Little Demon´s King survival strategy


“Hey, trash.”


Despite the blatant insult, I did not raise an eyebrow.


Because I’d heard it too often.


“Why did the devil choose a dirty hybrid like you as the demon king?”


‘I guess he liked me better.
Why? Why do you have to bring that up again?’


Although I wanted to answer like that, I just dressed up with a big smile.


They won’t be wary of me if I look as harmless and thoughtless as possible.


The Demon King, but a puppet swayed by high-ranking demons – that was my situation right now.


The demons looked down at me with snake-like eyes.


“It’s all thanks to us that you are still alive as a Demon King.
Don’t forget that.”


“Yes, I’ll remember!”


I nodded brightly, like a puppy following its owner.


Only then did they leave the room with a satisfied face.


Click, squeak!


The sound of the door being locked from the outside echoed loudly.


At the same time, I wiped the smile from my face and stared at the closed door.


“Ha, you’re really talking……”


Just wake me up as the Demon King, then I’ll sew their mouths right away!


Anyway, to understand why I had become a miserable person to be abused by such mustached grandfathers, I first needed to know about the fantasy novel I had read in my previous life.



Although people cursed it as general garbage, it was still my favorite novel.


Well, the content was rather typical.


It was a rather obvious story of a genius prince with a tragic past, who became happy after killing the demon king who had plunged the world into chaos.


However, in a world where everyone was happy, there was one person who felt horrible.


And that was Tatiana.


She was the demon king chosen by the devil and the final boss of the novel, who was decided to be overthrown by the male protagonist.


‘By the way, I’m that Tatiana, so does this make sense?!’


I couldn’t resist the rising anger and seethed.


……Anyway, back to the original story.


Tatiana’s setting in the original was roughly as follows.


Tatiana was the only recognized person in the original work to be of mixed race between human and demon.


On top of that, she was an orphan, who didn’t even know who her parents were, and her appearance was closer to that of a human than a demon.


Thus, she stayed in the slave market for three years while being treated as trash by the surrounding demons.


It had been three years – I was four years old now – so it was almost like being persecuted for over half my life!!


Hah, let me wipe my tears first.


I was saddened by that alone, but an incident that made my hard life even more messed up happened.


That was the oracle of the devil.


The contents of the oracle were simple.


The devil who had been silent the whole time had chosen a new demon king.


But the problem was, the new demon king was….


‘It was me.’


The demons, who heard the oracle, turned their eyes, and searched for the new demon king, and finally found me.


“A mixed blood of humans and demons?”


As if looking at filth, the demons frowned their foreheads and glared at me.


“It’s terrifying that even such a filthy mongrel exists, let alone that she’s the Demon King!”


But I was depressed.


No, would I have wanted to be reincarnated as Tatiana, who was promised a crazy life?


The demon who had been staring at me for a while smiled sinisterly.


“Well, it’ll be useful in many ways.
Drag her away.”


Being dragged like a dog by the hands of the demons like that, I made a cynical judgment that was not like a three-year-old.


‘Yeah, my life seems to be completely ruined.’


A year passed like that.


I turned four years old and in the meantime my life had steadily flowed according to the original story.


I became a puppet of high-ranking demons, some of them extorted my power and pretended to be the demon king.


Thus, what was known to the public was the ‘Five Demon Kings.’


I think I heard rumors that the five kings invaded the land of humans, but my life was so hard that I couldn’t pay attention to it properly.


‘Even in the original story, the point at which I awaken as a Demon King is just before the novel ends…….


The male protagonist became a righteous warrior and invaded the Demon Castle, and rescued Tatiana from being exploited by high-ranking demons.


Sadly, it was too late then.


Tatiana, who could not endure the long-term abuse and fell into sorrow and despair, was awakened as the Demon King.


Thus, the male protagonist defeated Tatiana after a long struggle and finally prevented the destruction of the world….
That was the end of the original story.


“No, this is too much!”


I couldn’t overcome the injustice and stomped with my feet on the spot.


It was too sad to live my whole life being used by others.


‘As soon as Tatiana finally awakens as a Demon King, her only role is to get her neck blown away by the male protagonist!’


Wasn’t that too much?


“If that’s the case, why don’t you wake me up as the demon king early? I want to mess with you, too!”


The moment I clenched my fists and shouted that–






Startled, I looked back.


Boom, bang, boom!!


The sound of a huge explosion, the sound of walls collapsing, the sound of furniture being shattered, and the sound of weapons clashing were dizzyingly resounding.


“Stop it, stop it!”


“You can’t enter behind me!”


“Are you going to be crushed by a humble human being?”


Urgent shouts were mixed in with all kinds of pounding sounds.








I jumped from my spot.


A huge sword flew and was stuck in the doorknob now!


For a moment I was freaked out.


Then I had no choice but to stare at the door as if possessed.


‘The door….is it open?’


The doorknob, which had always been locked, was broken.


Which meant–


‘I can get out of this terrible, small room!’


For a moment, I froze on the spot.


My heart was beating like crazy.


Although there seemed to be a huge fight outside, the hope of getting outside was much greater than the fear of the fighting.


I tried to calm myself down.


‘There’s a battle going on, a kid like me will only get seriously hurt if I go out now.’


I waited for a long time with a blanket over my head and holding my breath.






Finally, it became quiet.


I rose cautiously, swallowing my dry saliva.


‘Can I go out now?’


I crept closer to the door and listened, but the noise of the battle could no longer be heard.


‘All right, then.’


With a firm determination, I pushed open the door with both hands.


The door opened silently.


At the same time, I was astonished.




It was all dark outside.


The once splendid castle was a mess, stained with the scars of countless battles.


However, there were no bodies of the demons, and the reason could be…


‘Because of the thorough supremacy of the demons.’


The high-ranking demons said they were much more noble, and they even blocked the access of ordinary demons.


Even the servants were not allowed to reside in the Demon Castle, and they were only called when necessary and then sent out again afterwards.


Well, to serve a mixed-race kid who appeared more human than demon in that atmosphere…


How upset you must have been?


While enjoying the sense of freedom I felt after such a long time, I suddenly turned my head.


My eyes were on the central hall where the Demon King’s throne was located.


“Over there….”


I hesitated to walk down further.


The luxurious door was already smashed, so it wasn’t difficult to get inside.


The appearance behind it was simply atrocious.


Blood-stained weapons scattered haphazardly, smashed furniture that once looked beautiful, and five thrones ruined by collapsed debris.


And the fatally wounded high ranking demons.




My eyes trembled as I looked at them.


In fact, objectively, it would be a harrowing sight for a child.


But seeing these people who once tormented and ignored me, lying around like trash….


‘If I think I’m feeling refreshed, am I a bad person?’


But apart from feeling guilty, my lips were smiling brightly before I knew it.


It felt like a stone that had been stuck in my chest for a long time had fallen out.


No matter how high-ranking a demon was, he wouldn’t be able to survive if he was hurt so badly.


‘Then am I free now?’


Oh my god, this can’t be!


I covered my blushing cheeks with both hands and stamped my feet.


I can’t help it! Even if you point out that I’m a bad kid, I’m about to faint with joy now!


After enjoying such happiness for a long time, I came to my senses.


‘By the way, if a high ranking-demon could die so easily….’


I was sure a lot of talented people had invaded, but who the hell were they?


What if they attacked me?


Feeling scared for no reason, I looked around, crouching like a turtle.


And I found them.




In the distance, three dazzlingly beautiful men were lying down, covered in blood.

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