Huang Hao thought carefully, he wanted to pull the red line.

Through this period of friendship, he found out his friend had no prejudice against the merchant and was much better than other people.
Well, it was a pity to miss such a good candidate.

So, along the way, he kept talking about his uncle, “Actually, let me tell you.
My family used to be very poor.
And my uncle ran out to do business with others, he came back four years later with large amount of money.
Then he started his own business, you know the Zhiyue Restaurant, it’s my uncle’s property.
It’s a pity, a person as good as my uncle, he only has one child; a ger.”

A ger was unique existence in this world.
They looked like a men but had little red dote on their foreheads.
They could get pregnant like women, although their status wasn’t very high but it was fine.

There were some gers in the village, those who were poor would marry a ger.
After all, they were more capable than women and could help in the fields.
So, they were quite popular in the countryside.

“Your uncle is the boss Huang? I heard many people talk about him.
Why does he only have one child? Didn’t he have many wives and concubines?” Liao Tingyu felt a little confused and asked strangely.

For Huang Hao, it was actually normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines.
There was nothing wrong with his uncle behaviour.
Anyway, he didn’t care about Liao Tingyu’s opinion; everyone had their own idea.

“I don’t know why.
But my uncle can’t have a second child.
My uncle keeps offering incense every day but he still didn’t have it.” Huang Hao also knew his uncle’s behaviour and said disapprovingly,

“A monk said it was because my cousin who was a ger, so my uncle couldn’t have heir.”

“How could they blamed a ger? Isn’t this monk too much?” Liao Tingyu disagreed powerfully.

“The monk said it.
It’s okay, my uncle didn’t care about it.
He is weird, every time I go to his house; he always grabs me.
Don’t think about it.”

“Why would I think about it?” Liao Tingyu wouldn’t admit he just imagined the situation Huang Hao suffered and nodded calmly to change the subject, “Where are you going? Go to your room to study?”

“What else can I do? I’m not like you, your writing was better than those Juren.
It’s just your poetry which was worrying.
No wonder the teacher talk about you every day.
As the saying goes, no one is perfect and one gold is never enough.” Huang Hao wanted to laugh when he thought of Liao Tingyu’s miserable days in the school back then.

“I really can’t do anything about it.
You need a real talent for poetry, my brain is suitable for doing rough works.
You want me to write a poetry about autumn and spring, I really can’t do it.” Liao Tingyu was very helpless, he didn’t have the muscle for poetry.

“Are you still going to take the next exam?” Huang Hao ate a chestnut cake in one bite.

“Maybe, I think I still have the strength to do it.” Liao Tingyu said confidently.

“You have the strength.
But it’s a pity, I could only spend life in my cramped study.
People have the will but not enough strength!” If he didn’t eat while he spoke, he might have the momentum.
Liao Tingyu tilted his head and looked at his silly friend.

“You are not afraid being choked.
Eat a cake and raise your head just like a goose.”

“Not afraid.
I have developed the skill.” Huang Hao muttered and was caught choking before he finished speaking.

Liao Tingyu looked at this person who slapped his face in instant.
He really couldn’t escape the fate.

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