Shi Han still hadn't followed her up with the milk. 

Seeing Bai Wanjun turn her head, Shi Han smiled at her, raised her hand and took a sip of the milk in her hand. 

The white light shone on her face, making it even more porcelain white, and her beautiful eyes shined. 

She didn't mean to serve her milk at all, and even her smile seemed to mock her for thinking they had an affectionate relationship. 

Bai Wanjun was angry with her again.
But she had to admit that no matter how many faults she found in Shi Han was, her beauty was impeccable.
If she hadn't been lost when she was young, she would definitely have a place among the noble young ladies of the Imperial Capital.
But there was no going back. 

She glared at Shi Han, then turned and went upstairs. 

Shi Han finished drinking and went upstairs.
They wouldn't call her at mealtimes, and they wouldn't leave food for her, and she got used to it. 


The next day, Shi Han got up early, and after washing up, set everything in the guest room to its original state. 

When she went downstairs, the servants had already gotten up to clean up, but the rest of the Shi family hadn't gotten up yet. 

“Miss Shi, the breakfast isn't ready yet.” The little maid who led the way yesterday came over to remind her. 

“Thanks, but I'm not eating here.” 

The maid felt a little uncomfortable when she saw Shi Han walk out of the gate.
She didn't understand why the Shi family kept Shi Han, but treated like a stranger.
Miss Shi Han seems to be excluded by the whole family. 


Shi Han bought a few steamed buns on the way, and took a car to the countryside on the border of the Imperial Capital. 

Although this place was also part of the Imperial Capital, it was located in a remote area.
The road was just repaired a year ago, and many houses were demolished and two-story buildings were built. 

It was July, and when Shi Han arrived, the weather became hotter, so she got out of the car and put on a sun hat. 

Shi Han hasn't come back here for four full years.
This was the place she pent her time here from the age of six to fifteen. 

The grandmother who picked her up made a living by farming.
Her husband and son died early due to accidents, and her life was extremely miserable.

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