Chapter 30.
Bountiful Harvest

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TL: Hankguk

“munch, munch, munch.”

Aileen hummed as she put 10 magical cherry tomatoes in her mouth and chewed.



In the past, she would need to eat dozens at once to fully taste them, but recently, as the grade of the cherry tomatoes had risen to D, their flavor had become richer.
Just 10 of them were enough to enjoy the taste fully.

As Aileen happily enjoyed the taste of the cherry tomatoes,



Aileen was surprised by the vibration she felt in her chest.

“My Dragon Heart…”

It was very faint and lasted for less than a second.
However, since it was a pulse she had never experienced in her 200 years of life, Aileen recognized it immediately.

Her Dragon Heart, which hadn’t beaten in 200 years, briefly moved on its own, absorbing mana.

The mana was absorbed by the Dragon Heart as if a drop of water fell on the cracked, parched ground, scattering and disappearing without a trace in an instant.

But Aileen could feel it clearly.
There was a change in her Dragon Heart.
And the reason for that change was…

Aileen put 20 D-grade magical cherry tomatoes in her mouth at once, hoping to get a more definite feeling this time.





She chewed the cherry tomatoes deliciously, swallowed them, and then focused on her Dragon Heart.

A moment later,


Once again, her Dragon Heart briefly moved on its own, absorbing mana.

She had only thought that the humans’ crops were tasty, but it seemed that they also had the ability to heal her Dragon Heart.

“Huh?! Come to think of it, the time for my seizure has already passed!”

In the administrator’s space of the Tower where Aileen was currently, the mana density was much higher than in other places, so even if her Dragon Heart didn’t beat, Aileen’s breathing alone could supply mana to her body.

However, there was a limit to this, and every 10 years or so, Aileen would have seizures due to mana deficiency.

And with each seizure, the cycle would shorten by a few days.

But it had been more than 10 years and a few days since the last seizure, and she still hadn’t had one.

“From now on, I will protect this human!”

Although the human was already precious to her for providing her with delicious food, those who could make her Dragon Heart beat were even more precious.

The great black dragon Aileen Pritani, 200 years old.

Finally, she found someone she wanted to protect.

Aileen hurriedly looked into the crystal ball to see what the human is doing.

And then,

“No! He found another un-appraised item while I was away! It’s dangerous! I knew the human couldn’t manage without me.”

Aileen quickly woke up Sejun, who was napping.


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[The Tower’s administrator…straw…appraisal…says.]


Sejun woke up because of the Tower’s administrator’s message.

[The Tower’s administrator is angry, asking why are you wearing an un-appraised item again.]

[The Tower’s administrator says, didn’t they tell you that using un-appraised items recklessly could cause big trouble?]

“Huh?! This was an item?”

At the words of the Tower’s administrator, Sejun quickly put Theo, who he was holding, on his lap and hurriedly took off the straw hat to examine it.
It looked so common that he thought it was just an ordinary straw hat.

[Farmer’s Straw Hat]

– ???

– Usage Restrictions: Lv.
20, Strength 20 or more, Stamina 20 or more

– Creator: Private

– Grade: D

– Skill: [Earth’s Blessing Lv.

[Earth’s Blessing Lv.

– A weak blessing of the earth is bestowed on all the land you own.

– The recovery speed of stamina increases slightly.


Although there was only a slight increase in the speed of stamina recovery, there was no limit to the size of the farmland.

“It would be a great item if it weren’t for the usage restrictions…”

At Lv.
20, having more than 20 Strength and Stamina was like saying not to wear it at that level.

Sejun, who was worried about the wasteland on the surface, was very disappointed that he couldn’t use the Earth’s Blessing skill of the straw hat because of the usage restrictions.

[The Tower’s administrator suggests appraising the straw hat first.]

Give me the quest.”

Since it still had the purpose of blocking sunlight, Sejun decided to appraise it.

[A quest has been activated.]

[Quest: Send the un-appraised straw hat to the Tower’s administrator.]

Reward: None.

Refusal: Cannot appraise.

[An additional quest has been activated.]

[Quest: Promise the Tower’s administrator to give them crops containing the energy of the Blue Moon during the next Blue Moon.]

Reward: Appraised straw hat

Refusal: Unable to receive the straw hat

“Crops containing the energy of the Blue Moon?”

[The Tower’s administrator says it’s absolutely necessary.]


Sejun readily accepted.
He would be able to harvest more and better crops in the future.
There was no need to hold back.

“Now, appraise it.”

The straw hat disappeared from Sejun’s hand.

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[You have completed the quest.]

[The Tower’s administrator uses the appraisal skill on the Farmer’s Straw Hat.]

[The Tower’s administrator is happy with the appraised item.]

It was strange.
Why was the Tower’s administrator happy?

[The Tower’s administrator congratulates you on acquiring an amazing item.]

[The Tower’s administrator now asks you to promise Aileen Pritani the crops containing the energy of the Blue Moon during the next Blue Moon.]

“Aileen Pritani?”

[The Tower’s administrator arrogantly says that you should take it as an honor that they are revealing their name.]

“What’s with the name…”

Sejun grumbled.

[The Tower’s administrator is excited, stomping the floor and saying that this is a great honor.]

“Yes, it’s an honor to know the name of Aileen Pritani.”

Sejun quickly catered to Aileen’s wishes in order to receive the straw hat.

[The Administrator is satisfied.]

[The Tower’s administrator urges you to make the promise.]

“I, Park Sejun, promise to give Aileen Pritani crops imbued with the energy of the Blue Moon when I harvest them during the next Blue Moon.”

[The Tower Administrator says this is the first promise between you and them.]

‘First promise?’

The Tower Administrator spoke meaningfully.

Sejun felt something was strange, but he soon focused on the straw hat that appeared in front of him.

Catching it just in time, Sejun grabbed the falling straw hat.

[Quest completed.]

[As a quest completion reward, you have acquired the appraised straw hat – Relic: Saint Patrick’s Straw Hat]


A named piece of equipment with the word ‘relic’ attached.
This was the first time Sejun had heard of a relic.

Sejun checked the options of the straw hat.

[Relic: Saint Patrick’s Straw Hat]

– This is the straw hat that farmer Patrick, who was called the Saint for saving many starving people with his farming, always wore.

– It is one of the 10 relics that exist in the Tower.

– The restrictions and grade on relics are lifted depending on the job of the wearer.

– Usage Restrictions: Those with a farming-related job

– Creator: Patrick

– Grade: Undecided

– Skill: [Earth’s Blessing Lv.

“Only 10 in the tower?!”

Sejun was surprised by the extreme rarity of the item as he checked the options of the straw hat.

The original grade and stat restrictions had disappeared, but a new restriction, ‘those with a farming-related job’, was added.

As a Tower Farmer, it was good news for Sejun.

The grade was strangely undecided.
Considering the description stating that the ability grows depending on the wearer’s job, it seemed that the grade would be determined when worn.

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There was no change in the skill.
However, when the item’s grade was determined, new skills might appear.

With an excited heart, Sejun put on the straw hat.

[Relic: Saint Patrick’s Straw Hat checks the wearer’s job.]

[Tower Farmer (D) is confirmed.]

[The grade of the Relic: Saint Patrick’s Straw Hat rises to D.]

As Sejun expected, the item grade followed the wearer’s job level.

[E-grade restriction lifted.]

[Skill – Earth’s Blessing Lv.
2 restriction lifted.]

[Skill – Farmer’s Physique Lv.
1 unlocked.]

[D-grade restriction is lifted.]

[Skill – Earth’s Blessing Lv.
3 restriction lifted.]

[Skill – Farmer’s Physique Lv.
2 restriction lifted.]

[Skill – Bountiful Harvest Lv.
1 unlocked.]


The item options were amazing, considering that there were only 10 relics in the Tower.

Sejun checked Earth’s Blessing and the newly unlocked skills.

[Earth’s Blessing Lv.

– A slightly strong blessing of the earth covers all owned farmland.

– The recovery speed of stamina increases slightly.

[Farmer’s Physique Lv.

– A farmer’s physique should always be strong.

– All stats increase by 3.

[Bountiful Harvest Lv.

– There is a very low chance that a bountiful harvest will occur in some owned farmland for a week.
(Up to 100 square meters)

– When a bountiful harvest occurs, harvest yield increases by 50%.

As expected, Theo’s hand was golden.
This draw was a great success!

“Well done, Representative Theo!”

Excited, Sejun patted Theo’s front paw.

At that moment,

“Meow… Park Sejun, give me some Churu meow…”

Theo sleep-talked.

I’ll give you as much as you want.”

Feeling good, Sejun opened a Churu and held it to Theo’s mouth.

lick, lick, lick.

“It’s delicious meow…”

Even while sleeping, Theo diligently licked the Churu.

As soon as Theo finished the Churu, Sejun got up from his seat.

“I want to sleep more meow…”


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As Sejun got up, the critters showed their sleep protest.

“Get up quickly!”

Due to his nap, Sejun’s work had been delayed.
He hurriedly woke up Theo, the black rabbit, and the bear cub.

And then,

“Give me Churu meow! I didn’t get to eat it properly earlier meow!”

Theo, who was now fully awake, asked Sejun for Churu.

“Theo, you just ate a Churu, didn’t you?”

“What are you talking about meow? Are you making fun of me meow?!”

“I definitely ate it in my dream, meow!”

Theo was wronged.
He had clearly eaten it in his dream, but Park Sejun insisted that he had eaten it in reality.


Sejun handed Theo a new Churu and went down to the cave for farming.

Theo also followed Sejun down to the cave and settled in Sejun’s designated seat.
If he stayed on the ground, the bear cub might steal his precious Churu.

Chew, chew, chew.

Theo started eating Churu diligently.
It wasn’t as tasty as eating on Park Sejun’s lap, but Churu was still delicious meow.

As Theo leisurely enjoyed his Churu and spent a peaceful time,

It’s done.”

Thanks to the Farmer’s Physique skill, all of Sejun’s stats increased by 3, allowing him to cut all the leaves quickly without getting tired.

And then he went to the cherry tomato field,


Sejun cut the cherry tomato branches and began to harvest enthusiastically.

[You simultaneously harvest 4 well-ripened magical cherry tomatoes.]

[Your job experience increases slightly.]

[The proficiency of Harvesting Lv.
4 increases slightly.]

[Due to the effect of Proficiency Increase Lv.
1, the proficiency of Harvesting Lv.
4 increases by an additional 5%.]

[You gain 80 experience points.]

At that moment,


Suddenly, a golden aura descended on the surrounding ground.

And then, a notification popped up:

[Bountiful Harvest Lv.
1 is activated.]

[Bountiful Harvest applied on the 30 square meter of Magical Cherry Tomato field.]

[Harvest yield will increase by 50% for the next week.]

Sejun’s magical cherry tomato field is now experiencing a bountiful harvest.


Note: Changing Dragons name from Aelin to Aileen

Good Night!!!

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