Shao Mingwei looked around the kitchen, then took Min Yu’s hand and placed it under the mouth of the sanitizing dispenser.
The cold rushing water washed away the blood, and the diluted red liquid was flushed down the sink.

Shao Mingwei felt that his heart was as if squeezed by a strong hand.
It was sour and painful, like how he felt distressed when Shao Rong was retching and uncomfortable after dialysis.
The space between his eyebrows wrinkled into vertical lines then he asked softly, “Does it hurt?”



Min Yu smiled with difficulty.

However, his complexion was pale.
His eyes were moist as if it was covered with layers of fog, and the corner of his eyes were red.
He pursed his lips, obviously enduring the pain with great difficulty.
He didn’t want Shao Mingwei to see his delicate appearance, so he feigned calmness. 

Shao Mingwei sighed secretly and gently touched Min Yu’s head with his free hand.


Min Yu was slightly surprised and was unable to react yet when he saw Shao Mingwei put his no longer bleeding and numb finger close to his lips, then comfortingly said, “Give it a blow.
I’ll blow it, so it won’t hurt anymore.”

He blew it two times and gave Min Yu a placating smile.

The gush of air passed through from Min Yu’s index finger and to his face, blowing his bloodless cheeks red.
The thin redness in the corner of his eyes spreads up to the tips of his ears.


Shao Mingwei didn’t realize that he was treating him like the young Shao Rong.
He wasn’t even aware that there’s something wrong with his behavior.
He asked naturally, “Is there a medicine box at home?”

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“Pc atf mjylcfa, yfibk atf KN.”

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Min Yu whispered, “En”.
He didn’t say that his finger had actually turned numb. 

When Shao Mingwei saw his miserable expression, he thought that he was in severe pain, so his movements became more gentle.
He carefully helped him deal with the wound, putting on a waterproof band-aid on his finger afterward.

“Done.” Shao Mingwei tidied up the medicine box and returned it.
He stood up and looked at the gloriously injured Min Yu, then smiled and said, “I think I’ll be doing the cooking, ba.
Let’s wait until Mr.
Min’s finger is healed and he can touch the knife again.”

Shao Mingwei went into the kitchen and glanced around.
The tools inside were all ready.
The vegetables were washed and set aside.
There’s already beef that had been braised, a half-chopped fish, and chicken meat that had been blanched.

He secretly smiled at Min Yu’s readiness.
It seemed that he had planned to prepare a sumptuous meal, but at his speed, it was estimated that it would be evening by then before the two of them could eat. 

Shao Mingwei first chopped the remaining half of the fish into chunks, preparing to make fish chunks in sour soup.

His actions were precise and efficient when cooking.
Then came the sound of footsteps from behind him.
Min Yu said, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Shao Mingwei looked down at the wok and smiled after hearing it.
“Trouble you with handing me that bowl of water.”

Min Yu picked it up and handed it over to him.
“Anything else?” 


When Shao Mingwei was cooking the meal, Min Yu followed him like a tail.
Occasionally helping him by handing him the ladle or chopsticks.
Min Yu looked at him intently, asking what he was doing from time to time.
In his eyes, Shao Mingwei is so good and capable.


Under his attentive gaze, Shao Mingwei was handling the butcher's cleaver with ease.
His movements became more and more adept.

However, the kitchen was not spacious enough.
When Min Yu followed Shao Mingwei closely, they would rub against each other, making the room feel more cramped.
Shao Mingwei was afraid that the hot pan of food would spill and scald him, so he found a stool and placed it at the kitchen door next to the trash can.
Min come and help me peel the garlic, ba.
After peeling, I will tell you how to pound the garlic.
Be careful not to rub it on your wound.” 

Even though Shao Mingwei’s moves were quick, it was already two o’clock before all the dishes were served.

“Waiting impatiently, ba?” Shao Mingwei filled each of their bowls with a sour fish soup.
“How about a taste of the fish soup first?”

Min Yu was silent the whole time, immersed in Shao Mingwei’s gentle and warm care.
He was ashamed and at the same time, greedy, just wanting to wholly depend on this reliable and calm young man who was ten years younger than him.

Shao Mingwei looked at him expectantly, then asked bashfully, “How is it?” 

“It’s very fragrant and delicious.” Min Yu took a sip and his eyes lit up.
He gently and sincerely praised, “It’s really good.”

Shao Mingwei showed a bright smile, introducing him to the rest of the foods.
“This is three cup chicken, stewed beef brisket with tomatoes, okra salad, and this is mashed yam with blueberry sauce… Actually, I haven’t made it for a long time.
I don’t know if it’s done well or will suit your taste.”

Originally, Shao Mingwei didn’t want to make desserts, but when he opened the refrigerator and saw the blueberry jam, he thought about Min Yu’s sweet tooth and decided to make one for him.

Min Yu tasted them one by one, praising him to high heaven, especially the blueberry yam. 

Seeing that he liked it, Shao Mingwei relaxed and also started to move his chopsticks.

Both of them were starving, so they didn’t talk much before the table of foods.
They immersed themselves in the meal and it took them a while before they started to slow down.

Nearly full after eating, Min Yu put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth, and said the lines he had rehearsed several times in his heart, “Mingwei, what do you think about this place?”

Shao Mingwei glanced at him and said calmly, “It’s very good.
What’s the matter?” 

“Do you want to live here, ba?” Min Yu glanced at his expression, and softly explained, “You see, your sister will have an operation soon.
You must come and see her often.
The distance here is near, so you don’t have to travel long to go back to school at night.”

Shao Mingwei’s wild guess is indeed true, but his throat became astringent.
“Are you busy with this lately?”

“Not really.” Min Yu smiled with embarrassment.
“This was installed before, but it’s a bit old, so I let someone renovate it.
I’m afraid that something would be unfit, so I always want to come over and see.
Of course, the company also happens to be busy…” Afraid that he will refuse, Min Yu added, “I have already paid the rent for three months.
I don’t live here and if you don’t also want to live, it’ll be a waste.”

Truthfully, Min Yu had already bought this house, but he was afraid that Shao Mingwei would feel burdened, hurting the young man’s pride.
So he could only say that it was rented.
He didn’t want to wait for Shao Rong to be discharged from the hospital after the operation.
The brother and sister and a caretaker had to squeeze back into the small apartment that didn’t even have a bathroom of its own.
It’s just that, right now, if he can’t convince Shao Mingwei to move, he has a lot of opportunities to persuade the other party to move in the future. 

Shao Mingwei went silent for a moment and then replied, “Okay…”

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