Job may acquire base level, creating inequality.

It's an explanation I came up on the spot, but considering the situation, it fits the bill to a T.
Then just give everybody basic level dangit.
Why'd make it like this.

Which means, if a kid that hasn't decided on their Job manages to beat magic beasts by miracle and levels up, they may also suffer from the same phenomenon, I guess?

<Additionally, the concept of level does not exist on children that have not come of age, thus they cannot level up.>>

Then are you saying this is a rare case that happens because I'm an otherworlder with no Skill no Job but has level and leveled up?


You could deny that you know? Meaning, from now on I've gotta live in this world without Skill or Job?
What do I do.
I wouldn't be able to even find an employment now.
A sense of despair unlike what I experienced when I was surrounded by goblins.
I truly wished to survive back then, but now it feels like my will to live is getting sapped out.

“…What should I do.”

“What's wrong, Hikaru?”

Alma called out to me due to my grave expression.

“Ah, un…
I'm sure you heard it, looks like I won't be able to get Skills on top of having none.”


“Of course, I've got no Job either.
My Status is weaker than even a baby.
Laughable isn't it? Hahaha…”


Complaining here gets nothing done! My bad! Thank you for all your help.
I'm gonna think about what to do now after sleeping it off at the inn–“

“It's okay.”

Alma grabbed my hands.
Then she spoke while looking straight at me.

“I saw with my own eyes how Hikaru beat magic beasts with these hands.
You are not weaker than a baby.


“Let me introduce you to Adventurer Guild if you can't find somewhere to work.
They offer work Production Job can do like herb gathering, so you should have no issue with money if you do it right.”

“Are you gonna be all right, introducing someone inept like me.”

“You are not inept.
It's okay.
My achievements in guild may only be at rookie level, but it should be credible enough.
Besides, you can prove your ability to defend yourself by showing them your Elimination History.”

“…I see.
Then I'll take you up on your offer.
Thank you, really.”


Oh crap, I'm going to cry.
My will to live is back.
This girl is such a really good girl.
Alma-san's kindness knows no limit.

“Ah youth.

Gramps, read the mood you.
Hey stop staring at us! It's embarassing!

Afterward, I got the permit from the guard and we went in through the gate.
I'm gonna register at the Adventurer Guild first before looking for an inn.
Wonder how it's like.

~~~Gramps Perspective~~~

“Ho ho ho.
Quite a pleasant lad that was.”

I spontaneously muttered as I saw this Kajikawa young man and Almatina off.
That kid seemed to be down in the dump after reading the appraisal result yet he quickly got back on his feet from Almatina's encouragement.
Truly a simple guy.

Well, the situation he has found himself in is not so simple however.

First of all, Status.
I said there was nothing suspicious, yet there are only few that aren't unusual.
Most of his attributes are at 2.
Skill acquisition not possible.
Job unappraiseable.

And yet he has history of defeating Kobold and Goblins.
How is that possible.
Ah, not good.
I got a stomach cramp from remembering that kobold story.
Moreover, his Stamina is at 0 and yet he has not fallen to [Hunger] state.
That alone is proof enough that he lives under a different law of nature than us.

On top of that, he accurately saw through the value of things without a skill.
…Huh? Am I even needed now?
I asked how he did it, but he surely did not tell everything despite not lying.
Just what did he see anyway.

I bite on an Efi fruit I just bought.
Umu, tasty.
Natural freshly picked Efi are something else indeed.
Really unlike the yellowed stale ones in the market.

My gratitude for these fresh Efi.
[Drifter from Another World]-dono.
May the path you tread on be free of trouble.

Appraisal Lv10 Function [Revelation of the World]

Allow one to see through Titles hidden and given by 『Law of The World』.
Only this Function is capable of seeing through Titles hidden by 『Law of The World』.


[Drifter from Another World] (Hidden Title)
Someone who hails (Do your Best) from a world different than this one (My Child).

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