“Bang, bang, bang, bang,” the sound of rough kicking kept coming.


“Yun Jing, fu-cking come out!”


“You have enough guts to hide ah, you dare take our money and run away, I know you’re in there, come out!”


“Don’t think you’ll be fine if you hide and don’t say anything.
Don’t forget what you said when you borrowed the money.
If you don’t have money, we can take you to pay for it.
When I catch you, I’ll sell you as a duck…”

[TN: duck is slang for pro-stitute]




Immediately Yun Jing opened his eyes, he saw dilapidated room with a dirty fishy smell, he rubbed his brow, chaotic memories flew into his mind like a tidal wave, all kinds of noises buzzed in his ears, like countless people were standing beside him constantly talking to him, some were familiar to him, some were memories of this body.


In Yun Jing’s right hand side, there was a phone, the screen was still lit with the novel reading surface.


Yun Jing squinted at the novel twice, then he slowly turned his head to look aside, the mirror reflected the face of another person.



Yun Jing was born in a world called Tian Hong Continent, that world was filled with countless spiritual energy, all people born in that world, as long as they awakened their spiritual energy on the day of adulthood, would be able to cultivate spiritual energy and become a spiritual master.



Yun Jing was the king of a small country in the Tian Hong continent, he had natural talent and was a one in a million genius, but when he turned 16 years old, Yun Jing’s body was suddenly occupied by an otherworldly spirit, and the otherworldly spirit, called himself “transmigrator”.


Only then did Yun Jing understand that he was only a cannon fodder in a novel, and the book wearer wanted to take over his body and hug the protagonist’s leg in order to share his wealth with him.



It took several years for Yun Jing to finally get rid of the shadow of the book wearer and the protagonist, but he didn’t expect to fall into a black hole with his contracted beast, the Dream Devil, and wake up here!


He woke up in the body of the transmigrator, the soul of the book wearer had been k-illed by him in the book, so at the moment he occupied a masterless body.


The book wearer’s name was also Yun Jing, but Yun Jing in his world was a king, although his parents died since childhood, he was extremely competitive because his people had high expectations, while the book wearer was the opposite of him.


When he was a child, his parents divorced, he was given to his father.
The bookwearer was dissatisfied with his ordinary family circumstances and was angry with the world since childhood.
Now it was just the beginning of his first semester of senior high school.


Because he was often scolded by teachers, he planned to drop out of school.
Recently, he became addicted to gambling under the encouragement of a group of gangsters and borrowed from them.


At the moment, the people who kicked the door and spoke harshly outside were the gangsters who were still brothers with the book wearer a few days ago.


As the memories became clearer, Yun Jing slowly stood up and felt the aura of this world.


A few moments later, Yun Jing opened his gloomy eyes.


This world also had spiritual energy, but the distribution was very different from Tian Hong continent!


In the Tianhong continent, the spiritual energy was abundant all over the world, strong people could naturally absorb more.
Although the aura here was rich, it was mostly concentrated and not used by ordinary people.
The nearest aura concentration place was about 2000 meters north.


Without the aura, Yun Jing’s strength couldn’t be brought into play.
He sensed his spiritual energy with the Dream Devil and found that the contractual link between him and the Dream Devil had become very weak due to the special aura layout of this world, and Yun Jing could only vaguely feel that the Dream Devil was also in the same world as him, but he didn’t know exactly where.


At that moment, the lock on the wooden door loosened a few times and fell to the ground, followed by the wooden door being kicked over by the gangsters outside.


When Yun Jing turned his head, he saw several hair dyed colorful gangsters standing at the door.


The moment they saw Yun Jing, the gangsters laughed coldly, one by one, they walked towards Yun Jing with fists and hands.


“Kid, hide again, try and hide!”



“If you had just opened the door and kowtowed to me properly, I could have considered giving you some dignity, but now …… hey ……”


“- see if I don’t tear your skin!”


The leader of the gang spoke, flanked by his buddies, he quickly rushed to Yun Jing, raised his foot high, intending to kick hard.



Yun Jing calmly watched the gangster’s movements, and at the moment when he was about to hit him, he slowly turned aside, not only avoiding the gangster’s fists and feet,

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