Chapter 8: His name is Lu Yan



The woman in a red dress who was following the middle-aged man finally came to her senses.
She gritted her teeth and walked towards the middle-aged man. 


She had good looks of course, otherwise no man would be willing to buy her a villa.
But what the middle-aged man did just now was undoubtedly slapping her in the face. 

The woman in the red dress glared at Shi Han.
Although she was angry, she had to admit that the little fairy had a really nice face, especially when she was so young. 

Even if she was going to be kicked out, she still had to scrape off a layer of oil and water on this middle-aged man (take something valuable from him), or else she would have spent so many days with him in vain. 

She put her arm around the middle-aged man, and pointed at a villa and coquettishly said, “Honey, I've taken a fancy to that villa.” 

The middle-aged man pulled off the woman's arm in embarrassment, and walked towards Shi Han again. 


“Please don't follow me anymore.” Shi Han's face turned completely cold. 

The woman in the red dress was so angry that her eyes were red.
She walked over.
She gritted her teeth and said, “What are you pretending for? Aren't you here to find a man?” 

The people who were secretly watching around finally found a reason to focus on the three of them openly. 

The middle-aged man pulled the woman's arm, “What are you doing? Come back here quickly.” 

“What am I doing?” The woman shook off the middle-aged man and pointed at Shi Han, “Look at you, you are carrying a steamed bun, and what you are wearing is no more than two hundred yuan, and you came here to look at houses, and you are so beautifully dressed.
Isn't it just here to hook up with men?” 

Shi Han's expression remained unchanged, and she raised her eyes slightly, “I think you misunderstood, I'm just here to buy a house, and I'm not like you.” 

“You come to buy a house, do you have money?” 

“More than enough to buy a house.” 

“Oh, I'm laughing so hard.” The woman laughed out loud, “If you can afford a house, I'll kneel down and kowtow three times to you in public.” 

“Three kowtows?” Shi Han tilted her head, shifted her gaze to the middle-aged man, and smiled, “Why don't you be take her to gambling?” 

Her gaze was getting colder.
Compared to such aggressive women, Shi Han hated this middle-aged man who had a disgusting look in his eyes more. 

The middle-aged man smiled,”What's the use of gambling?” 

“I don't care about all this nor do I have time to waste here, so stay away from me.” 

The woman in the red dress saw that Shi Han was still looking at a villa, thinking that she was afraid, she crossed her hands,”I know your thoughts clearly, if you are really telling the truth you can prove it to me!” 

“Why should I prove it to you?” 

Shi Han didn't even look at her, she carefully read the details and decided to buy a villa at the foot of the mountain. 

Perhaps due to the car accident two years ago she didn't like driving anymore.
If she bought the villa on the top of the mountain, she had to find a driver, which was too troublesome. 

Shi Han was about to pay the full amount with her card when she heard a familiar voice not far away, and she looked up. 

A rich woman wearing gold chain was sitting on the sofa.
She was obese, with a gold ring on her hand, and her legs crossed.
She said unabashedly, “Why don't you want to? After all, it is we women who suffer.
If you are willing to stay with me for one night, I will immediately buy this villa, then you will get a commission of hundreds of thousands, right?” 

“No.” The man lowered his head, wearing a cheap suit, and his thin lips were tightly pursed. 

Shi Han immediately recognized the man as the one who bumped into her at the airport that day. 

The rich woman was annoyed, and she threw the contract on the coffee table in front of her, “Do you not want a commission?” 

Shi Han: …Is it okay to talk about this kind of thing in public? 

No, in the current society, such kind of things weren't uncommon. 

Shi Han glanced at the middle-aged man who was approaching her again, and resisted the urge to beat him up. 

A few saleswomen around whispered. 


“Is this too much? Why is he in need of so much money?” 

“You don't know, Lu Yan's grandma is in a vegetative state, and she needs an expensive fee every day for staying in the hospital.
This woman came her for several days, I think…” 

“That's too miserable.
She even threatened him with a commission.
I heard that if he doesn't comply, this rich woman will make him lose his job.” 

It turned out that his name was Lu Yan. 


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