As soon as Shao Mingwei finished the exam, he quickly packed his schoolbag and disappeared like a puff of smoke. 

Liu Yang, who wanted to ask him to go to the cafeteria with him, didn’t stop him, but said strangely to Wang Yicong, “I don’t know what made Old Shao so busy.
He often disappears after class.”

Wang Yicong said, “Probably going to his part-time jobs, ba.”



Liu Yang denied it.
If a person is working part time, they wouldn’t be neglecting their meals.
Old Shao hardly ate outside.
If he worked part time, he would eat in the school cafeteria before going.
How can he find no one after class?”

Wang Yicong isn’t a good brother like Shao Mingwei and Liu Yang, but they are roommates and classmates who have a good relationship.
Shao Mingwei also has a lot of things to do, and the time he spends in the dormitory is not long.
They didn’t know each other very well, so he could only smile and say, “Maybe he’s seeing someone.” 

He was originally joking, but after speaking, he felt that his guess was reasonable, then excitedly said, “Maybe it’s true.
Didn’t others say that when a person falls in love, they become like a different person? I’ve seen Mingwei looking at his phone and sending WeChat more and more frequently.
He didn’t have any interest in playing with his phone before.
And don’t you think his clothes are getting more and more fashionable? We don’t know where he bought these clothes that were obviously not displayed in clothing stores.
He will even take a long time to dress up.
In addition, he’s sometimes in a hurry, maybe he’s in a hurry to meet someone… I think he must have a girlfriend.


The more Wang Yicong spoke, the more convinced he was that his thoughts were true.
He shook his head and said, “I don’t know how many girls will have their hearts broken.
When school starts again, we must make Mingwei treat us to a meal.” Then he hooked Liu Yang’s shoulder with his arm.
His tone was envious, empathizing with him.
“When will we be able to get rid of this single status, ah?”

Since the first year of college, the freshmen live in the 327 dormitory, which is a room full of single dogs.
In the past two years, except for Shao Mingwei who secretly had a boyfriend, the others are still the same as before.
The three boys gathered together to eat, study, and play games.
There is no sign of engaging in any romantic relationship at all.

Liu Yang pushed him away and scolded him with a smile.
“Who is with you? I have been chasing Xiaoshen recently.
Don’t be a crow's mouth.” When he took an elective course last semester, he fell in love with a little petite girl at first sight.
However, although he looked like he was five big and three thick, he was unexpectedly innocent and shy in this regard.
He sat quietly around the girl for a semester, except for one time when he borrowed a pen, where he stuttered as he said a few words to her and was too stunned that there were no more interactions after that.
He only knew that her name was Cheng Xiaoshen.
There are no elective courses this semester.
He inquired about the girl’s class schedule to sit in on her class, but he still didn’t dare to come forward to chat, and could only deeply heave a sigh in his dormitory all day.
Shao Mingwei and the others couldn’t watch him continue like this, so they all encouraged him to be a little braver, but it still didn’t work.
But after that, when he accidentally saw other boys courting Cheng Xiaoshen, he finally couldn’t help but have a proper chat with her.
After getting to know her, he restrained a blush and added her WeChat.
Surprisingly, Cheng Xiaoshen didn’t seem to be surprised when Liu Yang struck up a conversion, as if she had already known that the tall boy had secretly liked her and knew that he would come, so there was no trace of embarrassment at all.
Her attitude greatly encouraged Liu Yang.
He treated her better and better.
Now the two of them are only about to pierce the last layer of window paper.

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“Clsj, sbe mjc jirb tjnf j ulgioglfcv.
Ofa’r ub jcv fja.” 

Shao Mingwei was the last batch of students to finish the exam at Q University.
When he arrived at the library, there were no more students reviewing, only scattered people reading books.
When he came out of the elevator, he caught a glimpse of Min Yu’s tilted sleeping face under the bright light.

The heating in the library is sufficient, so he’s not worried about the other party catching a cold, but he felt distressed because even though he’s so tired, he still wanted to come and see him.
Thinking that they both wanted to see each other, Shao Mingwei felt his heart softening and warming up.
He walked over quietly and sat next to Min Yu without waking him up.
Shao Mingwei stared at his thick eyelashes and counted them.
He gently touched the tip of his nose and the red and soft lips with his index finger, enjoying himself.

Min Yu woke up in a daze, with a sense of bewilderment at not knowing where he was.
He sat up straight and heard a gentle voice next to him.

He turned his head and saw that it was Shao Mingwei, holding the collection of essays he was reading a moment ago.
Only then did he wake up.
He remembered that he had been waiting for Shao Mingwei in the library and fell asleep for some reason. 

Min Yu glanced at the time.
It was already seven o’clock, and it had been almost two hours since Shao Mingwei finished the exam.
He didn’t expect that he had slept for so long, so he asked softly, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Shao Mingwei closed the book and put it aside.
He helped him tidy up the other side of his hair that was flattened when he slept.
“Seeing you sleeping so well, I don’t want to wake you up.
We can go back right away after you wake up.”

Min Yu pursed his mouth into a smile and nodded.
When they were about to leave, he remembered that Shao Mingwei’s luggage was still in the dormitory and hadn’t been packed yet, and asked, “Are you going back to the dormitory to pack your luggage? Or come back tomorrow to pack it?”

Shao Mingwei glanced at him and said, “Come back tomorrow, ba.
It’s too late today.
You didn’t have a good lunch, right? Let’s go back and I’ll cook for you.” 

Min Yu touched his empty stomach and agreed with a smile, “Okay.
It happens that I have nothing important tomorrow, so I’ll come with you.”

Winter days are short and it gets dark very early, so after seven o’clock, it is completely dark.
Shao Mingwei and Min Yu held hands in the dark, choosing a sparsely populated road to the parking lot.


They haven’t seen each other for half a month, and the afternoon was full of soldiers' mutiny and troops' rebellion.
At this moment, the two were finally able to be together alone quietly, not speaking, only allowing the ambiguous and sweet atmosphere to ferment.

The campus of Q University is not small.
It usually takes a long way to walk, but it didn’t take them a while to finish it.
Min Yu’s car was parked under the streetlamp, reflecting a low-key and luxurious luster in the dim light. 

Before walking out of the darkness, Shao Mingwei stopped and looked at Min Yu.

Min Yu also stopped, but he did not ask why the other party stopped, because the young man’s deep eyes had already told him his desire.

Min Yu’s face was a little hot.
Fortunately, it couldn’t be seen in the darkness.
He curled his lips into a smile, his heart pounding, and then calmly whispered, “Mingwei.”

“En?” Shao Mingwei also whispered to him, as if he was afraid of breaking something. 

Min Yu stretched out his hand and hooked Shao Mingwei’s neck to pull him down.
Their distance was very close, the tip of their nose touching.
He looked softly and quietly into the young man’s eyes.

After a moment, Shao Mingwei sighed contentedly and kissed his lips.

Finally holding him in his arms and kissing his warm lips again made Shao Mingwei clearly realize how much he missed Min Yu and how inseparable he was from him.

It wasn’t until they were both panting that their lips were willing to part.
They pressed on their foreheads, looked at each other, then both chuckled. 

Sitting in the car, Min Yu remembered that he hadn’t returned Liu Yang’s student card, so he took it out and handed it to Shao Mingwei.
“I borrowed Liu Yang’s student card this afternoon.
Can you return it to him tomorrow?”

Shao Mingwei paused for a moment, took it, and asked casually, “Why do you want to borrow his student card? Mine can also be used.”

Min Yu glanced at him and knew what he was thinking.
He pinched his face in amusement.
“What are you thinking about? Of course, it’s borrowing his student card to enter the library.
Aren’t you using yours inside? If you’re like this, then I won’t be going to your dormitory next time.”

Shao Mingwei felt that Liu Yang was too attentive to Min Yu, even if Liu Yang was courting someone, he wanted Min Yu and him to not have too many interactions.
However, he knew that this was all because of his pettiness, and if he said this openly he would definitely make Min Yu angry, so he kissed Min Yu on the cheek and said with his brows drooping, “I’m just kidding, don’t be angry.” 

“I’m not angry.” Min Yu was actually very receptive to his young lover’s strong possessiveness, which made him feel needed and loved.
So he wasn’t angry and naturally changed the subject.
“Let’s learn to drive during the winter break? It’s more convenient to do anything after learning to drive.”

Shao Mingwei originally did not need to drive because he was not expecting a car anytime soon, plus he did not have the time to learn how to drive.
But now… Shao Mingwei glanced at Min Yu in the driver’s seat.
He wanted to drive for Min Yu when the two of them were together.
He nodded in agreement and said, “Okay.”

When Min Yu was on a business trip, Shao Mingwei lived in the school, and since the two lived together, Min Yu has never let the housekeeper take care of the kitchen, so now there is nothing in the refrigerator except for beer and some drinks.
The two stopped by the supermarket on their way home.
When they got home, Shao Mingwei made dinner simply and neatly, and Min Yu watched from the side.
He didn’t seem to have the skills to light up the kitchen.
He tried it several times, and it was a tragedy to the point of almost hurting himself.
Since then, Shao Mingwei would never let him cook again, and Min Yu didn’t try to embarrass himself anymore.

At night, Min Yu was a little tired.
After lying on the bed and exchanging sweet nothings with Shao Mingwei for a while, he fell asleep in his arms.
Shao Mingwei pulled the quilt for him and stared at his quiet, sleeping face in the dark.
Thinking that he had things he needed to do tomorrow, he quickly fell asleep. 

Shao Mingwei has a late holiday. The Spring Festival is less than ten days away. During the winter break, he gave Aunt Jiang a holiday and took care of Shao Rong by himself.
Although he lived far from his hometown in Beijing, and there were only two people, he and Shao Rong, Shao Mingwei also wanted to spend the Chinese New Year following the customs of his hometown, lively and bustling with noise and excitement.
He plans to take Shao Rong out to buy new clothes for the Chinese New Year.
Forget about him, Min Yu bought a lot of clothes for him, some of them are still quite new after wearing them a few times.
Then he will clean the house from inside and out, mop the floor, wipe the windows, wash the sofa cover, and scrub the range hood.
He also has to buy Chinese New Year’s goodies, steamed pork, and dumplings…

One day, Shao Mingwei was cleaning the glass at home when the doorbell rang.


Shao Rong put down the cross-stitch embroidery in her hand and ran to open the door.
Shao Mingwei behind warned her to slow down.

Shao Rong opened the door in response and exclaimed in surprise, “Brother Xiao Min!” 

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