Chapter 13 : Her ideal type



– June 01, 2023

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“Academician Han, congratulations on your successful research for the heart disease medicine.” A soft and sweet voice greeted.

“Thank you,” Shi Han replied, her voice carrying the innocence of a young girl.

“We're all curious, Academician Han is so beautiful, do you have a boyfriend”


“Then what kind of man do you like?”

“Hmm…” Shi Han pondered for a moment.
“I like a man who wears a white shirt and white sneakers.
He should be handsome but a bit reserved, like a little wolf dog…
Also, I don't like men who are more handsome than me.
If he has money, he should be poorer than me…”

Zhang Yu, a little intrigued by the girl's voice in the video, reached for the phone under the watchful eyes of his two female employees.

Presumably, in order to protect this national talent, the girl's body was obscured by mosaics.

“Who is she?” Zhang Yu inquired.

“She's my idol,” one of the female employees pretended to remain composed.
“She has conducted extensive research on special medicines for incurable diseases, and her medicine saved my father's life.”

“Do you have a picture of her? She sounds so young but so accomplished.”

“No, there are very few videos of her, and she has never shown her face.”


Lu Yan watched the video on the computer screen once again, his lips curling into a softened smile, melting the cold contours of his face.

If he remembered correctly, the young girl had just described their first encounter.

The only thing that had brought him solace over the years was the knowledge that even if she forgot about him, her ideal type still matched him.

The only difference was that he was wealthier now than he was before.

Lu Yan tapped his index finger on the table twice and replayed the video.

Since she wanted to support him so much, he would let her support him for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, Shi Han sat down for lunch at a restaurant nearby.

After returning to her home, she poured a glass of boiled water, sat on the chair, and found her thoughts consumed by Lu Yan.

He had refused her money, and she worried that he might suffer under the oppression of the wealthy woman.
Would he really be unable to survive?!

If he truly reached the point of desperation, would he…

Shi Han shook her head hastily, finding such thoughts impossible and implausible.

Lu Yan had already rejected a girl as attractive as her, so he probably wouldn't agree to be with that rich woman.

Even if she had entertained such thoughts, she should be his first choice!

Shi Han furrowed her brow, realizing that she had expressed disinterest in Lu Yan during their conversation, which might have led him to exclude her.

Shi Han took a sip of the cold water in her cup, contemplated twice, and decided to visit the sales office the next day.

As she raised her head, ready to go upstairs, Bai Wanjun returned home carrying a large bag.

When Bai Wanjun spotted Shi Han, her eyes lit up.
“Come here! I bought you some clothes.
Do they fit you well?”

“Call me?” Shi Han looked around but didn't see Shi Yin, feeling puzzled.

“Come here already! Take a look at what you're wearing.
You don't look like a daughter of mine.”

Especially that floral dress, it had long gone out of fashion.
If it weren't for Shi Han's face, it would have been the subject of ridicule.

Bai Wanjun looked away with disdain and placed the bag on the sofa.
“Come here and see if you like them.”

Shi Han glanced down at the floral dress she was wearing.
It was a birthday gift from her grandmother before she passed away.
It was inexpensive, but it was the only one of its kind in the world, and Shi Han cherished it.

“You're still sulking,” Bai Wanjun remarked as she noticed Shi Han's hesitation.
She threw the newly purchased skirt onto the sofa.
“Why can't you be smart and sensible like your sister? I spent so much time picking out clothes.
Just move your legs! Do I need to beg you?”

Shi Han pursed her lips, fearing that Bai Wanjun would make a scene, so she reluctantly walked over.

Bai Wanjun pulled out a knee-length light blue dress.
Shi Han noticed the brand on the dress, and she estimated it to be worth at least 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

Usually, clothes of this price range were bought for Shi Yin, and most of Shi Han's previous clothes were either worn by Shi Yin or simply not to her liking.

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